An Earthquake Struck New Zealand

An earthquake struck New Zealand's city of Christchurch on Tuesday Burying vehicles under debris and collapsing buildings into the streets. The police announced a night time curfew and the city was shut down on Wednesday, The rescuers scrambled to reach beneath the rubble the bleeding residents. The fact that the quake destroyed the spire of the Cathedral is one of the real tales.

Unbearable Plight

"I am in bad shape" complained a friend Nothing is going well at my end I wish I were dead I have lost the sense in head She was in so much stress I could find some trace She may be in real trouble The life was proving like bubble "I want to visit next world" she added There may be some respite and new fold I am disillusioned with happenings Nothing is going well from the beginning "Everything is going wrong" she went on The world can not be won I have done enough for people Now I am helpless weak and unable "Everybody stabbed me from the back" she had lot more complaints I have lost everything and so much is at stake I am dying of depression and worries My end is near and hurries "I am struggling for survival" she cursed There is no hope for, revival Whole family and people have turned I have lost hope for peace to be returned "No strength is left in me" she was more remorseful I am prisoner and no more free I think of hanging on tree Let the end seem so tragic or be "Dear, I have small daughter" she almost cried Who will take care and look after She too is passing same depression Lord is cruel to us and same is impression "Respected Lady" can you land your ears I have seen over the years The help can overcome your difficulties If you maintain coolness with realities She on the other hand reminded me of beautiful world It has existed and she will prefer to go with boldness The lord was unkind all these days and helped nothing She has to do nothing but try to reach there for something I consoled her by saying "He is only supreme" Do not try to take hasty steps or go very extreme Take His name when you are in dire need He will definitely rush to you and feed I could read more worries on her face She had lost almost all in the race I was merely trying to be a preacher But she needed advice from the teacher Well, see me after a week I again consoled her and promised to speak She will be alright and on the right track I will hear it positively when again back I had satisfaction of conveying right thing One should not lose hope for anything It is not helping in any way There is always hope and bright ray .

Lost And Forgotten

Why are we so helpless and fear death? It scares me even with idea of laying wreath? What sort of sad scene to send tears down! Person may be altogether lost and forgotten God decided to introduce it as final resort He did not think of any steps for person to deport It was left to be decided by individual concern Everybody was expected to come back or return If it was left to person's choice Then he would never have preferred death or demise He should have gone for all the remedies Even would have created wall of children and ladies God feared some thing of this nature may come up The human being will not yield to any set up Death could create permanent fear in the mind So this was the easiest way of deterrence to find Some day he may develop the sense of going closer Pray for reprieve, donate generously and not act as miser The wealth may create the sense of insecurity and force to seek The blessings from the God before he may start falling sick Not all the wealthy, influential or powerful men fear death There is no discrimination mentioned in any of the faith Names are given with different indication but meaning same They will be shocked to find it when finally come Those who surrender and wish to lead happy life May matter less to them if caused by nature, sickness or edge of knife This is only cycle that has been made for all Even Prophets, Messiahs and even lord had to respond to the call This is formidable weapon and most dangerous It sways, stays and plays havoc continuous No one can dare to take extreme steps in anticipation Either it has full commitment or enough participation Think for a moment the unruly scene in the absence of death No one will be afraid of any consequences including wrath The human will kill human and keep under domination As he will have no fear of answering any question The death of near one makes him to wonder little For a moment he will be shocked and feel unsettled This will make him feel the futility of life as such He may get wind out of it and involve not much The person can be purified with little admission Guilty feeling may push him toward confusion If can surrender or feel so towards the end There may be enough of scope to feel sad and mend .

Her Mind

What is figuring actually? May not be the fact really She should never cry I always care and try Let her be at her original mind? She is universally known as kind She will loose the shine If goes off the trace meanwhile Nothing should be grudged or borne The heart may stand totally torn No impulse may pass through It may then be difficult to prove We stand to loose in game No one but we should share the blame Love is only solution and way out Everything will be fruitless if we talk about Be a mother to child Shed the impression that you are wild You kind woman with lots of affection You speak noble and show with action Be centre core of the universe Prove asset with no more curse I find whole world at your feet Let us smile whenever we meet Women are in fact goddesses Nothing can go before them as misses She is there for every purpose At least I will have honor before her to depose Why I see whole world's reflection?

I Am Blind

I am as blind as anybody else Always free without being tense Nature has gifted me patience I go slow and praise hence People may be right when they compare even My beauty with rose of beautiful garden I feel shy and run away from the scene It creates self prophesy and clearly seen I may be irresistible and ordinarily figured The beauty is for all human being assured Some may be very good and outwardly shining Others may be finding hard for defining Female is as such very beautiful gift of nature Life can be incomplete and so the future She has all the reserves for making life beautiful Normal tendency to remain calm and faithful I have come across beautiful description of woman They are termed as inseparable part of man Man may be totally rudderless and blind If he fails in his mission for female to find She has golden shine in eyes and brightness on face Any would fall for it and join the mad race It is not for inviting any trouble but a challenge A person has to prove himself and manage Take it for granted if you stare at her constantly You are in real love and fallen for it instantly You are sure that she may prove good wife or mother No one can fill that place indefinitely for others There are enough sports for man to glorify Only the things is she must feel and satisfy She can make out what right or wrong You can not take her for cheap song She can be compared to any divine object She has all powers to think and reject She has powerful instinct to grasp your inner conflict She may decide in favor with the kind act Oh!

A New Life

Saliva on my chest I'm in the wild west, I just woke up from a sleep that was way past deep. I don't remember the night before, but something tells me I'm a whore, my bra is on the floor, I look up and that's not my door, where am I at, where have I landed? I look over to my left and I dont know who this man is, have I been set up, what happened to my friends?

Three Philosophical Poems

A NEW DAWN When the new dawn floods the whole sky Like a divine voice of epiclesis Which is coming from the Lord's High As a slope of sounds associated with tenseness We seek our greatest Lord in our vein And we feel His spiritual rays of afflatus When they deeply penetrate our pain Dripping the divine peace at hiatus. OUR SLIDING EXISTENCE I think it is the shadow of a sound.

Lines to Where You Are

My Birthday celebration Supper with dear friends Delicious Turkish curry South Bend Chocolate Company Imagining you were on my arm Sitting in the car Sunset's in the water West across the lake Along the line to where you are Walking under starlight Gazing up above Same dark sky You will see, my love My eyes follow down Along the line to where you are Picking up my phone Looking through your pictures Wondering what you're thinking Read an email from you Wishing I could call Still I hesitate to connect On the line to where you are Days have come and gone Painfully a passing Wishing I could make A decision for our love Time can only tell it Peace can't be too far Seems so much is blocking A line to where you are.

Nature And Sunset

While the red butterfly melts its wings Within the light in the poppy chain The pink gray cloud of the sunset rings. On the gray pink sky the light rays wane And throw our love in cold bloody pain. The leaving sun abandons the sky For a while and like the crickets crawl, The whispers of leaves seems to say "Bye! " The coming night seems to be a haul Looking at the moon with a black eye.

A Poem Focused in the Bible Book of James

Cycle 1 -- Centers on Chapter 1:1 Greetings and Salutations An introduction in the pulpit, a salutation to the scattered Twelve you once were in one accord, now sown to the wind, here's a word from our Lord From the slave of the Lord, whether brother in flesh or brother in spirit He is the one I will serve, in my name -- James, greetings Cycle 2 -- Centers on Chapter 1:2-18 Consider it pure joy.

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