It's Tough to Find Work As a Professional Voice Over

There are thousands of people who wonder if it is tough to find voice over work. To be honest, working as a professional voiceover is not any harder than doing any other kind of professional job. There are certain skills you are going to have to have and you will need to market yourself well in order to be noticed. Do voice over artists need the right voice?

Create a Dance Competition Checklist

Competition, nervous anticipation, and butterflies come hand in hand. You think about your performance, and also if you have packed everything you need. If you are prepared with a checklist ahead of time you can stop fretting about forgetting something and let your hard work and many hours of dance practice shine through. Being prepared will help you perform at your highest level.

Having a Wicked Time

INTRODUCTION: Staring a very rotten witch from a very well known story, the Broadway musical "Wicked" debuted on October 30, 2003, in America. The musical pre-debut was May 28, 2003 in San Francisco's Curran Theatre. Based on a book by Winnie Holzman, the live performance was directed by Joe Mantello and centres around the life of "Elphaba", The Wicked Witch of the West before she had her run in with Dorothy and her friends.

The Secret To Performance Quality Sound for Organ and Singer

I recently attended a stunning choral concert presented by a group of twelve impeccably trained singers. The music created by this group was simply astounding for one reason: each member of the group was aware of the sound they were creating and how that sound was part of the whole. Each singer was constantly adjusting vowel and consonant placement and volume.

The Church, The Music, The Service, The Organ - Making Them One With Integrity

The definition of integrity includes three words: wholeness, unity, and honesty. As a musician who has participated in church music for most of her life, reflecting on these words has been illuminating. As a child, I sang in church choirs and when I had developed sufficient piano skills, I played for Sunday school and other church gatherings. Participating in church music was one part of my wholeness as a child.

Dirty Dancing Comes To London

Adapted from the film Dirty Dancing in 1987 the Musical has become very successful. Since the movie had such a hard hitting soundtrack the creator of the film, Eleanor Bergstein developed the screen play into a Broadway musical type production. Eleanor Bergstein wrote the original film and story which became a hit movie in 1987. The story revolves around two people, Johnny Castle and Frances houseman a teenager on holiday with her family during the summer in the Catskill Mountains.

How The Ballet Tutu Came To Be Made

The tutu is a gorgeous form of dancewear that has been in existence for hundreds of years with the only difference being the length of the tutu skirt and the colors. The tutu has come a long way since the early designs of eras long-gone but they have managed to retain their allure. The tutu has been touted as a brilliant invention but before the tutu can pass for a work of fashionable art, there are several stages it has got to sail through.

How Was The Tutu Born?

The tutu is without doubt the most beautiful and versatile ballet and dance costume. The tutu makes wonderful magical circles around the dancer. Little girls love to dream about it. Ballerinas love to wear it. Audiences love to see it and dressmakers dream of making it. The tutu is a stage costume originally made for romantic ballet in the 17th century.

David Copperfield Tickets - What to Expect on Stage

David Copperfield is a novel written by Charles Dicken. The story depicts life of young boy and how he comes across many hardships in his life. The novel tells us how he faces so many problems and how he survives through them. His life was very tough and he went through a lot of obstacles. This story of this novel was inspired by Dicken's own life and many events in the story were very familiar to Dicken's experiences.

How To Choose The Perfect Tutu

What different types of tutu are there? Romantic tutus were the original skirts worn in the 1800s. Bell shape and pancake tutus were classical tutus that were later altered in response to the request of ballet fans wanting a better view of the dancer's fancy footwork. The hemline of a Romantic tutu falls between the knee and ankle. Three to five layers of tulle or other fabric displays a free flowing, light and airy bell-shaped appearance.

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