The Taoism and Confucianism Philosophy Underneath Zhang Yimou's The Road Home

Introduction Taoism and Confucianism have been imprinted in Chinese literature and have reached far beyond the world of the written word. We see a number of Chinese arts, such as architecture, sculpture, painting and music, which also display the teaching of Taoism and Confucianism. It is, however, more obvious with Chinese literature for in it we see the application of these philosophies in the Chinese people's everyday living.

Why Would a Person Drive a Taxi?

In San Francisco, on the West coast of America in the state of California, there is a group of individuals called taxi drivers. For a very small fee they will be with you in their vehicle. They will transport you wherever you wish to go. They will talk, they will listen, they will even carry your baggage. Most of these people are writers, poets, old hippies, recovering substance abusers, out of work musicians or recent immigrants to this wonderful land.

Emperor Constantine And The Bible - Where Did The Bible Come From?

Where did the Bible come from? You might have heard the convenient answer "from God", but the practical truth is that a man named Constantine - supreme ruler of the Roman Empire around 307 A.D. - led a group of about 100 scholars, politicians and military leaders to destroy most books about Jesus and keep a small number of 74 books that supported the government and still gave the Christians a solid Bible that could be used to give hope to the masses.

The Rogue Files File Two Unnatural Selection

Part One of Two: The Selections Natural Selection vs. Human Selection There is a difference between "The Origins of Species, " or "Natural Selection" meaning, nature selects who should and shouldn't survive based on traits and so forth, and what we call it nowadays, Genetic Engineering, or cumulative selection. We do this to plants and animals;

The Origins of Reason Books, Demons and Races - Book Two

Part One The Races This is not about evolution, or primatology, or origins of the species, or great apes, or mammals, a simple look at a few encompassing elements of man, what circled him, a touch of anthropology, perhaps a little archeology, a tinge of linguistics, and genetics. No more. I call this Part Two: the Origins of Reason (Part one being: The Books Behind Methuselah"), because those things we are talking about: books, Demons and Races, talk and can reason, write things down, and have genetic disorders, or genetic fiber that make them who they are.

A Trip to the Old Store

Sometimes it's good to take a little trip down memory lane as long you don't forget to come back and you take something useful away from your visit. It was on Saturday morning just a few weeks ago that I drove the short distance to the small shopping center near my condo to pick up a furnace filter for my heat pump. Located in a pristine neighborhood, the small hardware store occupies the end spot on the end of the shopping center.

The Foundation of the Demonic World Book Three

((Where Deception Ferments) (The seeds of Cain)) Part One The Seeds of Cain We seen in book one "The Books behind Methuselah, " an assortment of what reason is all about. And in book two, "The Origins of Reason, " we see were reason has come from. And now in book three, "The Fondation of the Demonic World, " we may find out where deception ferments, and the race that is in charge of it, and influence it on planet earth.

Metaphysics 101 - Just What is the Study of Spirituality and Personal Evolution?

In this introduction we can only scratch the surface to the field of metaphysics in order to set a basis for our personal perspective and participation. Late in his studies, Greek philosopher Plato organized his developed material into single subject physical reality books. When these were completed, Plato had a bunch of stuff left over that just didn't fit into the physical reality topics because they were more about non-physical subjects and experiences.

Goethe's Theory of Colours

In 1810, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe took issue with Newton and the scientific establishment. Not that Newton was not a brilliant man, but he was influenced by methods which tried too hard to define and did not stop to glance out of the corner of the eye, for this is how people are sometimes prone to do things. Newton saw darkness as simply an absence of light, but Goethe had seen it sideways and had noticed that darkness and light work together, and only then does colour appear on the margins between the two.

Lord Elgin, the British Museum and the Foro Romano

In the opening years of the 19th century, Lord Elgin removed, stone by stone, an extraordinary quantity of Greece's history and shipped it to Britain, where it still resides and where it has been the victim of a series of attempts at cleaning with whichever corrosive solutions were fashionable at the time. Despite contemporary protest against Elgin, we are still, remarkably, debating whether or not he was right.

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