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Pathos has become the major crippling disease of the soul of western civilization. Particularly in America, our obsessive pursuit of individual excellence - the 'lone ranger' embarking on the rigid and strenuous path of advancement - has led to the slow but certain destruction of real community and family, as the final bell tolls for their imminent demise.

The World - Is It?

Get up, open your eyes and what you see. you stand on a big earth and you see a bigger sky around. What is this sky? it is holding the stars, the planets and the suns.and your own earth too. May be it contains all the heavens and whatever. What is it itself- it is vacant space. it contains perhaps something-- invisible gases. What is its boundary?

Dismantling the Hegemony - An Anarchistic View

Anarchism seems exciting to people now because they no longer want to follow hierarchical authority, whose sovereignty is based upon power and privilege and the use of force, whether it be through taxation, military might or other means of control. The fact is there has never been a society - primal, ancient or modern - that has not had some form of guidance by an authority figure.

Inuit Art is Hard Work and Fuelled by Their Philosophy

The art of the Inuit, Native Americans of Canada and Alaska, reflects their deep connection the earth and sea. The Inuit have the traditional Native American deep reverence for the earth and nature and are among the world's oldest line of true "environmentalists". The Inuit are also pragmatists: they generally have not been taking man-made global warming or "Big Oil" alarmism seriously.

Native American Art and Its Spiritual Concept

Native American art, hand-made and performance, is diverse, because there are so many Native American tribes. But certain generalities can be made about this art, because many of their core spiritual and religious beliefs are similar all across the tribes. One prevalent trait of all Native American art is the use of animistic themes. These are themes that stem both from lore and from shamanic teachings and experiences.

Have We Lived Before

Have we lived before, do we all have other life experiences we no longer remember. It is certainly a compelling possibility. The concept of reincarnation, that of an individual dying and then being reborn into another body, has existed in various religions for at least 3, 000 years. It has now spread to the point that there are probably more people alive who believe in reincarnation than do not.

Where Did Morals Come From?

According to Webster dictionary, "morals" is defined as: of, pertaining to, or concerned with the principles or rules of right conduct or the distinction between right and wrong. To simplify, Morals is what dictates "wrong" or "right". We live by this permeable force found in individuals and society as a whole everyday and its undeniable but have you ever wondered where they came from and are they a universal absolute, meaning that it is an intrinsic fundamental truth in which we all abide by?

What is Truth?

How do you know when you have truth? Isn't truth relative to one's perspective? What is the grand great truth? What is true could be totally false to someone with a different perspective. So, the question is, who is right? Or, what is true? Is truth the ultimate reality? Sorry, but I was under the impression that reality was dictated by one's life experiences.

Colors in Dreams and Their Meanings

Although it is said that everyone dreams, many people don t remember their dreams, still less what colors appeared in the dreams. However, paying more attention to this factor of your night hours can assist in a more fulfilling study of dream meanings. Looking at the color of objects in your dreams can lead you to a more complete understanding of what the dream meanings your subconscious is trying to tell you.

Victims of the American Dream

We Americans are spoiled and our expectations have grown too high. Our disease has become an epidemic. Perhaps we need to wake up to how the rest of the world lives. But not only are we spoiled; in spite of our wealth, it seems that increasingly we have become a nation of self-proclaimed victims - a phenomenon that has led others around the world to see us increasingly as a culture of whiners.

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