Famous Poets

Famous poets are writers known for having poetry achievements. Most of these writers are deeply into writing poetry. All famous poets are not popular well known people. Most people do not know much about these writers. Schools other than colleges may not provide detailed studying on them. Although they may not receive as much attention as people in other fields they should be honored and respected for their poetry achievements.

A Mental Injury

I never wanted to cause any mental injury I was capable of judging event as jury It could have created adverse impact on mind As true lover I was in position to find It was never intended to harm I was in opinion of keeping relation warm Still there was come circumstantial compulsion The straight answer was ruled out of question I used to maintain calm posture It was adding to the confidence for sure It is said that one should be very much assertive That makes him to think and act positive I kept this slogan in mind The suggestion meant to be very kind It was way out for future course Else it might have resulted in possible curse It send wrong signal when actually not needed The advice sometime falls on deaf ears and not heeded It is misfortune that corrective steps are not contemplated The complex situation is created even though was unrelated It helps a lot if you resort to mild smile The tension is removed for sure meanwhile Your opponent may be forced to think differently The visible anger is removed and seen apparently I took full care to see that she was not placed in trouble I realized that love was momentary like water bubble It was pure body love and infatuation The likelihood of its failure was emerging as situation It might cause lots of problem and awkward scene I realized the consequences and worry was seen I did not want it to happen to her as good friend Even though it was likely that relation may end I was not comfortable either to sense It was out of tune and complete nonsense I truly believed in equal response with respect I felt it was inappropriate on her part to act She did force for quick response with no planning It was just a first at sight and a new beginning Though I loved her equally and wanted to go far It seemed to me an improbability to become star No doubt she might gone out of way Had shown me bright hope with golden ray Still I felt it unreasonable to involve in fray A person that was likely to force her to stay away I consider myself as tough person I don't what may be the solid reason But inner voice sometimes compel me to think This is right omen for a person before he chooses to sink .

Of Armchair Travelers, Welsh Writers Cum Poets and the World Wide Web

What do Diana Jones, Morien Huws, Leslie Norris, Godfrey John, Katherine Philips and Dylan Thomas have in common? Yes, you guess right: they are all Welsh writers of some renown. You could be forgiven for not knowing all of them, but surely the name Dylan Thomas does ring a bell? Students of literature would have recognized the names, of course, and the average reader need not take the trouble to take a short break in Wales, or go for Pembrokeshire Holidays to discover these writers and poets Which brings us to the point of this article.

Truth Is Eternal

Truth is eternal Echoes all over but not from internal Pulse is there but not to be heard Lies within but not to be searched Fruitless travel but no answer Knowledge within but known to fewer Soul and mind to alien and merge To seek an answer thoughts to purge Not to run but find a refuge Open at heart but not to refuse This is how world comes near Nothing worry and not to fear Pain may be there as good company Anguish too may be there to accompany Lot more sufferings but not realized by many Solution is there but not found by any Aimless venture and no ultimate result To face the shame and come across insult Wound to aggravate if put little salt Still enough of joy if you forget and exalt Not to cry and not to make hunt Approach straight and prepare to be blunt What can not be achieved if applied with mind?

Removing the Training Wheels

Remove the training wheels Fall if you may but rise you must The time to forsake childish ways have come Fearful because of all that lie ahead I wish away the past and usher in the future. I take the first step in fright I practice all I was taught and brace myself The inevitable happens and I take a plunge The support I once had and relished is gone.

No More Grief

It is humane to cry over split milk Can not afford for cotton still long for silk Exactly opposite to the God's will No happiness and contentment still No dead can be brought to life Same can happen with your dearest wife One departed means once for all No use of crying over it and wishing for recall It is nature's cycle and inevitable Even though we may be strong and capable So many things we can do or attain But the past events are difficult to maintain Many might have glorious past The life would have been easy and spent very fast They might have lived with colorful situation They would have wished too for its permanent continuation It is not easy to forget passed events They might have passed as fast movement No one can reel back the time It has gone off and not remained as prime It should not have any bearing on future As no one is confident and very much sure The past can be buried and present can be pushed Careful planning for future and not to be rushed The past is hunting you like grave wound The is not with you or can never be found It keeps you restless and does not allow you to rest There will be no use shedding tears and not trying best As the cloak can not be pushed back So the time and fortune can not be brought back too The lesson must be taken from it to go ahead Certainly the uncertainty must be over and fears must be allayed It is advised not to worry so much Things can not be brought back as such It is thing of past and must be treated As by gone is by gone and purpose is defeated It will be futile attempt to live under fallacy You will be helpless and live under mercy You must come out of past shock As the time go on ticking in clock It is natural to be alert on your part It is normal way and no body can depart It you cling to old things and do not forgo There won't be any place left to go So try to be flexible and possibly adjust It is very much essential and must One should remain vigilant all the time and be careful It is going to be very much useful .

Emily Dickinson Famous Poems

Emily Dickinson's famous poems have inspired and captivated readers since their publication in 1890, four years after her death. Only four of the 1, 800 poems of Dickinson were printed during her lifetime, and those were printed anonymously. Such poems as "Because I Could Not Stop for Death" and "A Narrow Fellow in the Grass" are still read and analyzed by high school and college students today.

Boiler Plate

The Smoky palms. The greasy elbows. The mindless memories. The path to the great beyond. Lots of friends in low places Grinding along the path to solstice. Reminding myself of my space Living everyday on Facebook. The sky beckons at the face of the mid day sun. Mirrors highlight the scar on my sunny side. Leaves rise at the behest of the gust. My Hair thickens as the plot settles.

My Choice

It was my choice to call him personally I did not like the idea of conveying it orally Still it was ideal to hold meeting at place Where no come could spot us and trace I was serious with my proposal I did not expect it quick disposal It was to be discussed at length We had same feeling with relative strength Neither the entertainment was to be included Nor the contentment was to be excluded It was all there available for asking It was the only trust we were banking I knew he will not misinterpret my invitation Though it may send some kind of elation He was not such person to be excited at He will weigh the pro and cons to wait I was always thrilled to meet him and feel fine Though the relation can be termed as clandestine I used to feel intoxication with his company Even though this may not be the experience with many I dared not to have affairs with anybody He was special to me and not somebody He excelled in all the aspects to prove I had to say yes and could not disprove I had deliberately chosen the place As I was very much in serious race It was concerning to me as person I had some worries with valid reasons I had dreamed of him in many ways I wanted him to be closer and not away It was dream come true as we were alone I was the beneficiary as only one As he entered the place, it was awesome feeling I was losing control and reeling I feared he may object and offer some bad words I still held firm with looking straight and forward I was sailing in beautiful boat I was feeling it with sugar coat It was giving me all kind of pleasure I had full faith in him and was very much sure The life would be totally incomplete If he was to remove me or delete From his favorable list and position I feared for it and thought it as worst composition I saw him smile and regained the confidence I need not put up brave front with pretence He would prefer out right presentation This would prove only good reason for my exaltation I could offer no words as he neared me I was speechless and did not feel free He did not give any chance to speak I was dreaming day as night and felt so weak .

I May Miss Her

It left a deep scar on mind I was in pain to feel and find The naked truth about reality The very much essence of life and quality In young age if someone deserts It does have little effect of flirts You are not matured enough to feel pulse You always want new and something else I was pushed in corner at sudden departure She was no more with me to endure All my pains and agony to be shared We both had challenged and dared I would ask her jokingly about death "Who will lay the floral wreath?

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