The Exclusive Human Appetite - Money, Power, Sex, Alcohol, Drugs, Food, Guilt

Mode Of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Truths Because of the many unanticipated, disappointing, discouraging, heartbreaking, defeating and perplexing circumstances that have arisen in your life, you could have very well developed a personality that projects pessimism, sadness, intolerance, cynicism, indifference and a certain amount of ungoverned irritability.

The Closing of the American Mind - Redux

With America leading the charge, Western civilization has engineered a hegemony that has rapidly overtaken the globe, politically, economically, and culturally. This has unleashed a domination of values that, unlike hegemony of the past, is lightning fast, wide ranging, and spreading insidiously, enabled by those very technologies it has created and which it seeks to market to the world.

The Simile of Wisdom, Law Worship in Psalm 119

"Teach me, O Lord, the way of Your statutes, and I will keep it to the end [steadfastly]... Turn away my eyes from beholding vanity (idols and idolatry); and restore me to vigorous life and health in Your ways" -Psalm 119:33, 37 (Amplified). Psalm 119 is often considered a psalm of the wisdom genre, yet every line it seems is etched with legal terms of God's law.

Modernism and Neomodernism

Painting had a great renaissance in France in the 19th century. This renaissance we call impressionism. Color and form came to life in a style that had heretofore been unseen in painting. The artists painted to express themselves, and nature in terms of painting (color, brush, composition, and style - the art form itself). In a real sense, the whole culture entered the modern era.

Pirates and Pigs - The Nightmare

Who would have 'thunk' before he took office, that at the top of Obama's to do list would be fighting pirates and pigs. Well that is the case. Not one hundred days into his fairytale presidency, Barack Obama is dealing with two issues that were not even on the radar screen last fall. But why are pirates and pigs so important, and how did the issues they present, holding sailors and the world's populations hostage, come to occupy center stage in our efficiently run, and digitally globalized economy?

The Higher Perspective - The Best Antidote to Fear and Crisis

Philosopher Ken Wilbur and spiritual teacher Andrew Cohen both agree that one of the most significant spiritual challenges of our time is staying connected to a higher perspective even when humanity's survival (and your own) hangs in the balance. "We might not make it as a species... It's a chance to really learn how you allow the survivalist mode to knock you out of your true self and your already-free awareness, " says Ken Wilbur in a preview to an upcoming discussion between Cohen and Wilbur on how each of us can become fully awake, purposeful and integral human beings.

The Rich Create Depressions

In the exchange of goods and talents, profit is nothing more or less than excess value, the more than it takes to produce a product or an outcome. Traditionally it belongs to the person or persons who initiated or invented the process of production, as a reward for who got there first. This excess value can amount to enormous sums-tens of billions-that become the permanent property of the initiator.

Tinkerers on the Scaffolding

Ever since the appearance of Homo habilis approximately two million years ago, we humans have been defined as toolmakers, technicians, and tinkerers. While necessity may be the mother of invention, what manner of need could have led to the never-ending flow of new tools and products evidenced today? What of this unyielding pace of technological innovation which seems to be of another, qualitatively different order?

What Are We Doing Here?

Did you ever stop and ponder this very profound question? This may be regarded by some as a subject that is outside the scope of a website like this, and others may look on it as a subject to be avoided - just "chill out and have a good time". But it affects everyone - is that not so? In the hustle and bustle of your daily life and the hurry that everybody seems to be in, you may not have given this much thought.

The Happiest Person

Socrates gives three arguments to show that the just man leads a happier life than the unjust man. In the first argument, he asserts that in an unjust man, the better parts of his soul will be enslaved by the lesser parts. Therefore, a man who is a slave to his lower impulses cannot be truly happy. In the second argument, Socrates says that there are three types of men who correspond with the three parts of the soul.

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