The Genius Project - First Evolution, Know Thyself Self Awareness

"Gnothi Seauton" - Know Thyself. These words were inscribed above the entrance to the temple of Apollo at Delphi, the site of the sacred Oracle in Ancient Greece. People who visited the Oracle sought to find out what their destiny was or which course of action they should take in some particular matter. Ironically though, those who entered seeking guidance failed to truly understand the real meaning of the message right above their own heads.

Artist in Search of His Art

Getting Rid of Superficiality A Mode in Cosmic Therapy Up until this particular point in your life, you have been able to maintain an agreeable faade of "acceptance" with the status quo. [At work and in your present relationships] But recently, things have begun to shift. A certain obvious restlessness has entered your body without your being aware of where it came from.

Has IT Happened, Yet?

Mode of Cosmic Therapy; "IT" is a Fragrant Realization In Resolution It was here before we got here. It is here while we are here. It will be here after we leave. We must get with it. It will not get with us. It remains constant. It materializes. It dissolves. It appears to change in the midst of finding its new rhythm and form. In the process of expansion, it remains still, unmoved and unaffected by the progression and development.

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