Heating Pads and the Radiator Effect

All personal heating devices, such as heat pads, come with a warning about proper use to avoid burning yourself. Indeed, a superficial burn is actually quite likely if the heating pad is not used correctly. For example, the heating pad should not be used continuously on the highest heat setting. Nor should anyone sleep on top of one. It's too easy to either lie too long in one position, or to bunch up the pad, creating an intense heat spot.

Scoliosis Braces for Children and Adults - What Are the Options?

When considering scoliosis braces as a treatment option for scoliosis, it is important to understand that the success or failure of bracing treatment often comes down to three things. 1) The correct type of brace is fitted for the type of scoliosis 2) The brace is fitted by a competent and accredited bracing provider 3) The patient wears the brace as recommended and is reviewed regularly The aim of scoliosis bracing is to stabilise the curve, attempt to prevent further progression and ideally to make some correction to the curve.

Rotator Cuff Strain - Its Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

What is a rotator cuff strain? Let me start with a definition of sorts. A strain is an injury to a muscle or a tendon whereas a sprain is an injury to a ligament. A ligament is a fibrous, thick, tough tissue that connects a bone to a bone. The primary purpose of the body's ligaments is to hold your skeleton together in normal alignment. A tendon such as a rotator cuff tendon is a tough fibrous tissue that attaches a muscle to a bone.

What Is Phyiotherapy?

Physiotheraphy is not new to science - it has been around in one form or another for thousands of years. Hippocrates described the practice of massage and hydrotherapy in as far back as 460 BC. In Britain, the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy was founded in the late nineteenth century. Physiotherapy is practiced to restore and maintain maximum movement and health of the body.

Aching Muscles: Simple But Powerful Alternative Back Pain Relief Options!

Back pain treatment affects a majority of people and it can be quite debilitating. Everyone who tried to pick up something from a lower shelf in a supermarket, and could not get up knows how humiliating it can be. Medications can be used to treat acute and chronic low back pain but they may cause side effects. In some cases, for example to treat pain in pregnancy, the common pain relief medications usually prescribed by physicians are not recommended, as they are not safe.

What Are the Causes of Forward Head Posture?

Do you always complain about sore chest muscles, aching back and neck, heavy shoulders, headaches, numbness of arms, facial pain, and lack of sleep? All of these ailments are caused by one condition, forward head posture. There are a number of causes of FHP and most of them are attributed to the modern day activities we have today. If you are looking down while typing on the computer or reading a book, driving a car, carrying a heavy bag on one shoulder, sleeping on the couch with your head on the arm rest, or looking into the microscope, you are moving your head forward.

How Can A Posture Brace For Men Help Them Get The Body They Wanted?

Some men have this innate narcissistic attitude when they wanted to achieve perfection. Don't you agree? Because of this, most people you see in the local gym, fitness centers, and spa are men with exuding confidence, not to mention a distinct narcissism outlook. If a man holding a mirror isn't taboo, you might even see those men carrying hand-held mirrors.

Land The Job of Your Dreams With A Posture Corrective Brace

Okay, so you've sent your application letter and CV to the company you wish to land a job on. Next thing you know, you receive a call from the human resources department for your upcoming interview. So on the day of your interview, you wear the best business suit in your closet, got to the place on time, and head on to meet the interviewer, the manager himself.

Common Types Of Physical Therapy

Accident do happen in the least way we expect it, and when it does, an individual may be injured and may need to undergo a surgery and physical care treatment afterwards. This is the most popular scenario where application of health care and rehabilitation may be required. Different types of physical therapy will be discussed as we go along with specifying each goal and purpose of health care and treatment for restoring movement and functionality.

Proprioception Training: Making Joints Bulletproof

Have you ever sprained your ankle? Did you notice afterward that the ankle didn't feel stable under you, that it sometimes "gave way", even after it stopped hurting? Maybe you found that you kept spraining the same ankle, over and over, throughout your life. Here's why. When you sprained your ankle, you also damaged its ability to protect itself.

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