How To Hurt

You had decided any how to hurt You become rude and in reply very curt You had some misgivings in mind And that has lead you to become blind if that is so then try honestly you may end your quest abruptly you will have nothing else left with but only to crush the tongue in between teeth If you going to be right then where is need to fight where is need to miss and cry but never feel hesitant to rush to me even if u feel shy I knew you were restless You had problems numerous and countless You tried to hide it on face lines It was not at all reflecting fine I shall have no problem to let you off As it were solid bond and no bluff You had doubt about its existence That is why there was so much insistence How could you think of parting ways?

Life Is Mini Circus

Life is circus Only be in radius Though very vicious But still stable and continuous However for moment to stay Very good and happy day To be born as child again Lost moment regained once again Crowd of small kids and parents Joy and happiness is right inherent This is right place to enjoy Tigers, leopards are not simple toys Still to live together Amidst fear but nothing to bother All will be well as days pass The life can be made of super class There is no danger but only thrill Body can be made like steel with drill New lease of life supposed to fill Any wrong idea not to remain still A long way to go but to stick together A fine show with sequences here and there Dogs, animals and joker with same act Make us to laugh with all known facts Show is over but game not over Life may go on for finding a cover One may get in and other may depart Inseparable and important part We all love to live with complete change Children and young manage with the age We become sensible and others do not mind Some may succeed and others may fail to find We are merely stage actor We to play important roles in all sectors You may stand looser or emerge as victor It shall remain to be seen as decisive factor It is not the time to shed tears or laugh at Life is uncertain if it is not fully set Some more damage may be done by fate If we fail to respond or are very late No one may take not of tragic fall As it is part of game not responded to timely call?

Million Men March

It is memorable and historic event Not sponsored, engineered but self originated movement It deserves all our praises and heartiest comments No going back on words and aspirations for the moment Million of people are in street for better governance The people have its need and necessity at once No bullets or any kind of suppression can steal the show Such movement is likely to engulf entire area and strongly grow Freedom movement may be little different in its approach The suppression by greedy few people will meet fate as such Soon they will find forced exit and will be on permanent run The people have shown the might and silenced the guns The popular voice can not be muffled under the gun culture It has short lived duration and can not have any long future No dictator has survived even if he had served little good Even the beggars have joined the streets without caring for food It may turn heavily against them by inviting bloodbath It is distartedly act if they invite military and confrontational path No one has survived forcefully against popular will and uprising It is not uprising but people's wish to root out corrupt and cleansing The Gandhi and philosophy is still active and live in people's mind No other alternative is suitable and affordable for any convenient ways to find It may cause hardship for the moment and look little uncomfortable It is better and suited way to force the dictators to make the situation stable The million men are in street asking for immediate change and shift They want all the short comings and suppression to end with its lift People are no united and are out with only one aim without any rift This is non violent method and its implementation can be known as God gift No one knows what will be the outcome or imposition of fundamentalist rule But certainly there will be an end of suppressive rule and prevalent of momentary lull People are tolerant to some extent as human being but not to any extreme level Popular rule has to be restored and good governance must prevail The eyes of whole world is concentrated on this memorable march It has to be solved with agreeable formulas giving healing touch People have tolerated enough and now wants endurable situation with peace No one wants hostility, arrogance of power and powerful mad race No one has right to sit over millions against their will No one can order military or any for innocents to kill It may invite wrath and all doors may remain closed for ever The peaceful transition must place for common good however .

Family Poems

Relationship means a lot to most people. There might be many names for it but an unique relation ties all of them together, a bond of zeal, affection, respect and gratitude. All of these things merge together and thereby make a family, where all these relations stay together and share some special time with each other. There are various ways by which we can express our love for them but writing poetry on the whole creates a different impact on them.

Sister Poems

In family affiliation, having a sister in one's life can prove to be an overall different experience. It can be wonderful and at the same time the most horrible of all. If she is your elder sister then she will help you out in all your difficulties and show you the ideal way to come out with the perfect ideas. Whether you are a female or a male, she will forever be your right hand.

Sad Poems and How to Enjoy Them

Love is really a universal feeling, one that may get everyone together or separate them aside. Sadness is every bit universal as love, making it all that significantly stronger. Of course, despite the type of eerie power sadness has above us, these poems are consequently compelling and gives us a sense of joy. Along with this, they also stir up images of pain and longing?

Majesty of Creation

Pod of dolphins swims on past, Grace with which commands our stares, Rare the sight it makes us gasp, Mystery by which abounds our cares. Elegant eagles glide high in the sky, Sight of which we sense the awe, Fear of ignorance we must decry, Beautiful majesty instead to draw. Any number of wonderful things, Seen adorned at nature's step, About which humankind clings, One for sure to grow adept.

There Is No One

The world and whole globe belongs to all There is no restriction or stumbling wall The world is one and we may find no barrier All opportunities open to all for carrier Such nice imagination is presented to us from many quarters We are moved easily as some of the things are moving faster Education and other avenues are made open and brought closer Such assertion for global closeness is no more a question or poser This moves in the direction of making world a distant possibility The talent of any country can prove highly commendable with quality This is exactly happening in developed countries with outside talent The pressure is mounting on other countries to bow and relent What does happen when this has been totally turned into commerce?

Silence With Tongue

Nobody speaks in silence but their tongue No one demands anything but truly due Hands are still empty and await recognition There is fire within without ignition Highly stage managed emotional drama We are dumb founded and gone into coma Names may be announced and seekers may get Opportunity is slipped out of hand or simply let What can we offer to brave sons of soul?

PTSD Is Burned Away With the Fire of Faith

Faith in Eternal Spirit comes from a heavenly fire within. PTSD is likened to wood being ignited when believing first begins. A strategy is to use the qualities of fire for healing to start. Prayer becomes the match that arouses submerged feelings in the heart. Old trauma is burned away when we bend our knees and pray. The answers we seek then, are given when our spirit is told, "Just stay.

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