How To Make Easy Money With Your Digital Camera

It is easy for me to say, since I work for many years in the industry but even for a person just starting with digital photography, there are sure-fire ways to make money using guts and a digital camera. In this article I will describe a few of these ways. Before I begin let me clearly state that even a complete newbie can implement these tactics and earn money.

What Wedding Video Editing and Shooting Style Do You Prefer?

The journalistic approach This perhaps is the most common way of shooting and editing videos. Since the beginning of wedding videography the documentary style was the natural way of telling the story of the wedding day, in a linear and chronological way representing the facts as close to reality as possible. To understand and visualize this style think of Discovery channel or the learning channel.

Digital Photography Tip - Learn To Edit

You know you are guilty. You just got back from a week's vacation in Hawaii and you took your new DSLR camera with you. You photographed everything. So you ran to the local big box store when you got home and proceeded to stick the memory card in the kiosk and print all 400 photos you took. When you went back to work on Monday, you joyfully handed your stack of 4X6 prints to all your co-worker friends who flipped through them as fast as they could before giving you the obligatory "they're nice".

Making Big Money With Erotic Nude Photography - Don't Forget The Paperwork

A strong case could be made for the idea that the most important part of any shoot is obtaining a signed model release from the model and sharp copies of two forms of her identification (at least one being a photo ID). If you're going to make money from your photography, you'll need to stay on top of the business side of things. Trust me, there's nothing more important than getting the proper paperwork completed at every shoot.

Be Yourself, With That Camera in Your Face!

Photographers now-a-days are your neighbors, your co-workers and that girl laughing at the booth next to you in the Waffle House. They aren't the guy who nods and says "Ok, I can do that." Sure, you want to see their portfolio. You want to know their experience level in regards to weddings. You also want to know if you are comfortable 'hanging out' with them.

Stock Footage - Merits of Its Usage

Stock footage is an ideal alternative to creating a whole new set up in film making and other production companies. They are cheaper and save time as well. Film making business is usually a monumental endeavor today. Be it a movie, documentary, television show, advertisement or news, there is serious competition in every field. Film makers are delving into untrodden waters to give their audiences something new and unique, and we love it.

How To Build An Effective Online Portfolio

Everyone in the industry has got one. It's something that represents you, your talent, and what to expect for potential clients. It's your resume that has to speak for itself by showing that you belong in the business. Here are a handful of key points that will help you either start or build your online portfolio. Start On the Right Foot Some models fill their portfolio with amateur shots when they begin to model.

The EX-FH25 - A Fast and Featured Casio Exilim Digital Camera to Rival a DSLR

The Casio EX-FH25 is what they call an ultra-zoom camera - it has a 20x optical zoom lensthat comes with a 26-520mm focal range. This is also a high-speed camera. The 10 megapixel sensor is capable of capturing the very high-speed serial shots - up to 30 frames a second. The camera can also capture video at 1000 frames per second. With anti-shake and high-speed night mode available to you on this Casio Exislim digital camera, you probably have everything you need to take advantage of all the power in your hands.

Ways to Use a Photobooth Rental

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. However true this may be, most of the time, when we go out, we forget our camera and then the potential photo that would have been worth a thousand words and a million memories is lost. No matter what the event may be, you now have the option to rent a photo booth so that you will never have to worry about missing those thousand words again.

How to Use Your DSLR Camera - Camera Modes Explained

I've seen the question asked time and time again so I thought I would help every new digital photographer, and today i'm going to help you by explaining how the different camera modes on your DSLR camera work and how you should use them. If you look at the top of your camera right now on the dial switch you should see a few different options. These options are represented by letters and symbols.

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