The Importance of Shooting Horizontals and Vertical Images

To some of you, the topic of this article may initially seem simple. However, even those of you who already have quite a bit of experience with nude photography may not fully realize the extent of how important it is to shoot both horizontal and vertical images when creating erotic photography image sets that will sell. As I'm sure you well know, most cameras produce a rectangular image.

Moneymaking Nude Photography Styles: Leg and Foot Fetish

This particular style emphasizes the legs and feet of a model. While most of these photographs will include the model's entire body and face, it's very important to accentuate the attractiveness of the lower half. Models in this category are usually very attractive (similar to "Glamour" models) and possess especially long legs and very attractive feet.

4 Important Food Photography Lighting Tips for Drool-Worthy Food Photos

Do you want food photography lighting tips for improved photos of food? As mentioned, these food photography tips will focus on lighting techniques that you can implement to take better-looking food photos at restaurants when all you have at hand is your DSLR and the food of your choice that you wish to photograph. There will be a set of easy-to-follow rules that you can implement to bring about delicious-looking food photographs.

How To Find And Enter Photo Contests

Anyone who loves to take pictures can earn cash without turning this from a hobby into a job. Photo contests are the perfect way for amateur photographers to win cash and prizes just for snapping a great shot. It is not difficult to find sweepstakes and contests offering fabulous grand prizes like electronics and vacations, if one knows where to look.

Light Painting Tutorial - Let Your Imagination Run Free

Photography is a way to be creative. Whether it be by taking regular landscape photographs to making the most surreal and abstract images you can think of. Another cool fun technique you can try is light painting. The gist of light painting is, well you guessed it, to paint with light. In this article I'll be telling you how it works, what kinds of light painting there are and how you can try it for yourself.

Laser Graffiti

There are a lot of interesting ways to use light sources. One way you can use them for is laser graffiti, also know as light painting or light drawing. It is a photographic technique that involves taking photographs at low light and moving the light source or the camera around. This creates long streaks of light in your image and it really can make your photograph stand out.

How to Use a Camera - Get Up to Speed With Photography

When you first buy a digital camera everything can seem incredibly overwhelming. Shutter speeds? Apertures? RAW or JPEG? You are being bombarded by all these different methods and choices and it takes time to get on top of all. In this article I'm going to go over the basics settings of your camera and I'm also going to tell you how to use a camera.

How to Take Good Photos - Tips on How to Improve Your Photography

So you bought yourself a camera? Congratulations! I know you're going to have fun with it. Photography is a fun hobby to have. You can capture exiting moments and watch them again later or you can just take a really cool photo and hang it on your bedroom wall. What's also good is that you don't need an expensive camera to learn how to take good photos.

How to Take a Picture - Sharpen Your Photography Skills

So you are giving photography a try, eh? Good choice! It's a really cool hobby to have because it allows you to capture fun/cool/strange moments so you can view them over and over again. The only problem when you are starting out is that it can be quite overwhelming. You can take a thousand pictures and with 99% of them you'll feel as if there's "something" missing.

How to Merge Two Images - Create Beautiful Panoramic Scenes

A lot of people these days have a digital camera, whether it be a compact camera or a full-blown digital single lens reflex camera. While these cameras are great and they have a lot of options, sometimes you want to do things that your camera just can't do. Merging two images for example. Let's say you're walking outside and you see this beautiful landscape that you want to capture with your camera.

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