Haunted Myrtle's Plantation

Myrtle's Plantation was built in 1794 in St. Francisville, Lousiana by General David Bradford. At the time of it's construction, this now famous plantation was known as "Laurels Grove". Myrtle's Plantation has been the home to various families since it was built, but the most legendary would be that of the Woodruff's. Clark Woodruff was a former law student of Bradford and eventually married Bradford's daughter, Sara.

Choosing the Right Astral Projection Technique

The ethereal world is one of the most fascinating parts of the universe. While skeptics may argue and deny the existence of this world, there are many who just seem to keep popping in and out of this world and experience the other worldly pleasures. Astral travel may look like an impossible task especially due to the myths surrounding this process.

5 Tips on Learning How to Do Astral Projection

Astral projection is one of the most fascinating ways to know the spiritual world. Most of the times astral projection or out of body experience (OBE) happens when we are either very tired or when we are sleeping. Conscious OBE requires meditation, regular practice and if possible certain frequencies which can make the brain relax. If you are wondering how to do astral projection then we have some tips to help you in your quest.

How to Contact the Dead

In many horror movies, contacting the dead is a pretty easy feat, since they do most of the contacting, especially when scaring he protagonists. In real life, just like other supernatral stuff, the task is a bit harder. Not everyone can communicate with the dead, so you'll have to do some research or consult people who are blessed with the ability.

What is a Hollow Earth Theory?

A Hollow Earth Theory is an assumption that our earth is hollow and that intelligent beings, most probably with very advanced technologies, live in it. An astronomer, Edmund Halley (1692), put forth the idea of Earth consisting of a hollow shell. Other scientists expanded this idea suggesting that the interior of Earth has its central sun. Writers of esoteric books supplemented the idea with fantastic assumptions that ancient masters like Buddha or Jesus came originally from these subterranean realms of our planet (they, like Christians, believe, too, that Mary conceived Jesus as virgin but from this subterranean source).

Introduction to Astral Projection For Beginners

Astral projection has been misunderstood for centuries. It's not a medium of dark arts or something evil. In fact if we think about putting it in simple terms then it is nothing but making your conscious mind travel outside your body. We all travel into the astral world albeit unconsciously in our sleep but we seldom have a recollection of these journeys except in the form of dreams.

So You Want to Experience Instant Astral Projection?

Astral projection has been around for centuries. It's been a part of all cultures and traditions. Earlier out of body experiences involved a lot of techniques and rituals due to a variety of beliefs and superstitions (including the belief that some one may capture your body while you are away). However, in today's twenty first century, this art has come of age and has been transformed.

Yes You Can - If You Know How to Astral Project!

When you have had enough of this world, you just want to get away from everything into another world or the astral plane. Many have had out of body experiences, continue to have it and know how exactly to get there. Once you know how to astral project, your attempts will be successful. Some people can do it naturally without having to do anything.

Reasons Why You Should Learn Astral Projection

There are so many people out there that know astral projection is real, but they do not realize the reasons of why they should learn astral projection. When you do this technique, your spirit is going to leave your physical body and go into the astral plane. Doesn't this sound fun? In our physical life, the sky is the limit. However, in the Astral world, the sky isn't the limit.

Ireland's Most Haunted Tourist Location

You won't find St. Michan's Church in any of your run of the mill guidebooks; the place is just too scary to have trusting tourists wandering into. The place drips with history as the existing structure is built on the original site of a Viking chapel dating from the eleventh century. The existing church was built in 1685 and Handel tinkled the ivories of the organ here whilst composing The Messiah.

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