Singing Breathing Exercises

Vocal and singing breathing exercises hold the key to effective sound quality and proper pitching, along with developing the correct singing posture. When we breathe, we tend to take in air and release it in a burst, as quickly as possible. This holds true for 99% people but singing requires you to breathe in a different manner. As you move up the learning curve, you will also begin understanding how important it is to control your breath especially while singing soprano or tenor.

Music That Penetrates The Soul

When you discover you have a talent, it's very exhilarating to know you have something to share that will make others feel better. When you make your music penetrate the soul of the listener, you make it Memorable, Enjoyable, & a Worthwhile listening experience. Have you ever heard a song, or a piece of music that appealed so strongly to you that you wanted to hear it over again?

Movie Extras And TV Extras Wanted - What Kind Of Skills Will I Require?

If we are referring to 'type' when it comes to appearance and personality, then there's an easy answer, you can be anybody! Just have a look at present Television shows or films and analyse the variety of individuals you observe within the background - small, tall, large, thin, each and every ethnic background you are able to think of, old, young, smart, scruffy, good looking, plain, ugly, the list is nearly endless!

The Nutcracker: An Interview With a Young Performer

It's Nutcracker season. All around the country ballet-goers of all ages are flocking to see the beloved ballet. Seven-year-old Martha Quirie had the experience of a lifetime this year when she performed as a soldier in the Nutcracker. Even for young performers, a role in the Nutcracker is a serious commitment. In addition to attending regular weekly ballet classes, Martha rehearsed every Saturday afternoon for three months before she performed.

Is Your Acting Resume Working For You?

When you submit to acting auditions, your headshot and acting resume are usually put into a pile for the casting director to look at. Casting directors look at headshots first. If a shot grabs their attention, the first thing they do is turn it over to look at the acting resume in the back. The same thing happens when an actor submits to auditions online.

Florence Lacey Brings Norma Desmond To Life

The psychotic silent screen star Norma Desmond is the kind of meaty role every actress craves. Theatrical headliner Florence Lacey, who played the title role in "Evita" on Broadway and throughout the world for twelve years, conveys Desmond's erratic emotions in Signature Theatre's new production of Tony Award-winning "Sunset Boulevard" with music by Andrew Lloyd Webber.

How To Dance The Argentine Tango for Total Beginners

These basic steps on dancing the traditional Argentine Tango, specifically for total beginners, will get you more interested in learning a dance style that is considered to be among the most elegant. The dance is said to be so simple such that professional dancers are usually caught offhanded by its simplicity. "Argentine Tango is a dance of regular people, " as one of the teachers of this writer would always say before his class.

Satirical Comedy Characters Are Fun to Perform But Ultimately Ineffectual

There are many different kinds of comedy. Sometimes it's just plain silly. At other times it's surreal and absurd. Occasionally comedy is satirical and makes a serious point by ridiculing an idea, belief, institution or even a public figure. That's the kind of comedy I like most of all. It has a bit of edge. It's nice to entertain people. But if you can throw in some sort of observation or opinion in the subtext, you're adding a bit of value.

The Lion King - London West End Theatre Review

Set against the majesty of the Serengeti Plains and to spell binding rhythms of African drums, Disney's multi award winning musical will redefine any critics pallet for live theatre. This show has been running for over 11 years now and just gets better and better with age, and has certainly stood the test of time exceptionally well. The statistics tell their own story, grossing over 289m and watched by over eight million people, this stunning west end musical is one of the best London theatre shows around.

What Converts the Ideal Online Dance Class Into an Effective Tool?

Are you planning to know how to dance through the virtual instructional world of online dance class? The significance of the online class shines through the instructions offered by this medium, where the learner finds it easy to know how to dance various forms related to the dancing genre. There are many sophisticated formats related to the online class that are available today, as more and more sources have started to lure the attention of the enthusiasts who long to learn this art and enjoy their stints at the club.

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