Why Does Everything Cost So Much Money?

I am talking in general of course things like Utility Bills, gas, water, and electricity, petrol, car insurance, mobile phone bills, internet connections, television extras like Sky and other similar companies, credit Cards and Bank Loans and Charges. Well I think I have an answer to this question I might be wrong and we could just blame the Government for over spending on the Budget, or blame the Banks for lending us to much money to start with so we all get in serious debt and can not pay them back.

Where to Find Designer Checks?

These days many of us only write a couple of checks per month. Typically we do most things through debit cards and credit cards, but there are still some things that require us to write out a physical paper check. We live in a world where we can express ourselves, our individuality, our passions and our personalities on everything including our checks.

What Can We Learn From Our Recession Mistakes?

The recession has brought to our attention what have been our bad money management habits and we had to confront these habits one way or another. Perhaps you were one of those who sold things out of panic when the market hit the bottom. Maybe you thought that real estate prices were going to go up. The feds are tapping specialists called behavioral economists to study why we decide the way we do with regards to money issues.

Are You Financially Irresponsible?

You may be doing things in your life that are showing to you and others that you are financially irresponsible and it is difficult to stop the train wreck in your life with your family. Hard to change your life style You may want to give your children what you did not have as a child growing up because you have scars of hurt that you hope your children will avoid.

Personal Finance - What is Money Market Account?

MMA stands for Money Market Account and it is a type of savings account that usually offers a higher interest. Although it does offer a higher interest rate, a higher minimum balance compared to a traditional savings account is required. In a MMA, the FDIC or Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation insures the account. This means that the funds in the account are insured in case the bank goes bankrupt.

A Useful Rule of Thumb

Recently someone was telling me about his savings that were in a guaranteed investment account, he was wondering how long it would take to double his money. I took him by surprise by giving him an answer after a couple seconds of thinking. Some of you might have guessed it, I do not have an integrated calculator in my brain, I just learned a trick from some specialists of the world of finance and, unfortunately, I do no know who the author is.

Shopper Discounts With Coupon Codes - Even More Important in the Recession

In the current climate of recession & unemployment, it is more important than ever for online shoppers to be able to achieve the maximum value for money that they can from their shopping. Internet shopping is revolutionising people's ability to search for the best prices for the goods & services they buy, by allowing them to compare prices between many different suppliers and search for the best deals, as well as find money off vouchers & discount coupons, from the comfort of their armchair!

How to Overcome a Fear of Poverty

Fear can take many forms. It can leave a person feeling powerless and it can be created from, seemingly nothing. There are fears on every conceivable subject and a fear of poverty is one of them. Whilst no one wants to live in poverty it usually will take a very unpleasant (and unexpected) chain of events to make this happen. If you live with a fear of poverty you will need to learn how to overcome it.

Are You Caught Up in the Rat Race? Here's How to Get Out

Immediately what happens is after graduating from college with those good grades that you studied so hard for, you go out and find the good job, land the benefits and start your life. You decide renting is not smart so you purchase a home which is a liability, purchase the nice car which is a liability, get the credit cards which become a liability and the next thing you know you are well on your way to joining the rat race.

Personal Finance is Important - Very Important in the Recession

According to, the definition of personal finance is stated " Financial planning for individuals. Generally, it involves analyzing their current financial position, predicting short-term and long-term needs, and recommending a financial strategy. This may involve advice on pensions, school fees, mortgages, life insurance, and investments".

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