River of Death

In a dream.. I dived headlong into the River of Death And found that death made no sense; That death does not exist Outside the human perspective I dived into the River of Death And found death to be illusion; No longer could I see myself As limited in any way, Or unable to be who I am, For inside death there was nothing The light I discovered at the End of Death Is light of everlasting beauty No way to express its glory and mystery And its eternal reverence for all that lives Inside death is the answer to all questions Inside death is the realization That I'm one with all creation Inside death is the knowledge that I merge with all at the moment of "death" I come here to experience life fully, Then move on to a place of higher knowing Which never changes;

Masters of Rhythm and The Only Question

Masters of rhythm Riding on sound Vibrations of being Pulsations surround Flashes of brilliance Amidst the destruction Dimensions dissolving The end of seduction This chaos and fear Somehow it's alright The old ways are dying Dispersed by great light Shape-shifting all form So bold is this mission Creating reality With instant precision O', masters of rhythm You see beyond light Where all is so dark Yet incredibly bright Masters of rhythm Finally you're home The past is complete The secret is known The old ways let go Fear is transcended Light's taken over The insanity ended The Only Question When the only question of What to have and how much to have Is how much is there, Or how much can one afford, There will be too much of everything for some And not enough for the rest.

The Great Sea

As ego slips beneath raging water And the ocean calms to a sea of bliss Tranquility begins to reign in the soul Bringing on a flood of new awareness Transcending mighty fears of the past And transcending all else as well Nothing more to do about anything All that's gone before is rendered useless All that was to come is nonexistent For there's no more illusion No need to achieve or be anything What is and what isn't no longer exist As rules or givens or anything else Now, it's only to be what is In the face of new information To be what is in every moment And that is all When the sea opens to reveal a vast oneness There's no more to do, because this oneness is you Reality which once included continuous waves and turbulence Now calmed by ancient wisdom and a great sense of peace Transcending all else, all need to do or be Or any need to see things in a particular way Transcending even the need to touch or feel The life you once thought you were so much a part of Knowing all is well and fully aligned with the Great guiding principles of sea and sky Craggy lands which once covered the horizon Now only temporal outcroppings In an otherwise grand seascape which precludes All illusion and fear No more need to do anything new Nor pretend that anything you've ever done is real This is the place where there's nothing to gain or lose Nothing to pretend does or doesn't exist Where one is done and free of all illusion To express fully that which is within one For in this eternally blissful sea 'Tis the great undoing we must face To reach completion of our life journey Ultimately with no fear of loss No fear of the need to surrender all that we are For all that is and was never real Among the rocky mirage of our former world .

Messenger: Awaken to Spirit

I am a messenger and I come to you today 'Cause there's this I must tell you, this I need to say Though it may seem doubtful given all that we've been dealt This whole world is now about to fall in love with itself And no one anywhere can keep this coming flood at bay You are among the chosen who have chosen very well To be here for this explosion and now be free to tell Those who listen that it's time to stop fighting love and all And to know that each of us has come here for this call Come here just in time and answered every bell Feeling far beyond the norm of all mankind's emotion Learning now that time has come to renew your heart's devotion We come here willingly and make these choices certain We part the veils and see beyond, then lift full-on the curtain Traveling on we go as one, past the noise and the commotion I say to you it's time to grow and time to know yourself as ever To do no less than you are called and to do this way forever No more can be failed now in what your Spirit has required In this time of revelation which has been so long desired Lessons they are now complete, the task forgotten never I come to you as messenger because it is my role To help you find your way to all that you do know And since you see it for yourself and for all the others too This is all there is to say, 'cause you and I are due To walk beyond the fear, and live on as the soul As unlikely as it may seem The whole world is about To fall in love with itself And this is not a dream .

Love: The Unusual Energy

Unlike many energies rampant on this planet The energy of love is complete by itself Once truly acknowledged and once forever witnessed Love is never lost for those eternally blessed Perhaps love is the most unusual of energies And perhaps love is not of this world at all For love is the one energy not dependent On oneself or on those of one's acquaintance Love will come to you as freely as it can Once you allow it entrance into your heart and hands Nothing you must do to feel love in your life But let go of fear and all your grief and strife Love is there always for the asking Not to be depleted or lost in any way It's with you always in whatever form You wish for it to be expressed And whatever form you wish to receive it No one can withhold true love from you Because no one owns true love or the form By which it's expressed in the universe Love comes to you from the Source Of all-that-is and is returned to the same Love will give you the revelation of The full power and joy of the universe And of the supreme consciousness Which transcends all human and all Non-human aspects of creation Love is the one thing which transcends The illusions of this and any other world And which is found everywhere in this universe And everywhere in all universes And which can never be destroyed or defined Love will be there for you if you ask for it And is always there even if you don't ask There's no need to be anything special To be loved or to allow love to come to you You need only be here Yes, love is truly an unusual energy .

Moment by Moment

Upon each moment, a new wave comes ashore in our lives A surf ever rolling, moment by moment, bringing new discovery Instant upon instant of new events, never really the same Nothing repeating itself here, always something new Each new experience brings new awareness, new awakening Becoming more conscious of new ways and new paths With each passing moment and each new wave We are never the same, only believe that we are As new waves of consciousness ebb and flow through us Across the shoreline of our human lifetime As we are blessed by source simply for being Each new wave brings with it new sensation New feelings of love, appreciation and awareness Each new wave brings us utmost respect For the mighty ways and teachings of this place Once we go beyond the limitations of sight and sound Each new wave at our shore brings new discovery As we flow through an ocean of experience Beyond the stagnant waters of our world Our lives are dormant only in our beliefs In reality we are always in motion New from moment to moment Never the same in this world Never will be the same wave twice Constantly changing is our surf of awareness Constantly changing in all that we do and know Constant change and new events coming each moment Moment by moment, never will we be the same Except in our imaginations Learn to flow with each wave and each moment And you will see how you're never the same As you've ever been before .

Not 'If' But 'When' - The Poem

When, as you pass them by, sullen or afraid, They spur you on in presence - laughing, mocking, disdained, You rise upon the eagle's wing - regal, strong, remained, And on that brace it's revealed, finally you're stayed. When time comes to pitch the ditch, holding at last for hope, As all matters are against, probing, dispensed, And the minute calls, it witnesses - scratch the itch, lower the scope, Time's they've come, now it stands, to blows now commenced.

Christmas Poem and Reflection

Jesus' the reason for the season, However clichйd it seems, Then to one is caused the reason, Into whose life Love beams. Year-round we pontificate, Better perhaps to see, Noticing needs - let them placate, Our very souls to agree. For trying to fix world's affairs, Seems important for sure, But meaning's in being aware, Of treasures within our door.

The MTV Generation

This is the generation that will change the world Millennial Generation are those who are optimistic and civic minded Our youth is the one that will transform a new paradigm for the 21st Century that selflessly seek for the best for humankind. We are so prosperous for the efforts and struggles of our past generations such as the baby boomers generation.

A Little Bit of Give and Less Take Goes a Long Way

Household chores all the bores, Choicest places tickle the spaces, Still the laws about all those chores, Appear to sadden faces beyond our graces. Household tasks - I tell you - the masks, Couples put on in search of escape, Evidence of marks compels us to parks, And sparks become the ruffled nape. Household jobs - those with knobs, Carried out with haste and scorn, Around and round each soul robs, In friendship's the chance to fawn.

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