What Is the Buoyancy Benefit?

If your body weight is 200 pounds and you are of average height, in our therapy pool the weight on your body is decreased all the way down to only 20 pounds. Just this dramatic reduction alone starts a healing process for your body. From the moment you submerge your body into the warm and soothing water depth of our therapy pools, you immediately start the healing process for your body by: Decreasing Aches and Pain, Reducing Tension and Anxiety, Facilitate better Circulation and Respiratory Flow, Provides a Greater Range of Body Mobility, and Puts a Smile on Your Face.

Do-It-Yourself Posture Analysis

How do you know if you have good posture? The answer is simple but knowing the real postural condition of your body seems a bit obscure because you can easily cheat yourself into thinking that you have a good posture. Not convinced? Well, take a look at the way you're sitting at the moment. Okay, so you have a good posture now but a few seconds ago you we're slouching.

The Importance of Exercises for Posture Correction

Most of us are greatly concerned with our looks. We watch what we eat, exercise regularly, go to the salon and spa for some "me" time, and others choose to consult a plastic surgeon for "self improvement." Okay, I understand that these things are important too but aren't you forgetting something? Have you seen your posture lately? Don't you think that it's an important aspect in your overall look as well?

The Medical Establishment Contributes to Dysfunction

One of the biggest issues I have to deal with when patients come for therapy after they have been in pain for periods of time, is the fact that they have become so weak. This is not their fault. It is part of the absurd thought process of the medical establishment. Since the medical establishment seems to believe that the cause of pain can only be from structural abnormalities such as herniated discs, arthritis, stenosis or meniscal tears that are picked up on diagnostic tests such as x-rays or MRIs, treatment typically consists of medication or surgery.

Grief Therapy Script

When you have lost someone loved and very close to you, grieving comes naturally and is an emotionally healthy response. But if this grieving persists for longer periods of time then it is troublesome for the person as well as for the people around him/her. This script is for clients who have lost a beloved one and are grief-stricken even after a lapse of a huge time period.

Rotator Cuff Tendon - Its Properties And Treatment

Rotator cuff tendon, like any tendon, is a sturdy band of tissue that connects muscle to bone. It is a strong, sinuous material that is able to withstand tension. A tendon works with its muscle to exert a pulling force. It is over use of the tendon that often leads to a rotator cuff injury. Within the cuff there are eight distinct tendons. There are four muscles and each is connected at both ends by tendons.

Rotator Cuff Rehabilitation Is Crucial To a Complete Recovery

Rotator cuff rehabilitation is an extensive process intended to gradually and securely restore the cuff to peak fitness. If completed conscientiously, rehabilitation not only restores function, but can in fact improve it. The shoulder very often emerges from the process healthier and stronger. Why is this? The majority of cuff tears occur originally due to a lack of muscle strength.

Rotator Cuff Stretches Can Have Huge Benefits

Rotator cuff stretches should be a fundamental element of rotator cuff exercising. Stretches are a fantastic preventative measure. Not only that they are a superb method for regaining complete range of motion. I have always failed to understand why stretches are so seldom endorsed in the treatment of rotator cuff tear symptoms. They are, without doubt, some of the finest exercises for the cuff.

After Rotator Cuff Surgery, What Can I Expect?

After rotator cuff surgery the intention is to be free from rotator cuff pain and have improved mobility and strength in the shoulder. Ideally, the aim is to recover as swiftly as practicable and to resume a normal life. General guidance Take the prescribed pain relief! Torn rotator cuff surgery is painful and requires pain relief. If it upsets your stomach, as it can do, then go back to the doctor and ask for an alternative.

Rotator Cuff Physical Therapy - A Guide To What Is Involved

Rotator cuff physical therapy, or rotator cuff physiotherapy, has a huge and vital role to play in rehabilitation from any cuff injury. No matter what injury you may have suffered, no matter how painful or debilitating it is, no matter what is recommended as a treatment it will at some point involve therapy. What is Physical Therapy? Below is a basic definition.

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