Baby Modelling - Hollywood's Designer Babies

When it comes to child modelling in 2011, where better to look for inspiration than Hollywood's vast array of designer-shrouded rich kids? These gorgeous spoiled little charmers appear to be in diapers one minute and donning Alexander McQueen heels, sporting Mohawks and piercings the next. But of course, these pint-sized soon-to-be celebrities are perfect targets for baby model agencies.

Poi Spinning Basic Moves and Tricks

Poi has a long tradition with New Zealand's Maori people. Spinning Poi are weighted balls at the end of strings, which have a long, colourful ribbon attached, so that they can be spun around the body making hundreds of different patterns. In order to gain a basic understanding of how poi works, you should consider that you are standing within a large dice.

The Ancient Art of Toothbrush Twirling!

The ancient art of toothbrush twirling! Most people from the age of 3-4yrs and upwards can achieve a toothbrush twirl within a few minutes of practice! What do I need? To begin with, you need a toothbrush (one with an angled head is the best, but not essential)! You may also decide to use a stick instead of your finger as this is easier. I use a devilstick handstick which is 2mm silicon and brightly coloured.

How Modeling Agencies Help Aspiring Models

The world of modeling is interesting to say the least but one thing is for sure: Companies are always looking for models to represent a product or service. This means that there is always going to be a demand for models and modeling can be a very lucrative career if you know what you're doing. Chances are though that you probably don't even know where to start.

The Secret to Balancing Any Object!

Many people don't know the secret to balancing. It is an easy trick that anyone can do, but it just requires one basic golden rule... Watch the top of the object you are trying to balance! It's that simple. The secret to balancing is simply to watch the very top of the object. Watching the object at the base tells you nothing about where it is likely to fall, whereas the top of the object moves around in a much wider arc and gives you much more visual clues which your brain can interpret and co-ordinate with your body to keep the object upright!

The 7 Secrets of the Master Magician

Here I want to share with you the seven absolutely essential traits of the master magician. If you can tick all these boxes, then it is only a matter of time before you will be more than a mere jobbing conjuror and have a real chance of numbering yourself among the greats. 1. Always be a beginner. By this, I mean, always recognise that there is more that you can learn.

Las Vegas Shows: A Cheat Sheet

Sin City has come to rival New York in terms of the quantity, quality and sheer diversity of stage of shows running on stages all over town. At any time, there are about 100 shows playing on and off The Strip. But picking the right show all depends on what kind of Vegas trip you're looking to experience. Luck for you, the cheat sheet below was created to help you sift through the overwhelming mass of shows to figure out which one is right for you.

Magic Tricks: What To Do When They Go Wrong!

It's happened to us all and if it hasn't happened yet, it will happen to you too - especially if you're a beginner (although no-one, even the most experienced professional is immune to the possibility). What am I talking about? I'm talking about when a perfectly good magic trick, a cool effect that you've practiced well and are really confident with, goes badly wrong right there in front of a live audience.

Hot Tuna Meets the Blues

Hot Tuna icons Jorma Kaukonen of finger-picking guitar fame and Jack Casady, guru of bass guitar, join forces with harmonica wizard Charlie Musselwhite, and Grammy-winning bluegrass guitarist/composer Jim Lauderdale for a cross-country tour. Musselwhite will perform songs from his latest CD, "The Well, " nominated for five 2011 Blues Music Awards, and all team up to shake the rafters in a family friendly pairing of Hot Tuna Blues.

John Hiatt Heads for The Open Road

When John Hiatt sits down with his guitar to compose, he never knows what he is about to create. First, he strums a bit until a melody or chord structure strikes his fancy. Then he starts singing what he terms "nonsense." Before long, word pictures begin circling his mind and a story emerges. Fans are about to discover the stories within "The Open Road, " his latest album.

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