Dirty Dancing Hits London!

Dirty Dancing, London is a wonderful whimsical show that brings music and dancing to life. The story re-enacts the movie exactly how it was told but includes some added scenes. The show also brings in a live band to play the music throughout the show. Although the movie was phenomenal, the musical brings some added flare that has never been seen before.

Discover How Magic Tricks For Beginners Are Within Your Grasp

When it comes to magic tricks for beginners, many people think that they are too difficult to learn and too mysterious to figure out. However those are just myths perpetuated by some to keep all the "secrets" to themselves. If you truly are interested in magic, never fear. With some dedication and practice you can become the magician you always dreamed of becoming.

Kid's Modeling Agency - A Crucial Discussion

Most of the parents love to see their kids making an impact on the glamour world. They love to see their kid's picture being highlighted and displayed on the banners of certain advertisements. However, the matter of concern is, how much potential and chances are there for the kids to make it big in the world of modeling? There may be a star hidden inside your child that needs polishing to shine.

Priscilla, Queen of the Desert

The musical Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, is stage adaptation of the Stephan Elliott 1994 motion picture The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. The score of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert is a mixture of well-known popular songs and its book was written by Stephan Elliott and Allan Scott. Co-writer Scott initially realized The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert had all the elements to make a successful musical: Larger than life characters, comedic elements, a heartfelt story, conflict of egos, and lots of room for lavish sets, gorgeous costumes and fantastic music.

End of The Rainbow - London

Judy Garland's life struggle to reclaim her fame as the greatest talent of her generation comes to fruition through Peter Quilter's remarkable drama, End of The Rainbow, playing at London Theatre. In End of The Rainbow, Laurence Olivier Award winner, Tracie Bennett, realistically captures the struggles of the witty remarkable Garland, as she fights her way through a series of concerts to realize the dream of stardom, despite a series of failed marriages, drug usage and alcoholism.

To Be or Not to Be an Actor

It's opening night and YOU'RE the star! The theater glows, the audience glitters, and that's your name up there in lights! Yesterday nobody knew your name, but today you are a superstar! Wouldn't it be wonderful to be a star? Everyone oooh-ing and ahhh-ing as you walk by! Expensive cars and clothes! Beautiful people surrounding you! Fame! Wouldn't it be great?

Lion King, London

Walt Disney's full length animated feature 'The Lion King' entered the scene in 1994, during a ten year period notable for ending what some considered a surprising dearth of the classic, bread and butter animation integral to Disney enterprises. While the period saw a large number of Disney hits, it was Lion King that, besides making the list of the ten top-grossing animated films ever, became the largest grossing 2D animated film to date.

The Art of Belly Dancing and Burlesque Dancing

There are many little pleasures we all indulge in everyday life. Joys like good food, good wine, and indulging in our need for sweets. For the ladies one joy they may have not embraced quite yet is the art of Belly Dancing, an activity every girl should try especially on the party before they are to be wed, their Hen Night. And if your interests include having fun, dancing, and have a joy for music then it will be the perfect activity.

Poster Frames: Different Types and Usage

The poster frames are easy and simple to save your posters and add a refined look to your wall art. A standard one looks a lot like a simple picture frame and often made of the same materials. You have options of buying the simple ones as well as the decorative and adorned ones. The poster frames are usually made of plastic components. They have a cardboard backing with a clear plastic cover.

Essential Acting Techniques Aspiring Actors Should Understand

There are many different techniques that actors use. These techniques influence how they approach a role and develop their character. Actors may use just one technique or they may use multiple techniques. The techniques helps them with the process of how they will play a character that they are giving. It helps them get into the role and to really become the character.

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