Love Poems

YOU HURT MY LOVE The day you hurt my love I though I was born again Because the reality woke me up. I was caught up very well In one of your snares And I was next to madness, That kind of madness Which never knocks at the door But goes directly into house And slams you down To the ground. I clung desperately to something. It was an eye book. I took the eye and I crushed it Like I crushed a walnut To eat its content.

Sodden Girl

And when we fall we'll fall together, With this drop of twisting nether. Hand in hand we witness the end. Holding tight around each bend. Forgive us Father for yes we have sinned, But sins are forgotten so let us begin. Don't strip us of developed liver, That sees anything down without a quiver. In a wall of black the white light glows, My world it's not your sight that shows.

We The Obliging And Others

"We the Obliging" From infinity to eternity I seemed to enjoy the flight While riding on the light I saw the earth Moving around the sun While running and crying And I surmised Poor earth Must have been In love with the sun But the sun never obliged And the sun never obliged While still Riding on the light I saw the moon Moving around the earth While running and crying And I again surmised Moon has lost It's heart to the earth And earth in turn Was in love with the sun So it was the earth Which never obliged And it was the earth Which never obliged "We the Psuedo" From Dawn to dusk, They kept wrestling, For their existence, Where ever I went.

A Journey In Books

A wise person once said, "Children learn to read on the laps of their parents." Well, I know I certainly did, so this little poem is a dedication to all the wonderful stories that captivated me as a young child. Love the taste of gingerbread cause of a little man I flew above the roof tops in search of Peter pan I followed little babes when lost in scary wood I carried bow and arrow's to be like Robin hood I shouted Rumpelstiltskin's name, a hundred times at least I realized that love was blind when beauty kissed the beast I tried to tell the emperor that he had nothing on I cried when ugly duckling became a graceful swan I didn't like that princess who fused about a pea I sailed with owl and pussy cat, when they were all at sea I thought that little Goldilocks in fact was rather rude I faced a wolf to help a girl, her name, Red Riding Hood I feared when old sly fox put red hen upon his back I climbed a giant's beanstalk, and met a lad named Jack I danced with Cinderella before she left the ball I always knew dear snow white was the fairest of them all I prayed those little piggies wouldn't open up their door I couldn't sleep for beauty, for all she done was snore I tried to walk with puss in boots, to get to London town I called up to Rapunzel, as hair came tumbling down And every friend I've spoke of, I met within a page And grew to love each one of them, when I was just your age.

Black Poetry Undercover Notes On: Today's World of Poetry

The Chick-bone Poem Black is black And White is white An' it don't matter (to me) What You all like- Its chicken-bones for me tonight! No: 2899 (2-27-2011) Derek Walcott's Poem I aint wrote poetry like this for a long while I think I've lost my style Perhaps the goat and the rope Perhaps after this poem I'll lose the Black votes... But Derek Walcott don't care He's a fresh wind over old Roman Balconies-he's on the Obama's list As the outstaring anthropologist.

Two Poems

IN SEARCH OF A PERFECT CHESS MATE Embedding new rules in a new arrangement and having a new strategy The white king is driving the opposing king to the wrong corner, for being controlled by the bishop. The white king is very rich. He takes seemingly worthless properties from his own people And turns them into his own properties, Defending a system which has enslaved and still exploits.

Simple Guide on How to Write a Sonnet

While creating sonnets does not require any rocket science knowledge, it requires some skills and for this reason, anyone who wants to learn how to write a sonnet should take time to study it in-depth. While there are several gurus on the subject, the first thing that you need to know is the fact that this is composed of 14 lines and it has to adhere to strict rhyme and have a logical structure.

The Future of Hollywood

LORD, let U.S. make Your Name is known to the world There is no star that shines as bright as You do Let U.S. bring glory to You only You are more than an Oscar Award You are the greatest superstar of all times because you never dies In fact, you are the same yesterday, today, tomorrow, and forever with your Shining Light Children's Chorus Neither the melodies of Elvis Presley Nor Michael Jackson's Moon Walk dance can compare to God's Light You are the only eternal Rock Star who still is alive Your Honor goes beyond all fame LORD, You are always the best Your love is so blessed That Hollywood celebrities will attest All Power that You are everywhere LORD, you are the one who give U.

A Land of Castles and Kings A Poem for Bedrich Smetana

In Praha, You can often hear it in the wind Mysterious voices speaking in an arcane Slavic tongue Divine exhortations of the spirit world Ceremonial notions of what could possibly come to be On the banks of the Vltalva River in the heart of Central Bohemia lies the rush of a thousand faces echoing the sweet vibrations of the motherland And it is from this harp that Lumir sings A Grand Arpeggio recorded in the seventh chord A monument to Kafka's Castle by the spring of the Great Maldau Through wood and valley meadow and pasture An arboretum for a peasant's child With murmuring voices we hear the sounds as they almost always are Faint but steadfast, a wedding for the faith From moonshine on the waterfront to mermaids in the dust burnt orange buildings have now become a must With a predilection for panties in a swirl at St.

Eat And Be Merry

Does the life mean to live and eat? Marry and stay to make it sweet School, youth and later on to profession Troubles more and to lead with confusion Always worry for two ends to meet Absence of love to say hello when greet Mind not at rest with so many wicked plans No time to look back or have little glance Time is money and busy is schedule Some where to formant trouble and add fuel Self interest first with top most priority To consider one's self with superior quality No one can be blamed for simple logic It is human tendency and forms very basic Nothing goes with it as sentiments or feelings Everything is done in agreement and as willing Result is known and fate is sealed Yet many thing done and tactfully concealed Life goes on uninterrupted with nothing more to reveal To go still deep in it and present it as real Nothing will change so long human race is in existence Not much can be said or exerted with insistence There is helplessness as how to lead it honestly Nothing can help even if tried earnestly Not all may think the same but yes it prevails With some of good principles the train derails Lots of trouble when chosen the path of nobility The universal truth surfaces with its known futility' There is no reason for going back or retrace We all are having same dilemma to face It is easy to face a rowdy and hostile crowd But very difficult to sustain and speak loud Life can be brought to an end with single stroke It is just a line and can be over in thick smoke No one has any power to delay it even for second Even though it is considered as very precious like diamond You have been infused with lots of courage That is how the human beings live and manage They know well that it is cowardice to disrupt the cycle It will be better to carry on and spend it as very casual Though it is mechanical and looks unstable Yet we can make it beautiful and stable There can be added some new features To help others and make for them bright future Many can be given respite with very good smile Their life can be made comfortable for a while You can not help materially but restore confidence Life can be made worth living and meaningful hence .

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