Aperture and Shutter Speed - A Crash Course In Photography for the Complete Newbie

If you have a DSLR camera and you are stuck on Full Auto mode, then this is for you. Here is your crash course on learning how to use your aperture and shutter speed modes. Without going into a long dissertation about what these two modes are, I will just tell you what to do to get the desired effect. Here goes: Aperture - This is how you get those blurry backgrounds you see in a lot of photos.

Wedding Photography Poses - Are You Puzzled By Which Are The Right Ones To Use?

One of the hardest things on the big day is the correct wedding photography poses to use. There will be a lot going on and a lot to think about, so to get everyone into place at the right time can be hard work. Often guests are shy and unwilling to be in the photographs. The more confident and assertive you are, (but be polite) the more at ease the subjects will be and the better the photographs will be.

How To Select The Perfect Electronic Picture Frame

If you want a frame to show more than just one photo, then you should opt for the electronic picture frames which will allow you to store countless photographs and also be able to cycle throughout a slideshow to look at your favorite pictures. These can also incorporate dazzling transitions amongst photos if necessary. Making the decision to purchase a frame will be easy, but selecting a good one will be more difficult.

Why Are Digital Picture Frames So Popular?

The digital picture frames will give you an opportunity to show off your photos. As opposed to the traditional frames which can only show a single picture, it is now possible to display a large number of images throughout one day using just one digital frame, thanks to technology advancements. Generally, a LCD TV with a size of 32 inch is able to accept several inputs which includes, but not restricted to, HDMI, component and composite inputs.

Seeing the Light - How to Use Natural Light in a Photography

Photography is an art. Art is subjective. The one most important factor necessary in photography is light, quality light. Without light there are not photographs. So, if you photograph your subject - whatever your subject may be; person, place, or thing - in quality light you are likely to create art that people will subjectively view as "beautiful.

The Best Digital Cameras of 2010

Another year has passed, the year 2011 has entered. As we reminisce the past year, what were the coolest gadgets sold on the market? We'll be talking about digital cameras. What is in and what is out in the list of the best cameras that graced the fast growing digital market. We'll be giving you a sneak peek on the best digital cameras of 2010. Have you been cool this 2010?

Camera Accessories Worth Bringing When Traveling

People love traveling every now and then to old and new places. And when it's travel time, you can be sure that they will take lots of photos during the trip. Whether you're a photography enthusiast, a serious photographer or just somebody who loves to capture memories with family and friends, you need to bring along certain camera accessories to make the most of your photo shoots.

Photographic Services - Tery Photographers

Tery Photographers is based in East of NY, USA. They offer photographic services for commercial and advertising photography. The photographic company provides photographic services in all fields of photography such as fashion; advertising; food; and commercial. However, they specialize in advertising and commercial photography. The photographic company offers the services of professional photographers, who are highly skilled.

Photographic Services - Romo Photography

Romo Photography is based in Washington, USA. It offers photographic services for all occasions and events such as corporate gatherings and private parties. It also offers family photography and portrait photography; however, it specializes in advertising and commercial photography. Romo Photography aims at providing high quality images and digital photography of the leading quality.

Photographic Services - Soban Photography

Soban Photography is based in Los Angeles, USA. It offers top quality photographic services to Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. The photographic services include corporate photography, event photography and photography for all commercial and domestic purposes. It is one of those photographic companies that focus on digital photography and thus the result of the photographs is excellent.

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