Practical Tips To Purchase Discount Broadway Tickets

Nowadays there are already lots of people who have the passion for Broadway. Some are really craving for it, or let me say that they can't live without it. They really sacrifice time just for the sake of watching. Not only time but money also. We can never deny the truth that watching Broadway shows is a little bit expensive. Some can afford but some also loves the thought of having discount!

Get Help With My Wedding

This can be best divided within 2 categories: how to plan for a wedding ceremony and how to plan for a marriage. You might be asking yourself, "How do I get help with my wedding?" It is well understood that wedding planning could be extremely stressful, particularly as lots of cash is involved, even if it is a modest affair. There includes a number of details which must be provided and the job of a wedding planner will be acting as project manager of a huge group of individuals.

Entertaining: One of the Performing Arts Mastered and Developed

Wearing clown wigs or Elvis wigs to perform in front of numbers of audience is a fun part of being a clown or comical performer. The more people enjoy his comical act the more joy it will bring to him as a performer. Clowns may be funny and entertaining but it is not an easy profession. It is true that you need to have an in born quirky and entertaining talent to be able to become an entertainer but being a professional comical performer or a clown is far beyond than by just wearing clown wigs or Elvis wigs.

Basic Pen Spinning Tricks

If you have ever sat in a class or been bored at work and started turning a pen (or pencil) between your fingers, then you have been pen spinning! There are many tricks that can be learned. This is a form of contact juggling, as the object stays in contact with your body at all times. Props - I recommend a long unsharpened pencil (rather than a pen)!

Ensuring Your Success at the 2010 Summer Intensive Program

2010 Summer Intensive Program Auditions are coming up soon. Every young dancer like you is getting pumped up by going to every class and intently listening to their ballet teachers. Each ballet class is seeing your all, but you are afraid it is not good enough. Am I talking to you? Following is a short list of easy ways to ensure your success at the 2010 Summer Intensive Program Auditions;

Amazing Prediction Card Trick

This really is a simple card trick which everyone can learn. To be able to perform this trick, a person from the audience is invited to mix your play cards, then get any 12 cards from the pack and then shuffle those 12. When the spectator is shuffling, you ought to take out a pen and piece of paper and record a prediction, next place it upon the desk.

How To Train Your Child To Dance

Introduction: Because I encounter this question and situation on a regular basis I am putting it down here in black and white what the truth is with regard to how dance training should - no, must - be done if you want your child to be a good dancer. Inevitably scores upon scores of young dancers decide to focus on Ballet at some point and then discover they have all the wrong habits, all the wrong muscles conditioned too stiffly, and are basically a huge mess.

The Glasgow Theatre Scene Has Enjoyed A Resurgence In Recent Years

The Glasgow theatre scene has enjoyed something of a resurgence in recent years. In fact, its not only the theatre scene but also the entire arts and culture scene in the city which has enjoyed a cultural renaissance. Glasgow, once a viewed by many as a depressing and industrialised urban metropolis with a reputation for violence, drugs and poverty has successfully re-invented itself into a vibrant and contemporary city with a blossoming cultural scene.

3 Common Puppetry Mistakes to Avoid

I've had the privilege of observing well over a hundred puppet teams perform and have seen some great performances. Many, though, were mediocre at best. What makes the difference? Well, there are many reasons, but this article will focus on three common mistakes mediocre teams make, that if corrected can move them to becoming a great puppet team.

The Problems of Hip Hop Dance and Popping Competitions: Music

The unaddressed problems of Popping Competitions: Music There are dance/popping competitions all over the world today. The popularity of funk styles has come full circle and has become a well recognized form of dance every where. There is still something that goes widely unaddressed in competitions and I'll discuss one of the profound ones here. I first want to say, during my high point of dancing I did all things, hip hop, some ballet, funk styles in regards to waving, popping and freestyle.

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