Sharing Your Priceless Photos and Videos in the Cloud Through Wireless Digital Frames and On-Line

Because we can, we take hundreds of digital photos with our digital cameras and cell phones. The same holds true for the hundreds of miles of video footage we can take with those same cameras and cell phones, as well as pocket video cameras and camcorders. In the end, the result will probably be the same... what to do with all these digital recordings of our lives?

3D Technology Applied to Digital Frames - A Sign of a Healthy Growing Industry

The technology transition from 2D to 3D has already started. 3D applications are available on TVs, game consoles, cell phones, digital frames and other electronic devices. This is a logical next step in technology. 3D technology, however, is not at all new. Way back in 1853 in Germany, anaglyphs or traditional 3D images were developed. An anaglyph image consists of 2 pictures, one for each eye.

Digital Frames - The Best Answer to Sharing Photos With or Without Internet Access

Digital frames are one of the newest technologies on the market today. They enable dynamic connecting with family and friends through photographs in a way that challenges the static display of photos and art in traditional frames in homes. These frames can be found in business settings as well because of their ability to quickly and efficiently transmit important information in a variety of ways to employees and customers.

The Digital Photo Frame - A Loving Way to Connect With the People in Your Life Through Photo Sharing

Ever since 1888, when George Eastman found a way to make photography "as convenient as the pencil, " we have depended on our cameras to record the people and events in our lives. The invention of the digital camera heralded the advent of the "digital age" for photography. Recording and storing our memories digitally has now become "as convenient as the pencil!

Common Web-Supported Graphics Files Also Found in Digital Frames and Their Compression Types

Most digital photo frames display images that are in the JPEG format. Some digital frames can also use the GIF, PNG, BMP and TIFF formats (described below) as well or a combination of these. Because all graphic files such as photographic images are large, 2 different types of compression techniques have been developed in order to save disk space when storing data and images.

Image Display Quality in a Digital Frame - Not All Digital Frames Are Alike

If you are concerned about the quality of the image display of any particular digital frame, there are some important factors to consider.These include the resolution of the screen, its aspect ratio, any options for brightness and contrast, the depth of the color and the degree of the viewing angle. Screen Resolution. Screen resolution is measured by the number of pixels (smallest item of information) a screen is capable of displaying.

Portrait Photography Tips - How to Get Sharp Portraits

Getting a sharp portrait is important because no matter how good your exposure, composition, lighting is, if your portrait is not sharp, it is not a good portrait. To make matter worse, there is very little you can do to correct blurred image due to camera shake during the post-process stage. There are two main factors affecting the sharpness of the portrait, namely, the shutter speed and the focus point.

Digital Frames - Think Outside the Box When Choosing Them As Gifts - 7 Unique Ideas for Using Them

1. Gift Yourself a Digital Frame for Personal Motivation. Download inspirational quotes or poetry or even upload your favorite retirement spot to your frame. Now your ideals and your goals can be viewed on a daily basis. You can also add some soothing music to the slideshow and start every day off on a positive note. 2. Wireless Digital Frames as Gifts for Military Families.

Professional Wedding Photographer - Hire An Expert To Make Your Big Day Celebrations Last Forever

Obviously you would not like to miss having a record of even a single moment of your wedding since it is known as the most important days in everyone's life. The reason is quite clear because this is the occasion that allows you and your family members and friends to be a part of different events where all get the chance to live life to its fullest.

The Digital Frame Concept - The High Tech Way to Display Photos Even For the Non Tech Savvy!

The digital frame concept is really very simple. With these electronic frames, you can easily share photographs and memories with friends and loved ones across the miles or right next door. They can be pre-programmed so there is no need for the recipient of one of these frames to have a computer. The result is that they make excellent gifts, especially for those who are not computer or tech savvy.

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