How to Fight the Winter Blues by Going UFO Watching

Why do some folks hate winter time so much? Is it the cold, the snow, the icy roads, or is it something else they truly fear, like getting the winter blues because they always think there's nothing to do. I for one love winter, now I don't care much for the heat bill, but as far as the snow, and the cold and the other things the season provides, it's wonderful to me.

Spells to Become a Vampire - Why This Has Become So Fashionable

Unless you've been living under a rock, you know full well that vampires are the new generation's kryptonite. In fact, they're just plain sexy. And since you're reading an article called "Spells to Become a Vampire, " there is little doubt that you want in on this dark, sensual, and ever-so-fashionable ride. But are there really spells to become a vampire?

Revenge Spells - Black Magic At Its Finest?

It can be argued that revenge certainly has its place in this world. In fact, in many ways it and the term "justice" are completely interchangeable. Revenge spells offer those of us who believe in the power of magic to enjoy the ultimate satisfaction, as we can get even... without leaving a trace of DNA at the scene! But is it evil to engage in such an act?

Witchcraft Symbols and What They Represent

If we were to truly dive into the world of witchcraft symbols, we would be here all week. There are literally hundreds of different symbols to represent numerous things. In this article, we will cover a few of the more common symbols just to satisfy any general curiosities you may have. If you want to dive even deeper into this study upon the completion of this article, you are certainly encouraged to do so at that time.

Protection Spells - What Are You Afraid Of?

Brace yourself, because here comes a cliche. You're better safe than sorry. I apologize for that, but I had to do it! Of course, you are currently reading an article about protection spells, so I'm sure I don't really need to drive this idea into your head. So why are you here? I'm assuming you're afraid of something. Would you like to talk about it?

Along Route 66 Sits Oatman the Ghost Town Linked to the Paranormal!

Oatman is a Northern Arizona town where "the burros roam the streets like dogs do in other towns." Wild burros roam Oatman without restraint and can be hand-fed much to the delight of visitors. Oatman's burros are descended from pack animals freed by early prospectors and are protected by the by the US Department of the Interior. Since it opened in 1902, the 10- room Oatman Hotel has offered the only viable lodging in Oatman.

Am I Psychic? How to TEST Your Psychic Abilities From Home WEIRD But True!

What if I were to tell you that you have AMAZING psychic abilities that are just waiting to reveal themselves? What if I were to tell you that some of the most famous psychics, mediums, mystics and exceptional experiences were the DIRECT result of the REALIZATION that we all have amazing intuitive gifts that only grow with recognition, and practice?

The Curious Legend of the Tower of London Ravens

Legend, and an unfortunate brief twist in history has created probably one of the most long lasting and unusual jobs in the World - The Raven master of the Tower of London. What is this legend, and why is it still believed today? Britain is an ancient land of ghosts, legends and myths despite the majority of Britons living very much in the 21st Century.

An Overview of Spells for Astral Projection

Something that has become very popular in the recent days is astral projection, and there are spells for astral projection that people can use. Even though there really aren't any special things that you have to do in order to perform astral projection, these spells are something that people enjoy using. Those who are able to do the procedure know that they have to cast the spells before their mind is separated from their body.

Does the Catholic Church Now Recognize Alien Life Forms Exist?

Father Gabriel Fumes is the Vatican's chief astronomer, and advisors the current pope on astronomical matters. This may sound an ordinary occurrence, except recently he has stated "intelligent beings created by God could exist in outer space." Has the Catholic Church admitted Alien life forms exist? Father Fumes, is in charge of the Vatican observatory, and travels around the world meeting scholars who are experts in the field of astronomy, linking a Church known for its Spiritual beliefs, with the scientific community.

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