Banking Tips - Make the Most of Your Money

If the principle behind getting rich slowly could be summarized in two words, they would be these: save money. And what better way is there to save money than to put it in a bank account? When used wisely, bank accounts can help your money grow. When used foolishly, they can drain your finances. Here are some tips for putting your money to work by putting it in the bank.

If You're Happy and You Know it, Save Money - Happy Folks Proven to Spend Less

While some people may suspect that it's more common to overspend when one is happy and in a celebratory mood, studies show that the exact opposite is the case. When people are depressed and unhappy they are actually far more likely to spend more money. The Financial Highway website reports that sad people are big spenders. Particularly self-focused individuals are likely to spend as much as 300% more on the same type of commodity as their more satisfied contemporaries.

How to Increase Your Money Daily

Economists say that you cannot call a dollar if it lacks 10 cents, but I say that it's totally fine if you set aside the 10 cents daily for a bigger and better purpose. Tips on how I increased my money daily through my small coins. 1. I made it a point to set aside 10 cents from every dollar I earn daily whether earned or given. For example. If I earned 10 dollars an hour and work 8 hours minimum daily, I set aside 1 dollar.

George Washington on Eurekonomics

Americans today have been misled and misinformed about almost every aspect of wealth creation and personal financial management. Americans today need to relearn what the Founders knew about money. Joseph J. Ellis in His Excellency George Washington [Vintage books, NY] writes that the Father of our Country, unlike Thomas Jefferson and others from the elite class of the day, demonstrated ".

Regain Your Personal Finance - How to Legally Eliminate Credit Card Debt

The number of years we have been working, price and the cost of living had not hit us so hard as it did in the past two years, when the economy has fallen and the overall environment has become extremely hard for us to bear. This is not because we are lenient in your spending but there are certain other reasons as well. Most of the people are under debt now and the number has kept on increasing gradually.

How to Navigate Second Chance Banking Offers

The so-called Great Recession is hitting everyone hard. More and more people who were financially comfortable as little as two or three years ago have seen their financial picture take a rapid turn for the ugly and their credit scores deteriorate. Those financial difficulties may have resulted in having checks bounced for non-sufficient funds, and subsequently a Chexsystems record, adding insult to injury.

Overdraft Fees Beware - How to Avoid

A recent frustration for myself has been learning the wonderful world of banks, and most importantly, the ways in which they nickel and dime most people to death. The majority of Americans are living with credit, with debt, and many recent college graduates are frustrated, unable to find work. This leaves a lot of people living paycheck to paycheck.

Why You Need a Free Online Banking Account

Gone are the days of standing in long lines at the teller window, looking at the bored cashier counting money with his fingers and waiting for your own money. Now all we have to do is just click our mouse button, and there we are logged in to our own online account. Free online banking is all we need in order to save precious time standing in line and wasting our gas on unnecessary trips.

Financial Planning For Renters

Owning a home isn't for everyone, despite the popular conception that owning a home is a better choice. The truth is that there are a number of reasons that could be keeping you as a renter - many of which are sound and financially-viable. However, it is important to look at those reasons carefully to ensure you are making the best financial decision possible for both your short-term and long-term financial goals.

Make Money Reselling Your Junk

You've heard the claims before: "I made $200 doing absolutely nothing", "I've made hundreds of dollars while I slept", "I made $500 in one week and there was no effort on my part", and lately, "The recession has been the best thing that ever happened to me! I make more money today than I ever did when I worked my full-time job". But can you really trust such claims?

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