Lessons From La La Land: True Tales From LA

The Academy Awards are upon us, and what better time to launch my new series, "Lou's Lessons from La-La-Land! " These posts are true "Tinseltown Tales" from my days in the entertainment business in Hollywood, coupled with practical tips for improving your online branding and enhancing your marketing... Ready to roll?... And, ACTION! It's Oscar Time!

Learning Magic Tricks: How to Do Magic Tricks

Magic is one of the oldest professions in the world. It is known that there are magicians since times of the pharaoh. You can't be a magician overnight. Magic is a branch of art. Just like learning to paint a few pictures does not make you an artist, learning how to do a few magic tricks does not make you a magician. An art with the single purpose to entertain the audience.

Street Magic: Learn Street Magic Tricks

The street as a stage can be a very interesting place especially in big and crowded cities. The natural actors of the street can be seen as distractions and obstacles for many beginner street magicians who attempt to learn street magic. You will learn how to cope with these obstacles and even use them to your advantage while you're performing on the street.

Card Magic Revealed - Learn Easy Magic Card Tricks

Everyone loves magic tricks. Card magic is a great way to entertain crowds and for the magician it is a great feeling to watch the faces as they light up with amazement and surprise at your skills. With a reliable plan that works with the right and easy to follow directions anyone can learn how to do card magic. Indeed learning card tricks requires a reliable and repeatable system which is capable of teaching you to master each and every portion of the card trick consistently.

Questions To Ask Your Pageant Director

The pageant director is the heart of a pageant. They set the tone, create the environment and determine the quality of the experience on pageant day. The pageant director is the first person to approach when you have general questions, not coaching questions, about the pageant. The difference between a general and coaching question is this. A general question is information that pertains to everyone in the pageant and is factual.

Loan-Out Companies for Creative Professionals - Do Artists Need to Incorporate?

If you work in the entertainment industry as a creative professional, it may be beneficial for you to form a "loan-out" company for liability and tax protection. Loan-out companies are entities which are owned by the talent; these companies then contract with third parties, such as film studios, and agree to provide the services of the owner. The talent is essentially hired by the loan-out company, who renders the services required by the company's contract with the third party.

The History of a London Magician

Magic - or what people also refer to as the Science of Illusion - may be traced from different cultures during the ancient times from the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans. However, as it greatly proliferated over the years, the belief and the execution of such spread mostly over Europe. Although it was considered as an act of heresy and was sinful because of its association to witchcraft, the practice continued until the 18th century in United Kingdom, where any magician London can be part of a magic club established.

DJ Newbie - Invent Funny DJ Names That Are Memorable Instantly

When you are just getting started as a DJ, picking DJ names that are memorable is just as important as picking DJ names that sound good to you. The name should stand for something others should see in you, so it is important both how you feel about the DJ name and how your fans will feel about that name that represents you. Even more important for a deejay newbie, going with your real name can be quite risky, especially at the outset, so why not change to a made-up name right away.

Where to Get Lion King Musical Tickets?

Music is always very fascinating for the people who want to be happy and look around with positive approach. There are several types of music which leaves an emotional and spiritual effect to the listeners. Mostly people prefer to listen to the live music in different musical shows and in concerts; music has no restrictions of any age group. The choice can be different due to the music type but it fascinates everyone.

Have the Time of Your Life and See Dirty Dancing the Musical

Dirty Dancing is one of the most popular films of all time and also one of the hot favourite musicals of the West End. Not only does the musical touch on issues of adolescent sex, first discoveries, and spotty youth independence, it also addresses the issues of heartfelt sacrifice as it pulls audience members into a revisited ensemble of the popular music from the film.

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