How to Astral Project - Learn About Astral Projection

OBE is one of those popular acronyms that is used in order to describe that ever so popular phenomenon that is called astral projection. What does this acronym stand for? It stands for 'Out-of-Body Experience.' There are debates that are going on amongst individuals and scientists throughout the world on whether or not this is real. Honestly, we believe it is from personal experiences.

Can Newborns See Ghosts?

Many children report that they see special invisible friends who they play with. Is this possible? Think about it. Recently, Salma Hayek has been reported to say that her daughter sees ghosts. When children are young, they have not been yet properly acquainted with the conventions of their societies so they cannot interpret things properly. They have an untainted view of everything that surrounds them.

The Emergence of a New Reality

We are on a mission on Earth. That is what the Pleiadians and some other aliens of gods of ancient times have told us over years. We humans, as multi dimensional beings, decided to come to earth to learn and develop and to bring about change that injects a new way of living in our consumerist culture and is somehow related to 2012. New patterns of thought are being created, every thought and action counts to creating the global community.

Do Extraterrestrials Really Fly Our Skies

Please note that this article is not a blog entry or a blogpost or journal entry that does not contain informative content beyond a personal story or experience and it is not correspondence to a blog comment or email that I have received. I think that when we see headlines saying "Abducted by Aliens" and regular stories telling of all sorts of reputable people having seen UFO"s in the sky, we really begin to wonder about the sanity of some of them.

The Stocksbridge Haunting

On September 11th 1987, a well-respected police officer, PC Dick Ellis and a former Special Constable, John Beet were two of a number of witnesses to see probably the scariest and notably witnessed ghostly apparition ever to be reported in the UK. The location - A616 bypass (under construction at the time by the McAlpine building company), Stocksbridge, near Sheffield.

Witchcraft - The Witch of Today

For centuries, the practice of witchcraft was considered an evil and foul tradition, and witches were hunted and killed, often by cruel and painful methods, usually by being burnt alive at the stake. Fear of witches and witchcraft was widespread throughout several areas of Europe and in some areas of a newly settled America. The witchcraft delusion was an epidemic affecting everyone, and even a simple accusation of being a witch, despite the absence of any real evidence, was often enough to condemn an individual to torture and death.

What is Astral Travel? A Short Introduction

What is astral travel? Astral travel, also known as astral projection is basically a type of out of body experience when the individual finds himself completely consciously aware but separated from his physical body. This can occur for a number of reasons such as hallucinogenic drugs although number of people claim that they can bring about a their state of astral projection spontaneously and without any outside influences.

Just What is an Out of Body Experience?

Technically speaking, an out of body experience happens any time you see the world from a perspective other than through your own eyes. Often people report seeming to be above themselves, looking down on their own body and any activity that is happening around them. Sometimes people report being somewhere other than where they are and seeing through another's eyes.

A History of Voodoo in New Orleans

In America, New Orleans is often associated with two things: Mardi Gras and Voodoo. Although only approximately 15-20% of the population of Louisiana practices the religion of voodoo (also known as Vodou), its dark allure has captured the attention of many. Tourists visiting New Orleans regularly seek out voodoo attractions and shops selling voodoo-related items, tantalized by stories of voodoo dolls, possession by evil spirits, voodoo curses, and zombies.

Combing the Sky For UFOS - My Technique

I call myself a "Sycomber" since the day not far away when I caught what looked like a UFO with my new digital camera. As a good skycomber, I filed a report. I was excited, finally, I had caught a UFO, that was my UFO! I even placed the words "MY UFO" below the copyright notice of the cropped picture, long before I decided It was going to be published as a UFO sighting, It had been taking photos for around two years--- I had been using my digital camera to comb the patch of sky I had a view from my patio, but I had never seen anything at all.

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