Where is a Safe Place to Put Money?

Money market and CD rates are very low right now. No matter how hard you look or where you look, you will not find any rates that will make you very happy. For someone who relies on interest income, this is a very tough time right now. Retired people usually fall into this category as the only two income sources most retirees have are Social Security and interest from their savings.

Looking For Free Grant Money? Secrets to Getting Cash You Don't Have to Pay Back

There's over $800 billion in free grant money being given away every year that millions of Americans are claiming. What's a grant? Simply put, it's money that you can obtain that never has to be paid back. There are various government grant agencies, non-profits and private foundations that provide free grant money to individuals as a way to help them reach their goals.

Take Responsibility For Your Financial Health

Take responsibility for YOUR financial health. All aspects of it: expenses, income, savings, retirement, investing, pocket change, the works. This is a simple idea with potentially profound implications. Yes, it may be a bit clichй, but that doesn't mean that it isn't true. Everyone would like to improve their life in some way - financially, mentally, physically, emotionally, or a huge variety of others - but nobody can until they accept that, fundamentally, they are responsible for what will happen.

The New Travel Essential - The Prepaid Travel Money Card

Prepaid travel money cards are quickly becoming the preferred option among people to do transactions while they are traveling. They are fast replacing using foreign currency or traveler cheques as the leading paying medium during traveling. Prepaid travel cards allow you to load your card with any desired amount of money that falls under the minimum and maximum loading limit from financial institutions that offer this service.

Five Money and Investing Lessons From Warren Buffett

Just about everyone knows that Warren Buffet is one of the wealthiest men on the earth. One reason that he is so wealthy is because he is very savvy about where and how he invests his money. His wisdom is impeccable and people from all over seek out his knowledge and advice so that they can be wealthy and savvy just like him. Being willing to share what he knows freely helps his wealth to increase even more.

Financial Planning - The Worse May Be Over

Money on the sidelines Many investors tend to follow a peculiar habit of having most of their money in equities when markets are near top conditions, but having little exposure when markets are at their lows. With the S&P 500 having declined substantially in 2008, there was a huge amount of money waiting on the sidelines. As at 26 November 2008, the U.

Where to Find Free Government Grants For Virtually Any Purpose

Many Americans do not realize that they can get free government grant money for just about any sound purpose that can be thought of. They do not need special qualifications or specific income requirements to be able to apply for or be awarded a piece of the grant pot, which is billions of dollars in total. You do not need to be a business either, as lots of this grant money is awarded for personal use.

4 New Ways to Clip Coupons

If you are tired of clipping and organizing coupons from the Sunday newspaper supplements, or you do not seem to be able to keep track of the coupons sent to you in the mail, here are four news ways that your can get coupons, almost any time you want. 1. Online coupons. Online coupons are all over the place. They are in the form of coupon codes, which you just insert into a retailer's purchase form and get the discount immediately.

Free Credit Reports - They May Not Be a Scam Or Fraud, But Are They Really Free?

There are plenty of adverts out there promising us FREE CREDIT REPORTS. It bugs me - because the way I see it, Free Credit Reports don't seem to exist. If anything, I believe it could be viewed as a make money scam employed by hardnosed Credit Report companies. Firstly, we fall for their seductive but despised pop ups, which obviously must cost them a fortune as they appear everywhere.

Free Money

Free Money, the ads shout. They continue to assert that there are millions of free government grants available just for the asking. Hold on, don't waste your money on these promotions. The information is often misleading, has hidden cost and you can find the information you need for free. Every day the government announces new grant programs. A grant differs from a loan in that the money does not have to be paid back.

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