UFOs: Speculations Off The Deep End

If one accepts the idea that UFOs are extraterrestrial spaceships, and one accepts the idea that extraterrestrials have been around for quite some considerable time (ancient astronauts), then one can and should extrapolate back in our planet's history even further and postulate that they might have been around for most, if not all of our geological history.

Look Who Came to See Us

What a night of paranormal activity we experienced in the Black Bull Haworth, Bradford, England, which is in the centre of the world famous novelists, the Bronte sisters country. They used to live in the parsonage which is in close proximity to the Black Bull. On a recent ghost hunt, we had ghostly communication with a spirit from the other side, who claimed to be none other than Emily Bronte, with a group of ghost hunters who were participating in a glass divination experiment.

Hell's Gate Bridge In Alabama

The old bridge sits in waiting. Weeds are creeping closer and covering more of the seemingly ancient bridge everyday. It's wooden planks once held the weight of passing vehicles but now holds stories, rumors and legends that may never die. People whisper that the bridge isn't like any normal bridge that one might cross. In fact, the old wooden bridge is known to most in Alabama as Hell's Gate.

Six Angelic Job Descriptions

There are various types of angels, such as Thrones, Archangels, and members of the Chorus etc to choose from when you need help. Some of their names are known to us, but certainly not all. However, the most important thing to remember when choosing an angel to ask for help is his/her job description. Yes, angels have them too. Here are six angelic job descriptions.

The Fermi Paradox: The Theory That Supports Extraterrestrial Visitations

The Fermi Paradox (after physicist Enrico Fermi) briefly goes as follows. Extraterrestrial intelligences with advanced technology and interstellar spaceflight capability exist. Sub-light interstellar spaceflight violates no laws of physics. Adopting the mantra of quantum physics, 'anything that's not forbidden is compulsory'. The time it takes to explore every nook and cranny of our Milky Way Galaxy via sub-light interstellar spaceflight is a tiny fraction of the age of the Galaxy.

Psychic Paranormal Terms for Ghost Hunters

The psychic spirit world is full of mystery and unexplained phenomena. If we use accurate terms to give our ghost hunter experiences meaning we gain clarity. Here are key terms used in the paranormal. 1. Poltergeist. This word comes from the German language and means loud spirit. Poltergeist activity is always noisy. During it spirits make their presence known by actions such as rattling cupboards, by creating distortion sounds on television and radio sets, and they often make the sound of music come out of thin air when there is nobody and no thing to manifest the sound.

Do You Have Evil Spirits in Your House?

Have you ever been in someone's home that is peaceful and serene? You feel so comfortable that you could easily lie down and sleep. Some houses I have been in emit happiness and comfort. They are a joy to be in. Others seem to tell a story, and not a pretty one. Some houses that I have entered tell a story of grief, sadness and despair. You can feel the negative energy in the house.

What Is a Ghost and How To Know If You Have One in Your Home!

What is a Ghost? I do not always see ghosts, but I sense and feel them, hear them and sometimes even smell them. When we physically die, our souls leave our bodies, and most of the time we move on to the other side. Once in a while a soul will choose, for one reason or another, not to go to the other side. It will choose to stay here on earth, becoming an earthbound spirit or ghost.

2 Reasons To See a Psychic Medium And the WEIRD Way Your Life May NEVER Be the Same

What are the reasons to see a psychic? Is it simply for entertainment... or are there true benefits, and advantages to opening up your mind, body and spirit to the notion that there truly ARE things we don't understand going on in the world? (And that we may have some control over as well! ) Or, is the notion that seeing a psychic, or a medium has ANY real value a silly one that only the gullible and easy deceived choose to believe?

Ghost Hunting Software - Advantages Of Using Paranormal Investigation Software

Conducting a paranormal investigation is not just about investigating haunted places but more often than not it entails reviewing the evidence that has been captured. This is a very tedious and time consuming task. In most cases this entails going through a large number of files manually, listening to captured audio and watching video footage. In a response to this scenario, a number of specialist investigation programs have emerged.

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