Poems About Victims and Nature

SQUASHING FORCE (DIMINISHED HEXAVERSE POETRY) Caught in illusion Left in agony Being badly hurt Victim of terror With contorted face Depredated Walls closing in Screams of anguish Desperate howls Squashing force Frozen tears Twisting thoughts Nightmares Bleeding Death TWO SEASONS Glacial braids paralyze the silver time Bearing that frost coming seemingly From the North Star Ceremonial clouds enwind the light Of the very frigid sun The gelid wind creeps up its spine The lifeless forest highlands its somberness The dusky frozen autumn Like a decrescent moon in the eclipse Suffers the ignominy of being left behind In the faintly confused history The nature can wait the winter to come Dressed in her refulgent white For restoring her sovereignty Like a queen with blue heart and icy tears THE WIND The sharp wind sways the wet flame The cold rain like a storm tears numbs The frozen buds before their intumescence With desperate gusts the wind sighs Sweeping the perennial cool-mellow grass In sunless wane with disguised agony He always comes from the top of the hill Untangling his lips of his mouth That kind of mouth like an invisible cave Stretching nonsense words like a prayer to nothing He dances his force with the willow trees Furiously riding on the bursting clouds And he sings his tempest very louder songs Trying to utter his selfishness His dreams and his future chances.

Poet Not To Remain Quiet

It is essence of poet not to remain quiet Even though may not have knowledge considered to be basic The thoughts and images must reach to the masses As they may have enough of it to read in classes The flower may not know what fragrance it has There might not be awareness yesterday as it was Still there may be bright tomorrow to celebrate It may be simple try by poet to project and narrate The poets are called crazy and thought driven They do not bother for their appearance even They eat whatever they get and stay wherever they are The world is so close to them and not very far They are part of each living object They accept it in mind and never reject They try to feel natural belongingness And it is there as gift to feel oneness Not all can feel the impulse of nature Not all can see the well being of future Only few can breathe with it and survive They make it perfect and try to revive It requires third eye to feel the real soul You may witness it casually and not as whole You get hurt when something wrong is done to nature You express sorrow when over apathy to cure Not that people are cruel and less sentimental They may be part of bad set up and very much instrumental Yet poet is different from others and feels grieved He has the noble soul and her words are respected and believed Everybody may be passing through critical phase There may be mad race and long chase Yet there may be enough of reasonability in approach Poet may try to project but not attempt to teach or preach Some of them may be called nationalist Some one may be well known as futurists Some may come out as strong supporters of the liberty Some may prove very good at prayers of almighty It is not that only poets do great service People from many walks of life also suffice Their contribution is well known and of very good standard It is the basis for which to go ahead and look forward But the rainbow can only be seen in poetic heart By little appearance of natural beauty it will simply start It will pen beautiful words to please old and young alike Not all the ideas may occur to all or strike .

Good Gesture Or Courtesy

It is not at all good gesture or courtesy If something is returned as shown pity We are no one to show the act as mercy Yet to part with something is not easy To show some kind of acceptance is noble step To forgo bitterness is even greater for others as slap They will continue with same hatred and rivalry To finish the bitter end has great impact on adversary Not millions of cash is required to show as charity It is inherent and built in human quality Not all may be bestowed with let go tendency Lot many people claim and escape with the fluency As nature lover I was all for bird's care They have no place to go anywhere The jungles are wiped out and habitats are open Their final place is withdrawn and stands stolen Some of the world's are best known for their drive Some of the rare birds luckily escape and survive "No cruelty to animals and birds" is their slogan Hurt animals and birds are taken care off and immediately flown I have little piece of land in remote place You can easily witness birds and trace They will visit fearlessly and make nice sound They are yet not threatened and in abundance found Even though they were considered as villagers The birds love was not new to them as strangers They too wanted some steps and good place for nest The paucity of funds was the only problem as rest I was approached by group of people with village head They wanted me to donate little and show some lead Even though I was little unknown solder I readily agreed They rest of the village folks were little apprehensive of my greed The bird's home was to take place in near vicinity Some grains was to be offered daily as nobility Enough of fund was created for their well being Now so many birds gather here and beautifully sing I look back and evaluate the scene The village people were hostile and seen They will kill the birds for their meals Now the birds were free in real I thought for a while about bondage It is like concealing wounds in hidden bandage We will not know the aggravation from inside The repercussion and impact is very wide The freedom and liberty is very much enjoyed by all Birds and animals too want it for them as free call They are inseparable part of nature and our future way Let us not kill them or take their place away.

Why Only Females!

"Why only females have to suffer" "I am sorry to know it and I differ" I was fired off by a very good friend I thought it will bring about an abrupt end She was for all praise for good friend She was no doubt very clear with trend I said I can improve upon and mend She was adamant and refused to bend I had liked her from the beginning She was fire brand and very shining Her approach very clear and convincing I too liked her words without mincing She was tall in figure and beautiful I thought she may be equally faithful She might come up with all that may be purposeful I too longed for her and was very hopeful Even though she was far away I did not feel bad in any way She had her option very much open I too was very much hopeful even She has boyfriend she told But in fact she proved she is very bold She would not easily go to any fold She may be opposed to any idea or very cold It did not make me sink I even saw her without any wink She was merely stating her position I dreamed about her with very good composition She will laugh it out at my proposal She may say it even with quick disposal She is not for anyone except her friend She has no proposal in any sense to send I am not good at such things I did not expect her for something She was to remain with me as a companion She feared and took it for bonding and union Relation is not built in a day It is taking may years with days Who can wait that longer to prove?

Discipline In Movement

It is not discipline in movement Not merely dressed smart and fragrance smelt Not moved in lines as disciplined solders But seen in line with younger and elders It is way of life and to fall in line Everything else should ob on sideline If needs some improvement or correction It must be done then and there with action It is not mere words to be followed Some concrete action should also be followed You can not under value or over rate Else it may seal permanently our fate That has great impact on personal character Everybody is important in his life as actor The decision taken by him is as per ethics This is one of the important aspect and basic We are merely guided by divine wish It has to be met with fine finish It is certain for us to disintegrate and perish Chance to remain permanent always diminish God has everything for all the human beings That is why some body is poor and somebody a king We are all to obey His dictates and preaching It is always in form of advices and teaching All facts are before us and very much well-known Yet we are driven by some forces to take the decision of own It may have immediate relief but bring unbearable pain As the course pursued upon is likely to go in vain Not all the roads are leading to success Some may have short cuts and easy access Yet it has nothing to assure you as final way It may take you very far and miles away The discipline in thoughts then comes to rescue It has belief in end result as it falls due You know it has traveled long way and finally reached You had all along tried for it and searched Think of a success which is not earnestly tried Think of truth which is expected but constantly lied What can you expect from weak foundation/ It may bring doom for any efforts for consolidation That is the reason we all go to almighty We have no such power and ability We are pawn in super natural power's game We may get whatever is due without any blame So have disciplined life in every walk of life As it has proved weapon of doubled edged like knife It may cut both the ways ending in tragedy The end is well known for dishonest and greedy .

Quatern And Pantoum Poetry

I'M NO LONGER BLIND (QUATERN POETRY) Dear Lord, please have mercy on me. You're always near my painful soul, You are my focus and my goal, In the falling rain I'm your tree. Help me for I am a sinner. Dear Lord, please have mercy on me. 'Cause I'm Your humble devotee When Christ comes to Holly Dinner. Guard Thou with light this pain of mine. I'm no longer blind, I can see.

You Are Gone

Dare me and you are gone Right thing for you to be undone I am queen and can tolerate none I am in class itself alone I have enough of grace Lovely figure and beautiful face Everybody loves me and find them in race I would not fall for it in any case What others should read in me? Lovely bird wishing always to be free With only the sky should be the limit Jumping happily on beautiful and lovely feet Still you may find little bit of arrogance If you properly examine or glance It is challenge to whole world Do not try to subdue me to bring in fold I am free bird and would not want Some of the things I hate or can't I belong to all and can not afford This is final wish from lord I shall suffer at cruel hands Still I may take them as friends Who know where can be awaited tragic end?

Poems About Life

LOSING CONTROL The reality of your dream Is a mask turned backward: Black over white, black over white Love over pain, love over pain. Hey, take me to yourself. The dream of my reality Is the backward of that mask Turned backward: White over black, white over black Pain over love, pain over love. Hey, come to myself. Come to self in self In that place where Everything can be Black into white when is taken from us Or white into black when is given to us, And love into pain when is given to us Or pain into love when is taken from us.

For Purpose

O lord, you created me for purpose I have no reason to go in deep and suppose I was meant to be unique and alone I was not to pass it as lone Being quiet should not be taken as light In my own way I am obedient and right Neither have I any urge to make scuffle and fight Not any desire to prove them wrong or right I preferred front so not to loose back Lie always low so not to claim or stake Dark complexioned but in no way suffering Smiled a lot with lots of good will and offering Assertive and bold in nature I can clearly see the future Love and not the hate must proclaim I remain firm but quiet and calm I am no more confused Not surrendered but always refused No to intimidation and arm twisting To make point clear and always requesting Eyes always shined and put a fine glow I was determined to go ahead and grow As natural river water quietly flow I retain the hold and manage some how Darkness always frightened me but not the color I loved it as very dear to God and my mentor I am lovely gift from the powerful almighty I am fine blend of mankind with humanity I do not believe in cursing I feel and would love the healing or nursing I may take it as divine chance to nurse the wounds Joy and unseen happiness may always be there and found I did not look around d to attract the attention I never tried or requested for any mention I was attentive when all were lost in surroundings My dreams were in me and not rebounding I know I may be disliked and hated I never felt for it or lamented I am not specially invented I am the gift and certainly circumvented I will not ask almighty for making me beautiful He is with me as trusted friend and very faithful At no stage I have lost faith but remained silent There is nothing of any sort to complain or resent I am stubborn today to face any onslaught I have capability to earn without being fought Though victimized for no fault of mine I feel lovely creature and very fine I am calm and believe in calmness Whole nature is like that and so is universe I call myself to be daughter of lord Anything spoken for or against is His word.

Against Odds

I was caught up with an odd situation I too was worried for its indefinite continuation I had not thought over for its solution as it was getting me closer to some resolution I knew very well that nothing can work out There may be slight bad luck and fall out Yet I got to bear it with full consequences As they were all coming to me in sequence? The sky represented me no answer as to why there remains emptiness why in its depth of vast horizons there prevails hollow calmness?

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