Music of Nature

An ancient Chinese philosopher, Zhuangzi, was known as a founder of Taoism. His philosophy was written in a form of fables. These stories contain profound wisdom of life, truth in nature, and a way of thinking. Many of them are useful to us who are living more than 200 years later than his age. Here is one of the interesting stories. One day, Zhuangzi was meditating, folding his legs crossed.

A Medicine for Chapped Hands

It was family medicine in ancient China. The family was engaged in dyeing fabrics in cold water in the winter. The family was suffering from chapped hands that were caused by cold water and wind from working in the winter. They developed a special medicine to treat chapped hands. A traveler heard rumors that this family had medicine to treat chapped hands, so he visited the family and offered to buy the medicine, its prescriptions, and instructions.

Happy Birthday To You - The Beginning Of A New Life

A great moment for many of us is to hear a chorus of 'Happy Birthday To You' being sung with gusto and joy on our Birthday. It has now become traditional for close friends and relatives to celebrate Birthdays by gathering around to sing that simple but heartfelt Birthday song. Regardless of what age we have reached, the little child within us all still welcomes that recognition of our Birthday by loved ones.

The Nothing Concept

I haven't done this in a long while, it is called spontaneous prose; just write what is on your mind as it develops without-looking at the dictionary, or research books, or anything, throw all the garbage away and clear the mind, and just write. And the first thing that comes to mind is a conversation (don't look for anything scholarly here).

If Everything is Somewhere, So Too is Nothing

There is a philosophical conundrum when it comes to the concept of nothing, especially in the English language because a noun is a person, place, or thing. Anything which has a name is a noun, and in the English language "nothing" is a noun. And we know that nouns exist because they are something. Now some might say that this is a mistake in our language, but actually I don't think it is.

The Philosophy of Nothing - A Good Coffee Shop Conversation

Have you ever pondered the possibility and power of a concept? How about the concept of nothing, the concept that there is a place somewhere, which is unknown, and can never be known, were nothing actually exists. And in this place of nothing, where ever it might be, where ever this concept might exist, it would be something at that point in time and space.

Different Rules, Different Schools - All Are To Be Loved

Perceptions of life experience vary vastly. Interpersonal traps are afoot by underestimating the power, and personally-held truths implicit, of differing traditions, values sets and histories. What's seen at the pointy end are assumptions made according to the wrong rules... These 'failure to communicate' experiences evolve through a lack of recognition for the myriad schooling of life.

What Is a Mandala? Artwork or Religious Device?

What is a Mandala? This is the question this article is asking and hopefully answering. If you've heard the term Mandala, then I expect you associate it with either Buddhism, Eastern religion or the New Age. It's true the origins of the mandala are closely linked to 'spiritual' and philosophical practices like these. So what is a mandala? Very simply it is a complex image or art work, which usually is circular and has strong elements of both symmetry and balance within it.

The Smart Scientists

(Calling Woof...! ) "Ninety percent of the world for ten-thousand years has been off their rocker, " says the smart scientist. "There really, truly, isn't any God! " We've been fooled, they say. Somewhere along life's long line, we've been hooked like a fish, brought to believe this fairytale story; perhaps someone, somewhere, had a delusion-I don't know, the Neanderthal maybe, and everybody fell for it, you know, kind of fell into that black hole, the scientist created out of nothing or perhaps out of gravity-not figuring out how gravity works yet, or how it was created, but gravity nonetheless: everyone but them smart guys got sucked in.

Sharing My Knowledge on Vedanta - Nature of Jiva and Isvara

Jiva: is the Sat-Cit-Anada-principle qualified (seemingly possess the qualities of the conditioning) as the microcosmic conditioning; by the individual gross, subtle and causal bodies and thus Sat-Cit-Anada-principle seemingly appears to possess the limitations. Atman: is the substratum of Jiva. Atman, also 'Self' is unaffected by the conditioning.

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