Disney Auditions - Do's and Dont's

Congratulations! You have your first Disney audition with a real life Disney production! A Disney Audition is an exciting moment for you, and a great opportunity. Even though there are some basic entertaining and actor preparations for any audition, being prepared for a Disney Audition may be a little bit different. For the most part a Disney Audition will follow the same general basics as preparing for any Audition, but keep in mind the Uniqueness of what Disney represents.

Disney Auditions - Do's And Don'ts Part 2

A Disney audition can be a huge breakthrough in any actor or actresses career. Here are some more do's and dont's for Disney auditions. Most of it is common sense, and can be applied to any open casting call that you might get the chance at. *Don't just go in thinking you can "Wing It" on your looks and charm. You may get lucky at your Disney audition, but you will be more successful by regularly doing your homework.

What Makes a Dance Teacher a Cut Above the Rest?

A passionate individual who is eager to learn the fundamentals of a dance form is sure to get equipped with the needed essentials only if the dance lessons are imparted in a constructive and an impressive way. This is made possible only through the efforts of an experienced teacher who knows the knack of imparting the dancing skills and techniques, as the dance teacher is also well-versed in the art of nurturing talent, which is sure to yield fruitful results.

Why Should You Learn How To Ballroom Dance?

Looking for fun things to do with your partner? How about you learn ballroom dancing together? If you just cringed at the thought, you are not seeing the whole picture. Don't you find it interesting to learn something with your partner? Before you look down on the idea, why don't you count the many things you & your partner could gain when you Learn and Master Ballroom Dance?

Surefire Tips for Budding Dance Teachers

Are you considering taking up the role of a dance teacher? Many enthusiasts who fall head over heels in love with dancing aim to become a top notch instructor, as the passion for this art form drives them to become an effective instructor. One should remember that mastering an art form is different from imparting the essentials of the art form to students.

The Actor's Guide to Personal Branding: Defining Your Brand Identity and Your Story

Think back to some of your favorite cinematic characters who had to embark on a journey and complete a series of tasks in order to reach their destination (i.e. Harry Potter, Dorothy (The Wizard of Oz), Indiana Jones, Luke Skywalker, Frodo. One common thread woven through each of these characters is that in order for them to reach their destination, they first needed a firm understanding of who they are, what skills they had or didn't have that would be instrumental in completing the task at hand (strengths and weaknesses), and the overall value that they bring to their team and community.

How My Music Students Inspire Organ Practice and Performance

An inspiring influence is any stimulus for the human mind to creative thought or the making of art. Where can one find that inspiring influence? If you are a teacher, you might find that inspiring influence in every student's lesson. As an organ teacher, I find my students inspire me to: Learn new repertoire. Some of my students are great music shoppers or library users.

13 Steps to Mentalism - An Overview

If you want to perform "mentalism" you may have heard of a book called "13 Steps to Mentalism", and for good reason. This book is considered a classic of mentalism - but does it deliver? Just what will you learn from this book? Well to start, 13 Steps to Mentalism has been around since the 1960's and was written by Tony Corinda. Originally it was published as 13 different booklets in London.

How a Salsa Dancing Cruise Inflames Salsa Spirits

Salsa dancing cruise is looked upon as an ideal source that paves way for memorable salsa vacations. But, there is more to it than what is presumed on salsa dancing cruise, as it inflames the salsa spirits of enthusiasts. The enthusiast who is eager to spend his vacation in a complete salsa world also finds his spirits soaring sky-high, as the many events are designed to enchant the individual who becomes a part of the this dancing cruise.

Why Go on a Salsa Cruise?

Many enthusiasts are getting lured to the excitement offered by the salsa cruise as when they look to enjoy a peaceful vacation. The many individuals who become a part of the salsa cruise plan to enjoy their vacation soaked in salsa, which happens to be the prime reason that drives the individuals to opt for the salsa cruise. Apart from paving way for an exciting vacation, this cruise is a significant happening that has something in store for the enthusiasts falling under varied skill levels.

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