Zeno's Paradoxes, Part I - The Problematic Nature of Infinity and Motion

Zeno of Elea (490-430 BCE) studied under and remained very loyal to his great teacher, Parmenides, who also was from Elea. Scholars credit Zeno as being the first person in Western history to evidence the problematic nature of infinity. Unfortunately, we have been left with very little of Zeno's original work. Plato, Aristotle, Proclus, and Simplicius wrote very much on Zeno's work, and it is from these thinkers that we derive most of our information on him.

Does Good Breed Bad?

I Never Studied Philosophy, But What If? Boy, The What If's In Life! As I look around and observe through a 20 mile telescope I see things that just do not make any sense to me any more. It seems I can remember a day when life did not have the stresses that it has today. For such a high Technological/Scientific Society we sure are missing the Mark.

How Many Roads Must We Walk Down in a Lifetime Until We Reach Our Final Destination?

Some people get to stay in the same neighborhood, on the same street, in the same county, the same city as they grew up in, around, or on. Some folks are able to go to the same church for life, send their kids to the same school that they went to as a kid, and live the dream of the same job all of their lives. Others have to walk down many roads, move many places, make many new friends over the years, lose their way, their accent, their jobs, go to new churches, become familiar with new areas, and start over.

Creation of Life - An Alternative Theory

When reading the bible, (the Old Testament and the Torah especially) the view created is of a God larger and more powerful than us but with human qualities of jealousy, anger and retribution. A God that desires blood sacrifices from its people to keep it happy. A God that doesn't hesitate to kill the firstborn children of the Israelites' enemies (the Egyptians).

Sharing My Knowledge on Vedanta - Mahavakyas

Mahavakyas enable the seeker to arrive at the non-dual nature of the Self and put an end to the bondage by declaring the knowledge of the Atman and Brahman. The four mahavakyas can be interconnected. There are four Vedas and one statement from each Veda signifies each vakya (statement) Mahavakya Meaning Upanishad Veda 1 Prajanam Brahma-Consciousness is Brahman-Aitreya Upanishad-Rg Veda 2 Ahambrahmasmi-I am Brahman-Brahadaranyaka Upanishad-Yajur Veda 3 Tat Tvam asi-That thou art-Chandogya Upanishad-Sama Veda 4 Ayamatma Brahma-This Self is Brahman-Mandukya Upanishad-Atharvana Veda The concept of how the four Vedas are interconnected is explained by interlacing a beautiful story between a student and a vedantic teacher.

Eternity in One Single Moment

But what minutes! Count them by sensation, and not by calendars, and each moment is a day. ~Benjamin Disraeli. Not good news for the depressed. But it is great news for the person wanting to extract the last pinprick from life. The fact is the weary know this truth more than most - for their moments drag ineluctably. Each hour hangs eternally on the wall-3, 600 long seconds every one.

Governments Have Always Been Mob Rule

Mob rule is the unfortunate state after which governing institutions have lost power - or Anarchy. After the legitimacy of the former governments has been eradicated by whatever populist or terrorist force, some group or groups then take control by pure force. These groups then disseminate rules of their own to the now-obeying populous, create governing rules within their commanding ranks, and execute plans to maintain or gain control over other competing groups.

This Is The Nature Of The Beasts And Demons Of Life

Life is hard at times, and easy at other times, in that order. Sure, we win to the extent we sell out, some think, out of fear of the beasts and demons that life throws at us. Actually we make them ourselves and I can tell you how. When we inflate things worse than they are, that is one way we make the beast, the beast or demons into irritating demons.

How To Understand Consciousness

Have you ever watched how animals are being slaughtered? I have the occasion to witness of slaughtering of sheep during the ritualistic slaughter during the Islamic festival of 'Idil Adha' - the Festival of Sacrifice. It is a religious festival celebrated by Muslims worldwide to commemorate the willingness of Prophet Ibrahim to sacrifice his son Prophet Ishmael as an act of obedience to God.


LIFE'S SPACEWALKS... Everyone finds it easy to stand until time comes to lift a foot and close the eyes. Suddenly, balance is required; as if standing on a precipice. Life begins when things become difficult or exciting. If we're not careful there are maladies that sweep us off axis in difficulty, excitement or boredom. What more is there to life?

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