Rotator Cuff Injury - Worst Case Scenario

The most severe forms of rotator cuff injury have two common causes. They are separated into acute and chronic onset injuries. An "acute" onset is related to an identifiable incident or event. This can be something such as a sports injury or car crash. This is the most common cause of cuff problems in younger people (under 40 years old). A "chronic" injury comes on more slowly over time and is much more common in people over 40.

Jumper's Knee: Patellar Tendinopathy

Jumper's knee as the name suggests is more likely to occur in sports like long jumping. In addition, long and middle distance running as well as bounding and hopping activities on a chronic basis can cause it. Basically, the pathology involves inflammation of the tendon of the rectus femoris. Mechanism of the condition: Patellar tendinopathy as the name suggests is tendiopathy of the rectus femoris below the level of the patella or the knee cap.

Tennis Elbow Lateral Humeral Epicondylitis

A proper diagnosis must be made by your Chiropractor or Physician in order to differentiate it from other possible conditions that can affect the muscles and joints of the arm, forearm and elbow joint. Such a condition can affect the opposite side or the radiohumeral joint of the elbow. The doctor will use a test called the "Tennis Elbow Test". This test when performed by the doctor will reproduce a sudden sharp, severe pain to the outside knob (lateral epicondyle) of the elbow joint.

It's Time to Freedom From Stress

Stress can be caused by problems that had accumulated, in traffic jams, the demands of work or love problems. In the long-term stress can cause psychological and physical complaints that do not lead to stress due to the low or our ability to adapt. Prolonged stress of course very detrimental because it can create physical and mental fatigue and that will make you fall in a state of helplessness.

Importance of Correcting Proper Breathing Mechanics

Although respiration is considered a basic and even rudimentary task, it is often a common pattern that needs to be corrected in many people. Though not often thought about, most of us understand that breathing is required to maintain life. Other than the magician David Blaine perhaps, we would cease to exist after only a matter of minutes without being able to breathe.

Tennis Elbow and Its Remedies

Tennis elbow is a damage due to excessive use of the tendons linking your bony bump at the outward of the elbow known as the epicondyle to the forearm muscles. The tendon which is most severely affected due to this is the Extensor Carpi Radialis Brevis ECRB. This problem is common to people who overuse their forearm muscle. Tennis and other racket game players are prone to suffer from this.

Recent College Grads: How to Gain Experience in Physical Therapy

Gaining experience in anticipation of a physical therapy position requires time, patience and the willingness to work in a setting you might not otherwise choose for your full-time career. There are several ways in which college grads can get experience in this field. Experience is key because employers generally don't want a complete PT newbie who requires extensive on-the-job training.

Five Ways to Land Your Dream Physical Therapy Job

Landing a great rehabilitation position requires more than just knowledge and great skills and the ability to showcase these to potential employers. It also requires drive, confidence, ambition and the ability to go where the job possibilities may lead you. For example, if you're now in one part of the country with your dream job waiting in another;

Where Do Rehab Therapists Work?

Rehabilitation therapists work in a variety of settings, often dictated by what kind of rehab therapy they do. A rehab therapist is someone who has been trained to assist people who are recovering from illness or trauma that can be emotional, physical or psychological in nature. The therapist works primarily to help his or her patient function as normally as possible.

The Proper Rehab For a Broken Ankle

Your ankles along with our feet take on a considerable workload each day. With each step you take there are tremendous forces due to our bodyweight that pass directly through the ankle. Therefore, if the ankle is injured or worst broken, there is a considerable amount of rehabilitation that has to take place to get your ankle back to its prior level of function.

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