Ghost Studies - How To Study Ghost Hunting From Home

Many people are interested in the paranormal but have no idea on how to begin to study ghost hunting. Due to this, a few Community Colleges and private ones have begun offering short courses on paranormal activity. These courses are intended to teach interested individuals about various aspects of the paranormal. It might sound absurd to tell people that you are going in College to study ghosts.

Paranormal Investigator Software - Finding Decent Paranormal Investigation Software

When it comes to ghost hunting, it is important that you establish credibility by being professional in the methods that you use when going about your investigations. Paranormal investigation software will make you more effective when undertaking investigations. This software will generate all the reports that you need to present your findings to a skeptical client, group or scientific forum in a manner that can be examined and understood.

Into the Light

On a recent ghost night we were simply attempting spirit communication in a 16th century coaching inn. The inn was in the centre of a west Yorkshire market town, in a large open square with trees lined on either side of the square, bringing a lighter tone and feel to the area with household shopping brands in near location to it. The public house itself was on four floors, with a rendered front and an arch at the side leading to the court yard, where centuries ago the coaches and horses would have pulled into then proceeded on their way.

Binding Power, Ju

Have you ever felt your sixth sense sharpen as you read a book about supernatural power? I once found a book that gave me this kind of feeling. It was a book about Seimei Abe, a Japanese Shamanism master who lived for three hundred years. Myths tell that his mother was a white fox whom his father saved on a mountain. He had supernatural powers which resulted in paranormal activity in eighth century Japan.

Do You Believe in Ghosts? The Astonishing Truth About Spirit Communication You WON'T Believe!

Do you believe in ghosts? Is spirit communication real? Are there really ethereal entities out there who remain connected to us throughout life... .EVEN if we can't see them? In this article we are going to take a quick and insightful look at spirit communication and ghostly encounters you MAY not believe... ..but are completely true nonetheless! Okay.

Psychic Spirit Communication - 3 Ways Spirits Are Trying to Communicate With YOU! No Bull !

Do you believe in psychic spirit communication? Do you ever feel like spirits are trying to "say hi"? Do you have a frequent sense of having company... EVEN when you're all by yourself? In this article we are going to take a quick and insightful look at psychic spirit communication, and see if we can tell if there are truly any spirits desperately trying to get in touch with you!

Are There, Or Could There Be, Non-Human Persons?

Yes there possibly are, and there defiantly could be non-human persons. Firstly to establish non-human persons I feel I should first clarify what a person is. It's very hard to define a person as to many it's a matter of perspective. Some believe that a person is simply being a member of the human race. Some believe that it's something more; emotion, consciousness, intelligence and many other aspects which set persons apart from non-persons.

The Nostradamus 2012 Predictions

The Nostradamus 2012 talks about the prophecy given to us by Nostradamus. But before starting with the said prophecy, allow me to first share a little history about him. He was one of the world's most famous writers of prophecies of our time. Some people who have analyzed this writings convey to us exactly how almost all of his predictions occurred.

Villains Or Victims - Monsters in Popular Culture

People love the weird thrill that clutches their hearts at the mere suggestions of a monster. I'm not talking about real monsters like rampaging grizzly bears or psychotic killers but the strange creatures that haunt the periphery of reality. The ones that lurk in the dimmest reaches of the forest, or slither hugely in the purple depths of dark lakes.

Big Foot, El Chupacabra and Monsters in the Popular Culture - Why We Love Monsters

Monsters lurk in the dark places, in the shadowy forests at twilight. They run along a lonely desert road, pursued by frantic monster hunters. They dive down into the depths of a cold, dark lake and appear in our peripheral vision. Photographs and films document monsters like Sasquatch, El Chupacabra, and the Loch Ness Monster in blurring images.

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