Tips For Learning How to Dance on Your Own

If you are desperate to learn to dance, but cannot get to a good dance studio, fear not, there are options for you. Here are some tips for learning to dance on your own. A lot of people out there are longing to have dance lessons, but for some reason they are just out of reach. It may be that the nearest dance studio is miles away, or simply that they can't afford the fees.

How To Find Great Local Magicians for Kids Birthday Parties, Corporate Events, or Special Events

How to find a great local magician for your party or event: If you are planning a birthday, a company picnic, a wedding, or really any kind of local event or party for adults or children, here are some tips from an expert (that's me) on how to find the right magician. This article also applies to finding any kind of local entertainers such as clowns, bands, jugglers, face painters - you name it.

Getting DJ Club Speakers On A Budget

Beginner DJs often find it difficult to transition between playing at room parties and playing in large venues such as clubs. Indeed, playing in larger venues often requires bigger and more powerful equipment, both bigger amplifiers and larger, DJ club speakers, which normally are not cheap. So, as a budding DJ transitioning to perform in larger venues, how do you acquire the DJ speakers that you can effectively use in large venues?

Energize Your Puppet Scripts

Throughout my puppet experience, I've watched several hundred puppet plays performed with scripts. Some I still remember, but others faded from memory on the way home. What made the difference? Here are 3 important factors I've gleaned from these presentations. Volume Puppeteers have to speak loud enough, without yelling, for the audience to hear.

Put Together A Puppet Band For Your Next Performance

For a long time we just had our puppets sing various songs for the children in our Junior Church program, but then we built a large permanent stage and decided to expand our experience by adding a puppet band. We gave the band a name and it included drums, keyboard, guitar, trumpets, and a saxophone. We bought a child-sized drum set at a local toy store and built a shelf for it on our puppet theater.

The Number One Goal You Should Have When Working A Puppet

When it comes to working a puppet there are a lot of things you have to continually watch for: proper height, dropping the lower jaw, proper lip sync, good eye contact, and more. You also have to consider the interaction between the puppets and the audience and the message you want to convey. All these are important, but what is the number one goal you should have in mind every time you put on a puppet?

A Brief Guide To Writing Your Own Puppet Plays

Through the course of our puppet experience, we've written several scripts. We wrote a couple as a team and I've written several on my own. This article gives some guidelines that helped make script writing easier for us. When writing a script, the basic thing to keep in mind is that you are telling, or acting out, a story. To write a story well, you need to understand the four essential parts that make a good story.

Can You Make Your Puppet Sit?

In one of the puppet plays we used to do, the prophet Samuel sits on a stool while waiting for David to arrive. In thinking about that, it raised the question, "How do I make a puppet sit down?" After all, they don't have legs and the audience can't see below the puppet's waist. So how do you convince the audience that the puppet is sitting on a stool that they can't see and that doesn't exist?

Theater, Film and Music In Canada

THEATER Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver, and Montreal are the four top theater centers in Canada (most of their productions are in English). Homegrown talent mixes here with shows imported from Europe and the US. Musicals and classical theater are always popular and tend to be fine quality. Shakespeare is popular, but there is a wide spectrum of shows - a stylish revival of the 1980s hit Fame was a long-running success in Toronto in the late 1990s.

Entertainment In Canada

Entertainment in Canada boasts all the sophistication tourists have come to expect from a major North American country, coupled with delightful rural entertainment in relaxing local venues. Covering mainstream world-class productions in Ottawa and the larger cities, Canada also offers the latest in alternative acts and traditional art forms, particularly in its exceptional folk music heritage.

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