Hatred To Another Person

No person can hate to another person It is not the kind we must find it with reason Hate generates hate and sometimes results in treason Person is forced to against his will to follow on It can not be in anybody's blood We eat and have same intake as food When all are as good as same How one can pursue different and blame? Life is all about love and not the hate It may not be allowed to develop even very late The easy path must be followed with intense drive As we all are sensible enough to lead and believe The hatred burns you from within It can never lead you to any kind of win The peace can be totally compromised If some ways are not taken and promised Love wins love and hated to hate We have no words to suitably state It has colossal damage and loss It must be observed with complete pause It damages your personal image It is not befitting your experience and age Why animals are kept in cage?

Highest Peak

So many achievements and feats by able bodied persons They have high ambitions and fulfillment with reasons And why not they dream high for personal goals? As it will always be the desire for inviting calls It is not easy to score victory for adversary? It has become now all that important and necessary It is moving through all difficult terrains and hostile winds Let us hope and resolve it with bright hopes to find Some one pertinently asked me the question in disbelief?

Years Of Hard Struggle

It takes years of hard struggle To survive in this competitive jungle Everybody adore some position and smile Some of the flowers have to stand alone for while Who will notice them in wilderness? Who will grant them togetherness? They have to gain position for survival No one may make the way for their arrival Some one may up by their natural presence They will be noticed easily by their absence Everybody may miss rose and its color Even though others may have good smell and odor Poets are like "touch me not" and may not seek Some may prefer to shy away and feel very weak They want to put their presence on big scale But small fishes are swallowed by big whale How many turtle eggs survive in race?

Oh, Mom Please

I was so much attached to my mother She was kind and no one can be like her All mothers may be same as to be called I miss her all the time when recalled What to speak and what to miss She will touch the hand and kiss She will hold the body and embrace I could see tears on her face That she will feel enough of joy when we are near Our safety was her concern and she had unknown fear She would not tell it in open but disclose sometimes I used to stare at her in disbelief and see wet eye with tears I have seen her very closely and observed some good aspects I have realized how mothers have been always commanding and had great respect She would not let things pass easily until we told the truth She would not forces on us for asking any proof I may sit in her lap and find whole world She was mild but aggressive and cold She would blow wild in no time And come down too any time I would gaze her in eyes and it will comfort Being child I had association and good rapport She would move her fingers in my hair I would feel gentle breeze from the air Mom, tell me how you brought me in this world?

For The First Time

I wept for the first time in open No one could see my wounds reopened They had started to get little healing touch Big tragedy in life to have occurred as such It traveled towards sky and came back without echo There were no takers for my grief as she had left ago So much vastness and big horizons but of no avail My throat soared and voice tried hard but failed Under same open sky we had spent hours in dark nights Only stars twinkled to witness as if to consider it right No foot steps heard in silence and nothing could be sighted Joy was over coming as we were overwhelmed and delighted Birds are peacefully housed in nest with occasional sound Not even hunters are in search of pry and seen around We two are under the big tree shed as leafy crown Too much involved in silence as if purchased with leisure to own She won't let me know what trouble is brewing her inside She will stare at blue sky and keep eyes open and wide As if to suggest me what I will do in her absence!

Let Curse Fall

Let curse fall on those individuals Who play dirty game with dubious role Let all the blessings be snatched outright As they have failed to protect the rights You were preferred not because of past deeds You were sent here not to torture and lead You were seen as capable of delivering good What did you do o, men other than snatching a food? You kept them as animals or slaves Were you not expected to act and behave?

About Myself

SECRETS ABOUT MYSELF Sometimes I wonder if all my dreams will come true Because I am sure that this is possible. I am always surprised about life Like a little child who every day rises, And I hope that God will have opened up his light Before the evil can hit my dreams. I am counting upon my thoughts as I am thinking of you. Certainly I am prepared to die at any time And really ready to live, And I expect nothing in life but the Truth.

The Prisoner of His Conscience

He was very poor and he married a rich woman So he got money but he became a very sad man She couldn't have children, even it wasn't his game plan One day he saw a widow walking down the street ''It's later' He told her calmly and he began to discuss about life with her He didn't know why he suddenly felt her touch to be so tender He understood her when she confessed her cried coeur Saying that she had three children and she was very poor And she had to work as housemaid at a loudmouthed boor.

Moaning Morning

The timorous darkness of the massive night fall prey to the rising roars of dawn with scintillating hues of unlimited colors. This morning appeared bathed in abundance of hope and happiness. This is the time to unleash the spirit and the Beaujolais, to uncork the veiled wishes and radiate ardently with the hope of tranquility on earth and kindness to all its citizens.

Poems About Antagonism

A FOOL'S GAME It was a fool's game that should not begin And you played it without honest rules If you thought that you will always win Well it's wrong 'cause it's a game for fools If you thought that you can get me easy And you tried to do this without honest rules If you thought that my way to be is sleazy Well it's wrong 'cause it's a game for fools If you thought that you can hunt me slowly And you danced this without trusty rules If you thought that I will love you only Well it's wrong 'cause it's a game for fools It was a morbid dance without real feelings A dance of wishes without truthful rules If you thought that love means mutual dealings Well it's wrong 'cause it's a game for fools If you thought that you will be a winner In this love fight without honest rules If you thought that you can be a sinner Well it's wrong 'cause it's a game for fools And if you thought you can get everything In this world of yours without open rules If you thought that I'm an easy stupid thing Well it's wrong 'cause it's a game for fools.

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