A Little Respite

I heaved a sigh of relief I had strong sense of belief I was true to conscience and very brief Pain and agony has to be borne by self It is know fact and not be denied You should not lament when expectations are bellied You may feel a pinch of salt When you receive something despite not being at fault It may give little sense of being hurt It is how you feel when reply received is curt Such things are not digested easily and silently tease It may erupt often in mind and do not cease Some of the behavior is accepted as usual It is termed as normal very casual Some type of altercation is expected as outburst It is one kind of extension of rage as thrust It is game plan also engineered by hostile friends They have felt it as insult and want to make no amends You will be cornered unceremoniously and targeted You will be hooted and dishonor is feted You may be restless and never regain original posture It will unseat you all the times until some one tries to reassure You will be compelled to think of steps on revengeful lines All your good qualities may be pushed to side lines You may try very hard to push it away Still more difficulties may be on your way The area of disagreement may get wide You may be little hesitant to confide Under such condition you are likely to loose sight You may not be able decide what is wrong or right You may be startled and do not feel the coolness of night There is so much wrangling in mind and internal fight If you are brave enough to come out of such stage It will be considered as an appropriate step with age No one resorts to violence or hostile steps as precaution Everything must move in orderly way and in slow motion It wills end you shock waves even at odd hours You may be puzzled to hear knock at doors It will be nothing but hidden fear and insecurity You are engulfed by forceful eventuality Cool mind may some times come to your rescue It may estimate and emphasizes on what is not due It may give you option to come out of crisis There may be concerted effort and reasonable emphasis *Action taken in haste may dampen the chance* .

Never Heard Before

Salute to you mother for your great service You were so simple with no gadget or device You did miracles for poor and downtrodden You were remembered then and now even You were dropped from heaven like Messiah or angel You were shining star from every angle We saw in you a divine light and followed You never objected to but embraced and allowed May be you had seen the tragedy of life Thee time may not have been right or riddled with strife You adopted to serve the mankind and particularly poor Who were denied access and kept at the door Whatever she did was never heard this before Came on earth with divine message to serve therefore To nurture the wounds and take care of destitute She was her self complete mission as an institute Lord had suffered cruelly at the hands of mankind Even though he forgave them all and remained kind You were seen as divine rose from beautiful heaven You were successful to convey message even She was preferred over many to be sent here She had only poor at heart and offered prayers It was seen as miracle in the form of Lord Mother Who else could have been to stay here and offer?

Blessed With Friends

I was praying God to be blessed with friends Friends with close attachment till the end I could find hardly few as I it was difficult to get I thought of leaving the effort and decided to forget When I was small kid there was company kids from near by Thy were eager to come near and were making frantic try We would then play with toys and make some fun On little excitement or quarrel they will try to go away or run In school also some of the boys were very nice and intelligent They will make all the times with their funny comments We will play together and depart with compel enjoyment It was nice spending with happiest moments The young was like spring season I had lot of excitement with reason I was becoming fully grown adult Stamina as such was high and inbuilt Now it was field for me to venture The school had given us vivid aspects of future Whole life was before us to explore The thrust and bold approach required was more I had enough time to keep trusted friends in the circle Some of them were since childhood and few joined from school Little can be said about who were intelligent or fool But I was surrounded by many and company was full I could well assess what was good or bad Sometimes it was making me very sad I will think seriously about the repercussions After I had brief or lengthy discussion Some of the friends had made sincere inroad They were not nuisance or of any burden with load I took it casually as an extension of human nature But still it remained my grave concern to make it doubly sure There were some more friends in me already They were waiting for golden chance and ready Normal friends would go off with little displeasure But these friends were already seated in for pleasure I can name only few to be more precise I should be called fool if not wise People may question what is new in my disclosure?

I Am Not

I am not afraid of any reprisals I go through numerous proposals Some friends may be proved liar But still many may praise and admire Some may make frontal attack and hurt pride I may feel bad but emotions do not hide I shall still go to them and confide As they are in need and I can only provide I can understand their nature of being little selfish Some of them may not last long and perish Some may desert and leave amidst frustration Some may cling with lots of aspirations I have wide angles about them I know the plant can definitely come out of stem It needs water, care and careful nurturing Same is in case of human for their well being I love to be called their friend and associate On number of occasions they may go wild and vitiate Will create misunderstanding and unforgettable divide Still I have to give them support and chide also I shall not make gender discrimination here They are welcome from all walks and from anywhere For which I hold not the partisan views or opinion For me they are true and best companion If I am given option to choose friends and wealth I shall consider friends tonic for my health If they are with me in time of need and critical hour I shall deem it blessings in disguise sought for They are not fellow strange travelers They are true bond and prove healers They are always on my ship deck Ready to offer help and keep me under check They are backbone of my onward journey Even though they may not have enough means or money They shall stick to me for whatever selfish motives Still they will far better than close relatives I have made it a point of hating no one How could it happen on one side as I miss everyone?

Deep In Rain

I was forced to admit and explain As the feelings had grown deep in rain The seeds of love were planted to be grown I had no other option but to own It was almost near to the truth I was in love which was in fact worth I had no hesitation in saying few words As it had blessings from the Lord She occupies pivotal position and remains at the centre I wished it to happen and silently prayed for her to enter I sensed the heart was beating slow and skipping often I had decided to go ahead even when no nod was given You have all the freedom to decide the future course You have all the liberty to decide against of course It shall amount to nothing such as denial or refusal For me it would remain as sound and good proposal I am not weak at heart and leave the scene I may feel dejection but that is naturally to be seen It shall not be that easy to forget some of golden moments It shall be inappropriate and inadvisable to offer any comments Time may be drawn near and I shall be gripped with cold I shall be left alone when some one may refuse to accompany in world I shall not hesitate to express it in clear terms Whether it may be considered as per tradition or norms I will never blame about time and real choice It was done without much ado and noise Even as on today you are perfect match I had dreamed of you and ceaselessly preferred to watch I am not good at using appealing words That might have been wanted as pre-condition to look forward I thought it over number of times but in process miserably failed I think of it now that I have not seized opportunity or availed Even birds prefer to have their own nest They do want and try desperately with zest We have human mind and think of closer bond It is expected that some one very dear must respond I knew my love may speak for itself It shall not be thrown to remain at sea shelf It is treasured one and must find place I am not blind person to get involved in mad race It must find its place with acceptance I want it to be accepted at once I don't think it needs any exposure But few reassuring words to make it sure .

Earthly Berth

It was decided on the day one when you had taken birth The days count with precision is decided for earthly berth It is neither philosophy nor any ideology linked with belief Good reasoning out to an individual may temporarily render relief It is common fact that single journey is to be taken No one may come forward to help you even if your faith is shaken It is to be pursued by person alone and with some satisfaction Else there is simple danger of being taken away without any indication The simple question must be asked by an individual Is there any scope for him to play the dual role?

A Worst Part

It was worst part to witness Her health was worsening in any case We feared it would be her last breath She will not be any more with Will she be talking no more? Where will she be going for? We had tearful eyes with so much remorse It can be called final farewell of course We shall bid her bye forever She may remain at our heart however Why such thing should happen at all?

God Bless The United States of America

The Promise of This Land is universal This glorious Nation has profoundly impacted world history It is a country that was born out of a divined dream that no insignificant person was ever born In fact that all people are created equal. The Promise of This Land is from The Book of Torah This Blessed Nation was born to the light of the world carrying its divine message All are equal under the Law, yes God's Law including Ethical and Natural Law No one is better nor less than anyone else, we are all one under God.

History May Be Past

History may be past Embedded in memory and may not last It is glorious past with memorable events Preserved with honor as unforgettable counts As the things can be clearly seen in mirror History will site you mistakes and errors It may not repeat in near future or for times to come We take pride for being a part and welcome How many bloody wars have been fought?

The Powder Keg

He stands, his left leg resting upon a powder keg, slightly bent, with arms resting upon his knee. Hands, callused, hard as nails cross wrists thick as wheel spokes, his left hand is open, extended, his right holds the stem of his beloved pipe. He is an educated man, educated without the benefit of schooling, educated by the trials and tribulations of life;

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