Social Conditioning Can Influence Our Personal Perspectives

Fate or free will is a continuing conundrum in human society as is the philosophical rhetoric about evolution or creationism. I am going to tackle both in this article. Why? When studying a subject that has a prophetic nature, fate or free will is a central point. When studying the cosmos as your field of possibilities, it is natural to wonder how it all came about.

The Book of Understanding the Devil

Book Six (or the Mischievous Spirits) Part One Understanding the Devil The Devil in Greek translates to "The Accuser, " also it can be translated to "A Traducer, " or slander, a false accuser. The Devil and Satan is one of the same entities. Other names-and this entity have many: the temper (Matt 4); "The Evil One" (Matt. 13); "The Great Dragon and Serpent of old" (Rev 12).

Philosophy of History

From the beginning of historiography, a few major dilemmas have raged back and forth amongst the intellectual circles. Questions such as: is history an art-or is history a science; Is objectivity really possible, or are we forever trapped in the prison of our own privileged subjectivity, and if it is impossible to be reached, should it even be strived for?

The Crisis of Language and the Language of Crisis

Language has become trivialized in our modern world, stripped of its depth and power. Where words were once experienced as rich, pregnant with signification, in our finessed and fragmented vocabulary all that has changed. Now a strictly logistical principle appears to hold sway, reducing the word to a mere symbol, a simple placeholder in a syllogism (as demonstrated in an earlier post), having a single, unambiguously identifiable referent, and only one.

An Appreciation of 17th Century Philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau

As I research the history of health care it appears that modern drug medicine is the model that is out of place and out of touch with nature. What we now call alternative health care should be first in our search for health. Jean-Jaques Rousseau (1712-1778) must be considered the true spiritual father of the nature cure movement of the 17-18th century in Germany.

A Crossroad - In the Circle of Life!

Life is different, the way we treat it and the way it treats us, many times we expect something and something else turns up. But we shouldn't be disheartened by it, life has a way of giving us what we want but just in unusual ways. More often than not I wonder what my role is in the stage of life (I am referring to Shakespeare), where do I fit in?

The Advantages of Not Knowing How to Think

For as long as we've known how to read, and invented fiction, we've been fascinated by mystery, particularly crime mysteries. One of the most basic features about reading or watching them is that we don't know how to think about what's going on. Indeed that's the point of a mystery, whether it's about crime or simply the unresolved features of any story.

Mothers of Invention

It is usually assumed that there is an inherent structure to the universe and that it is simply a matter for human beings to discover this structure and thereby understand the laws that govern nature, and man. However, it is more and more evident that such inherent structure does not exist in the universe; that, in fact, there is no structure given in nature.

Thumbs, Crumbs, Life, and the Beyond! A Philosophy - Part One of Two

We learn by what we lack, it is a simple statement, and not oversimplified by no means just cut your two thumbs off and try to eat! If you don't thank God for your thumbs now, you will then. We learn by what we lack, a good thing to remember. We must admit, God's handiwork is something to take note of. In most cases once it is done, it can never be undone.

The Future of Humankind

Many people around the developed world speak today about "envisioning a real, sustainable, post-industrial future." Like them, I too prefer conditions of greater reciprocity among peoples and with the earth. A 'post-industrial' economic platform certainly sounds tempting, but it seems somewhat difficult to imagine given the history of human consciousness and how the transformation of consciousness has significantly impacted our globe - socially, politically, economically and ecologically.

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