A Close Encounter With a Translucent Being

The experience I am about to write about is real. It happened to my nephew and I have always thought it to be our family proof that aliens exist. I know how it sounds. People need to be convinced by actual experiences happening to them. I think that the quantity of people that "know" that aliens exist is the same as the quantity of people that have had some kind of paranormal experience connected with UFOs in their families.

Learning Without Struggle

Schools, churches, authority figures, parents and friends influence us in ways we aren't even aware of! One of the main ways that they influence us is by teaching us the old adage, "no pain, no gain." With their help, we have all become quite accustomed to believing that we must experience struggle and pain to succeed or create in this world.

Your Reality - Cause Or Accident?

Are you the creator of your own reality? You may have read in various esoteric sources that you can be the creator of your own reality. However, just because you CAN be the creator doesn't mean that you ARE. Why? Because there are two different ways you can live on this planet -- you can live under the Law of Accident or the Law of Fate. Most people on this planet live under the Law of Accident, which means that they don't control their reality but are simply bounced from one life event to another like a pinball in a machine.

The Daedalus Monster

In 1848, the Captain of the Royal Navy frigate HMS Daedalus sent a detailed report of sighting a strange creature at sea: "With head and shoulders kept about four feet constantly above the sea and at the very least sixty feet of the animal a fleur d'eau (just above)... It passed rapidly, but so close under our lee quarter that, had it been a man of my acquaintance, I should have recognized his features with the naked eye.

Montauk Monster - Scary Experiment Or Monster Hoax?

What exactly washed ashore near Montauk, New York in July of 2008? The increasingly popular monster was found by a 26 year old woman and three friends on July 12 at the Ditch Plains beach, a popular surfing spot. What is this strange and somewhat hideous creature? The debate is still open. Many claim that the Montauk Monster is a government experiment gone terribly awry.

Albert Einstein - Evidence of the Paranormal?

In this modern world of ours, it is easy to accept science as our benefactor and religion as our enemy. All around us we continually see the miracles that science and engineering provides us. But when we turn to religion, we experience few if any real miracles ourselves. In place of the concrete evidence we desperately desire, we are generally told simply to accept hearsay, with the result that we are often left with little reward to show for our faith.

Finding East to Get Back on Track Magically

If you ever feel like you've strayed from your path and you're not quite sure which way to go, just find east! While most compasses want to find north, for shamans and magicians east is the more powerful cardinal direction for finding knowledge and guidance. East is the direction of knowledge, understanding and enlightenment; it's the direction of the Sun and the place where all life begins.

Signs of Demonic Possession - Psychological Indications of Possession

There are several instances where psychological factors can be signs of demonic possession. The psychological signs of a potential possession include a number of symptoms that can often be confused with legitimate signs of mental disorders and illnesses. It will be up to the demonologist to assess every situation on a case by case basis to determine whether or not the symptoms someone is displaying are related to a mental disorder or if the symptoms are legitimate signs of demonic possession.

Astral Projection - Proof Vs Belief

What is astral projection? 1- "An out-of-body experience (OBE) is the feeling of departing from ones body and observing both one's self and the world from outside one's body" 2- "In astral projection the conscious mind leaves the physical body and moves into the astral body." There have been thousands of documented scientific experiments confirming that astral travel is real.

Occultism in Dartmoor

'The Hound of The Baskervilles' - a book inspired after author, Arthur Conan Doyle visited the misty moors of Dartmoor... one of the spookiest places in the UK. News articles of occultism on Dartmoor, together with the thick mist and large buzzards wheeling above, is enough to send people scattering - without stumbling across the many Kistvaens (Bronze Age burial chambers above ground) dotted around the landscape.

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