Prince Rogers Nelson - Singer, Song Writer, Record Producer and Actor

Prince Rogers Nelson was brought into this world on June 7, 1958 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. When he grew up, he would undoubtedly end up being a well-known musician, song writer, record producer and an actor. His professional career originated during the 1970s & he is still going strong at the moment. During his professional career, Prince has dabbled in a number of contrasting musical styles, particularly rock, R&B, Soul, funk and pop and additionally has constantly seized control of his own music.

6 PVC Pipe Puppet Theater Construction Tips

PVC pipe frame theaters are popular because they are easy to make, are relatively inexpensive, and are durable. The pipe frame we use was actually constructed about thirty years ago and we've only had to replace two pieces. It's been assembled and taken down literally hundreds of times, transported to many churches and venues, stored for periods of time, and once went flying off the top of a station wagon that made an abrupt stop.

What Kinds Of Puppets Should Our Team Look For?

When we first started our puppet experience, we only had two animal puppets and a make-shift theater. Upon finding out how effective they were, we decided to get some more and purchased a man, two boys and two girls. Three would have been enough for most plays, but we wanted to have some variety. For a new team, I would suggest starting with a minimum of three children puppets.

Should We Charge For Our Puppet Programs?

When starting to travel to other churches with our puppets we had to answer the question of whether or not to charge for our services. We looked at several possibilities and settled on the one that best fit our situation. Here are 3 options for you to consider. Charge a Set Fee It costs money to put on a puppet show in another church. There are travel expenses which can include gas, tolls, parking, food, and others.

Arm Rod Puppetry Basics

Rod arm (or hand) puppets are designed so their arms hang naturally but often come with some type of wrist band and a metal rod. This allows you to move the hands and arms to animate the puppet which makes it more appealing. Arm rods open the door to making your puppet more lifelike, but there are a few cautions when using them. During your performance, as you move your puppet back and forth, the rods will start swinging if you aren't holding them.

Puppet Arm Rod Movements 101

Beginning puppeteers should focus on mastering basic skills before worrying about moving the puppet's arms and hands. The reason is simple: if you have to concentrate on the puppet's mouth to make sure you are doing it properly, it is easy to forget about its arms. I've seen many plays where a puppet had its arm stretched out to the side the entire time while on stage.

3 Ingredients For A Successful Puppet Team

For about 10 years now, I've had the privilege of judging at an event called Teens Involved where teens compete in various ministry aspects, puppetry being one of them. Each year I'm impressed with the quality and caliber of the presentations, but there are usually one or two teams that stand out. In this article, I'll talk about three things that cause them to shine above the others.

An Introduction To Blacklight Puppetry

On Easter Sunday last year, we introduced Blacklight Puppetry to our children's church program with a huge success. Up to this point in our puppet experience we focused on hand puppets, but this addition is opening doors to new and exciting opportunities. What is Blacklight Puppetry? It's performing puppetry in the dark with only a black light for illumination and using puppets that stand out or "glow" under the lights.

How Can I Strengthen My Arm Muscles Outside Of Puppet Practice?

As a director, one of the complaints I hear most often during puppet practice is, "My arm is tired." I remember making that same complaint when I began my puppet experience. Our main practice time was on Sunday afternoon when we had just finished two programs and were preparing for another one that night. The director didn't show much compassion and insisted that we keep our arms up.

The Hanauer Chronicles

The story of how one family survived the Holocaust. FADE IN: EXT. Blue Sky The narrator as the voice of young Terri Hanauer begins pondering the whys of life, we see blue skies as giving credit to God and hear the distant sounds of a train in the background. Flashes of young Terri in high school (1978) with friends, flashes of train station in Berlin early 40's, back to Terri as a teen, back to blue sky.

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