The World of Infrared Photography

Ever seen those eerie looking photographs that look like regular black and white shots, but something just isn't quite right? Or have you looked at Ansel Adams' work before and wondered how he managed to capture such surreal and super contrasted photos? Welcome to the strange world of Infrared Photography. Infrared (IR) photography is the same as regular photography except for the fact that it doesn't record visible light, it records invisible light in the near-infrared spectrum (as opposed to the far-infrared portion of the spectrum which only applies to thermal imaging).

Up-Close Encounters of the Macro Kind

Have you ever marveled at those pictures of close-up objects where you can't hardly even tell what it is you're looking at? Or what about those amazing shots of the rainbow colored insects that seem almost as if they were a life-size animal caught roaming the underbrush of some far away jungle. All of these types of photographs fall into the special category of Macro Photography.

Three Little Settings You Can Adjust on Your Digital Camera to Make Your Photos Pop

Here are some small things that can make a big difference, especially if you are trying to make money with your pictures. Setting the white balance correctly. Don't you hate it when you have snapped a picture of a unique winter scene and the snow ends up looking blue? The white balance on your camera should be set to automatic so this doesn't end up happening to you.

Picture Perfect: How To Create Your Own Fashion Photography Spread

Often, designer fashion labels will hire photographers to shoot fashion spreads in order to showcase or advertise for their new lines. However, taking photos to represent a fashion line isn't just as easy as one, two, three... In fact, a successful fashion photography spread takes a lot of detail-oriented thinking, time and planning. That's pretty much the way everything goes in fashion design and this is no exception.

Discover How To Sell Photos In An Untapped Market - Local Bands Need Promo Material!

Music photography is something you can make good money from. You can quite easily learn how to sell photos in this rather neglected market. Although semi-pro equipment is obviously helpful, starting out you don't necessarily need this. A decent light source (by way of off-camera flash or a standalone spotlight) will be helpful, especially if taking photographs in rehearsal studios, which can be decidedly dingy.

Photomatix Download

It is possible to download Photomatix on a great number of websites. Unfortunately, most of these websites are offering outdated versions of Photomatix. Also, since there are only a very small handful of authorized resellers for Photomatix, the vast majority of downloads available are provided by illegal resellers. In fact, eBay and Craigslist are the two major sources of these illegal resellers.

Cheap Digital Camera Accessories Worth Buying

Some of the latest digital cameras today come with a high price. It's okay to invest in the newest model if you have more than enough cash. At least you're sure you have a quality product that can stay with you for a long time. For your accessories, you can always find the cheap ones on the market. Did you know that you can get some digital camera accessories at $25 or even less?

Glamour Portraits, Boudoir and Wedding Photography in Today's Market

The landscape of professional photography has changed dramatically, in some cases for the good and in some cases for the bad. I have been a pro photographer for nearly 40 years and have seen many changes. When I started in photography believe it or not I used a 4x5 view camera, yes that meant going under the cloth to focus, oh my! We then went to 2 1/4 cameras and now to Digital capture.

Getting the Perfect Headshot

Here are some tips for obtaining a perfect headshot: First and foremost, the photo should be taken by a professional photographer and look like you, in a natural pose straight to camera, clearly displaying your entire face. A good photographer can cost in excess of $250 for a session, so this is not something to take lightly. You can always pay less.

Photography Light Positioning - Short Lighting

Short lighting by definition is when the key light is placed to the right of camera and the subject faces camera right toward the light. This lets light fall on the narrow side of the face leaving a shadow on the broad side of the face, which is facing the camera. The actual position of the light or lights will depend on the style and mood of the portrait anticipated.

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