UFO - The Truth

The range of cases and 'sightings' of UFO's throughout the history of our world is staggering and yet people continue to belief that nothing exists in our skies, that is not a part of our own world. It's true that while there is a vast amount of cases, studies and research to the phenomenon, not one piece of refutable evidence exists that can prove we are being visited by extra terrestrial beings.

Looking Back at the Shoe Store Fluoroscopy

Between the 1930's and 70's, with the first sense of true autumn in the air it meant it was time to go shopping for back to school shoes. Mom's took their children to the shoe store and helped them to choose a pair of solid leather oxfords for everyday school and money permitted a pair for dress-up occasions. For little girls that sometimes meant a pair of cross-strap black patient leather shoes, like Mary-Jane's.

Ritual Magic - The Four Directions

There are four quarters in circle casting for rituals. Ceremonial magic often uses the use of the four directions of the circles when casting magic. For centuries spell casters have drawn upon the directions to help them to connect with the energy they are calling upon. The "Quarters" are honored by Pagans and Witches and often referred to as the elements of nature as they represent Fire, Earth, Air and Water.

Steps for Astral Projection During a Dream

Sometimes astral projection is hard for people, but there are different techniques that you can use if you are having trouble or if you just want to try something new. The steps below are steps for astral projection for doing an astral projection while you dream. The first of the steps for astral projection that you want to do is to go to bed at a time when you're not that tired.

What Are The Predictions For 2011?

There has been a lot of talk about 2012 and it being the end of the world. There are some amazing phenomena's happening around this time, and there have been a few bleak predictions made. So let's have a look at what is being said. The Mayan Calendar The Mayan calendar, also referred to as the 'Mayan Long Count calendar', comes to an end at 11 minutes past the 11th hour on the 21st of December 2012.

Tips on Casting Love Spells That Work

We all make excuses when it comes to attracting, meeting and holding on to a special someone. Often, you become caught up with these reasons why we can't find the love of your life. By consistently thinking negatively when it comes to love, you are ruining any opportunity in front of you. Perhaps you have pushed people away out of fear, self-doubt or insecurity that is why you cannot see the presence of love in your life.

Starting A Ghost Hunting Society - How A Ghost Hunting Group Operates

Due to the need of recording actual evidence during ghost hunting missions, it is vital to belong to a ghost hunting group. Such a group can provide useful support and assistance to other members when going for hunts. How To Start A Ghost Hunting Group A typical investigation will normally begin by a call from a concerned person to the society. Although some calls or emails come from pranksters, others do originate from individuals experiencing paranormal phenomena at their homes, neighbourhood or places of work.

Paranormal Group - How To Start Your Own Paranormal Investigations Group

Popular TV shows like the X-Files sparked a lot of interest in the paranormal and led to the formation of paranormal investigations groups. A typical online search will reveal a paranormal group in almost every state. Sadly though, groups flare up then die down just as quickly. Forming a paranormal group is easy but keeping it going is the hard part.

Paranormal Research Equipment - Finding Decent Paranormal Research Software

Paranormal investigators usually take their work seriously, they are often seem employing a variety of different tools to assist them in their duties. Paranormal events are very complex and they are believed to cause energy disturbance across the electromagnetic spectrum. Some of the devices frequently used by investigators in unearthing paranormal events are: Types Of Paranormal Research Equipment Below is a list of equipment that most serious paranormal investigators use to conduct successful ghost hunting research.

The Essential Paranormal Research Tools Needed To Conduct A Successful Investigation

Conducting paranormal research requires several specialized tools to capture all the data observed when hunting for ghosts. It is always best to track and record every finding in an organized manner to compile reports and look for solutions to handle paranormal phenomena. How Paranormal Research Tools Can Help You Most professional ghost hunting experts will carry around various equipment to increase their chances of detecting some form of paranormal activity.

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