Two Philosophical Poems

The non-existent truth The defined and undefined truth, Endowed with knowledge or without knowledge, Sometimes real or unreal, Certainly including being and non-being... Accepting that being is true, Accepting the non-existence of being... When the absence of existence means the negation of being.. Accepting that truth did not exist, And it would have been true that it did not exist, at the same time.

For Not What You Are

I love you for not what you are I admire you for not how you stare I do not loose sight of you for a second Watch colorful fishes swim in ponds I love color in your wings Beautiful melody and rhythm when you sing It echoes in ears for only one thing You whisper as if you are something I hold you in dream You are in form of sun beam I can't hold you for long As light can not be hold and prove me wrong You are my overall inspiration Directly guiding and with deep relation I sense it deeply when you are around Lovely companion and desired to be found It is all because of you It is perfect and very true How I wished it honestly and sincerely to covey I knell down before Him to pray I wish I am always with you there When you move from there to here I know it is your wish too Let us be one and wish to do I may not say "I love you" I will not attempt even to woo My eyes may do all the rest I shall sincerely try to be best It is not time to praise Not for any wishes to chase It is simple submission in acknowledgement I have nothing more to say or comment I am sure of your full support Even though we sailed without any rapport You had all the faith in me as I desired You get all the praises as I fully admire It is not confined to few lovely words This can be done by even little birds They express it without being noticed But nevertheless I stand for as promised You may step out with me as true companion As it is first sign towards making it as strong union You stand firm in your conviction and opinion I see no chances at all for any kind of friction We may move ahead with whatever we have In tune with new world and nicely behave Everybody may fall in line with whatever we envisaged New story to be written without being numbered or paged The sun has always beamed bright on our way We can't deny any such existence and remain away It is our fine hour and we should be all thankful Nature has given us all we wanted and so must be remained faithful .

Without Any Gain

Last peace mission has ended in failure All hopes are belled and nothing is sure God only knows when siren will be on Destruction will be everywhere without any gain There will be colossal damage to the property It may not alleviate suffering but increase the poverty Everybody may run for any possible shelter At last moment some good sense may prevail and situation may alter Everybody is fully aware of the consequences Two world wars are recent tragic instances How much loss to human lives and cities?

God Cuts PTSD Images Through Prayerful Thoughts

When displeasing images of the mind plague us here is what to do. Pray incessantly, preferably on your knees, and God's message will come through. A tip to know is that you can choose what thoughts will stay or lose. Using positive affirmations is self-talk to let loose of the Blues! Those of us with PTSD have a constant battle with Satan's stressful strategy indeed.

Vikusha A Poem Inspired By Katyusha

This is a poem written about Victoria Rutkowska. The young lady from Latvia who inspired the story "A House Near The River" and it is her simple lifestyle and country home which are mentioned in the words along with the passion our bodies experienced. The concept of this poem however comes from the Russian song "Katyusha" written by Blanter and Isakovsky.

A Steel Wall

I was confined to steel wall With no permission to receive out side call Strict neutrality with no female intrusion As matter of principle but not at all any confusion It was almost prison guarded by security' Not a bird can enter with surety Such was fine abode for a lone person! Very secluded place without any reason Life ism strange and one has to believe There has to be some medicine for pain to relieve Female is inseparable part of male Without her life can be termed as solitary jail I felt like out from jail on parole Yes it was her named Carole I became keen with hopes The height was risky with slopes She did respond to pulse Equal magic in acceptance with no fear of repulse Who knows when did it happen?

Poems for Kids

April is National Poetry Month, and writing poems can be a fun activity for your children to participate in this spring. Anyone regardless of age can be a poet as long as they have ideas, feelings and a pen and paper or computer handy. Encourage your kids to take part in National Poetry Writing Month, also known as NaPoWriMo. Your kids can join the ranks of thousands of other people who will attempt to write a poem a day for each day of the month.

Three Poems

THE EAGLES The eagles can never know The secret of the volcanoes When they seemingly fly carried By the sliding winds Over cupped peaks of mountains With the fire of their anger inside Smoldering in the carcass of history The eagles doesn't understand why The green still suckles the spring's teats And why the scream can be an echo And the echo can be a scream.

5 Classic Poems That Offer Encouragement and Motivation

During our lives, there are often times when we all need a little help, guidance or encouragement. Recession and economic difficulties often have a major impact upon peoples lives. Job loss, divorce, separation and bereavement can all be stressful. To many people, the fear of change or venturing into the unknown can cause uncomfortable feelings and anxiety through uncertainty.

Modern Poetry - Why We Still Write and Read Poetry in the Information Age

The fact that we are in the age of information, people still write and read poetry. Until now, there are still plenty of individual who prefers to communicate in verse. Poets or even non poetic people favors poetry as a tool of expressing their thoughts, it is because there is something in this genre that makes an individual feels alive. Anybody who uses poetic verse in sharing their deepest ideas and opinion were perceive to have more wisdom.

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