Finance and Mortgage Crisis - Help Yourself in These Difficult Times

We all know what's going on practically all over the world at the moment. This financial and economical crisis that's on the news every day definitely brings dilemmas and problems for both residences and businesses, I'm sure. Many people will seek help for this or have already spent money on professionals to help them improve their financial situation and future.

Five Benefits of Using a Credit Union

Most people that join a credit union are employed with a large company, organization or a medical facility. Credit unions are non-profit financial entities. They operate similar to a bank to a certain extent, but they don't offer all of the services that a bank has. However, they do have options that would be more appealing to some that are not interested in having an account at a regular commercial bank.

Financial Management - Make a Map

Most of us tend to wonder through our lives without a financial map. No destination in mind, just paying what we can today and hoping that there will be enough for tomorrow. If you are driving that may be fine for a Sunday cruise but would anyone head out to their new retirement home without first checking out if that is where they really want to spend the rest of their lives and just as importantly how to get there.

How to Become a Millionaire by Using Your 401K Plan

One good advice for people who want to grow old with lots of money to claim is to invest at least 10 % on their 401K plan and roll them into an IRA to save considerable amount for your emergency fund. This article will explain the benefits and advantages of rolling over the 401k plans into IRA plans. There are lots of benefits you can have in rolling your money into the IRA plans, You just have to believe and consider the things that will be discussed on this article.

Recession Survival Strategy

We live in a world of obesity. No, I'm not talking about our need to consume food, but our desire to consume stuff. Society today would have us believe that we need a fat pay check, a fat house, a fat SUV, and quite simply a fat life. Truth be told, there is nothing simple about it. Our primary identify is not fathers or mothers, or doctors or managers, but that of consumers.

Magic Wand Credit Card Debt

What if you could wave a magic wand and all your debt is gone? Wouldn't that be nice? A little wave, maybe a couple words and all your debt is gone. What type of vacations could you now afford if you had zero debt? Would you be able to send your kids to a better school or college? It is important to take a look at what credit card debt is NOT allowing you to do.

Financial Planning - 6 Timeless Money Tips to Help You

"The same mind that created the problem cannot solve the problem."- Albert Einstein It is my hope that you enjoyed your Mother's Day this past weekend. And as much as you didn't like to be corrected when you were growing up, good ol' Mom was almost always right in teaching us the basics. Because today you would agree that some of her advice has proven timeless.

Top 20 Money Saving Tips in 2009

Start and vegetable garden and plant your favorites. Some easy vegetables to grow are tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumbers, carrots, and spinach. Buy all your household items and groceries in generic. You will save a lot more money without giving up much. Most of the time generics is just as good as the brand names. Get a library card, and get books, movies, music and magazines for free.

PPI - Mis-selling Explained

The selling of PPI has come under scrutiny from the financial authorities under pressure from various consumer groups. None less than than Citizens Advice Bureau has branded the industry 'a racket'. A competition Commission report released earlier this year claimed banks are making profits in excess of 900% from PPI, pocketing 1, 200 from a policy that costs them just 20.

Debt and the Single Parent in These Tough Economic Times

If you are a single parent in these tough economic times, the financial climate can be a little stressful. Finding ways to solve your financial problems due to immediate needs is not easy to solve due to all the competition in the workplace. The type of jobs that a single parent would take on a part time basis to get through are becoming more and more scarce due to job competition from others seeking employment.

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