Can Cats Predict Death?

Throughout history, there has always been a link between cats, and the supernatural. Oscar is one of the Worlds most famous cats which may predict the deaths of patients in a hospice. But other cats seem to hold this strange power, throughout this World. Can cats really predict death?. T hroughout history, there has always been an aura of mystery linked with cats, and the supernatural.

Aztec Calendar 2012 - Stars in the Sky

I am not saying that anything special is going to happen on this day, and most credible believers of Aztec calendar 2012 don't either. However, this day has great importance in cross-cultural mythology and if you do anything on that day, you should stand in appreciation of the fact that our Earth and all the stars and planets and matter in our galaxy originated at the center of our galaxy and on that day we are aligned with the source of all the atoms that make up our bodies and the stars.

The Magic Ritual of the Coin Flip

When you have a really crucial decision to make, what do you do? I don't know about you, but I use a very deep and complex magic ritual: I flip a coin! Of course I'm being a little sarcastic here, but the truth of the matter is that I do resort to a coin flip as one of my magic rituals of choice when I have to make an important decision. Why? Because I figure the Universe knows better than I which decision best fits my needs and desires, so I let the coin guide me to the "correct" decision.

Do Psychics Talk to the Dead? 2 EASY Ways to Communicate With the Spirit World Today

Is spirit communication possible? How is it done? Do you need a Ouija board... or a seance, or do you simply need a psychic medium who is really GOOD at what they do? In this article we are going to take a quick and insightful look at communicating with spirit, and I'll share my favorite ways to do it as well, REGARDLESS of what you believe right now.

Peru - Why Are People Drawn to Visit?

Why is the very small and poor country of Peru so important to the world? Why are so many people on the spiritual path feeling themselves pulled that they have to go to this country one day? Why do the UFOs or the beings who fly them, wander over to Peru in the first place? Next, this seems to happen in such a manner that for the average Peruvian, they have no fear at all about the ships but are disappointed if they miss seeing them?

How Can Someone Turn Into a Ghost?

Ghosts have been part of all cultures and beliefs since time began for us, and even as our own societies have changed, this belief has surpassed the time we lived in caves to the world we live in today. How Can Someone Turn into a Ghost? In most religions and beliefs, once our body dies, our soul still lives, but departs from our body to another place.

Ghost Equipment and Analysis

In the last few years, we have seen a dramatic increase in the number of people who claim to record ghosts caught on tape. Are ghosts real? Are they finally trying to make contact with us? The answer is yes! Real ghosts have tried to contact us many years before, but today with all the security cameras everywhere, wireless connections and the internet, we have more chances to catch real ghosts on tape.

How to Use Spells to Control Fire

Spells to control fire have really grown in popularity of late, but possibly in part for the wrong reasons. Maybe people are forgetting the childhood saying of 'don't play with fire'! Fire is beguiling because of its allure, its beauty and its unstoppable power. It brings the cosiness of a log fire, the romance of candlelight through to the destruction of a raging fire out of control.

Alien Talk

How do aliens communicate? At least we know they don't talk like we do. When they do communicate with humans they use a telepathic communication where apparently something in the human brain is activated and we can send and receive messages to and from them. This is done spontaneously, the human does not have to control over the mechanics of the messaging going to and from whatever gland or organ we may have for this purpose.

In Case of Contact

It is accepted almost as a corollary that several persons of the same family experience visitations; it is rarely just one person in the house. In the case of my nephew's encounter, suppose the target were both him and his smaller brother. All data point to the fact that they start visiting people while we they are very young, the problem been, most of them do not recall these visits and abductions.

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