Could This Be The Cause Of Your Shoulder Pain?

Are you struggling with shoulder pain that seems to have come on for no apparent reason? This happens much of the time to people who either use computers a lot or otherwise have to sit at a desk for long periods. But, you don't have to be a desk jockey. It could be that you're a cashier or have some other occupation. Whatever you do for work, shoulder problems are frequently the result of repetitive motions done over the period of days, weeks, and sometimes years.

Neck Braces, Rigid Collars, Cervical Orthoses - A Guide on Bracing The C-Spine - Part 5

How Do You Know A Rigid Collar is On Correctly? Each collar is made differently, but there are some overall rules of thumb that can apply to all collars. Snug Fit and Chin Position First, it is important to always wear a brace snug, never loose. This includes the use of a "rigid cervical collar". This ties into the position of a cervical collar as well.

Therapeutic Ultrasound And Pain Management

In recent years, a new form of pain relief management and treatment has emerged called "therapeutic ultrasound" or at times "ultrasound therapy." Although first tried in the 1940's, only in the past decade or so has it grown in popularity as a form of pain management. One of the most common ways ultrasound therapy is used today is to manage lower back pain.

Knee Pain: Using Glucosamine To Treat Patella Femoral Syndrome

Patella Femoral Syndrome or "runner's knee" is a common condition that involves inflammation of the patellar tendon in the knee. It can cause pain, clicking, grinding noises in the knee and overall discomfort. Misalignment of the knee joint contributes to the inflammation of the patellar tendon. Repetitive motion such as running, jumping or even riding a stationary bike can cause this condition.

Neck Braces, Rigid Collars, Cervical Orthoses - A Guide on Bracing The C-Spine - Part 2

How do you know when a soft collar is fitting correctly? This is a very good question because many times these braces are fit incorrectly. A brace, no matter if it is a collar or another type of orthosis (brace), needs to be applied in a "snug" fashion. Well, what does "snug" really mean, right? - Snug, usually means that the brace has been applied in a way that it is comfortable, without gapping, and without a restriction on breathing when it comes to cervical collars.

Neck Braces, Rigid Collars, Cervical Orthoses - A Guide on Bracing The C-Spine - Part 3

Take Home Points For Medical Professionals Regarding Cervical Collars Loosening a collar for a patient is not always the right action to take. The brace, no matter if it is a neck brace or any other type of orthosis, needs to be placed on the patient in a snug fashion. Unless the brace is somehow made wrong for the patient, a snug fit should not be a problem.

Can Disc Decompression Therapy Guarantee Results?

The answer is no. Due to complexity of the human body medical treatment can never guarantee a 100% result. Whether you have surgery, epidural injections, exercises, chiropractic adjustments, or disc decompression therapy (more commonly called spinal decompression), all treatments have successes and all treatments have failures. Disc decompression is "likely effective" to reduce lower back pain and/or leg pain and neck and/or arm pain and increase your activities of daily living without spinal injections, drugs, or surgery.

Disc Decompression Therapy: Improving My Results

Here is the picture: You were minding your own business, carrying on about your everyday duties (lifting, bending, and stooping) or having fun and playing hard in recreational sports. Then it happened! You experienced pain in lower back and now it is radiating down into your leg. Or maybe you have been in a car accident and now suffer neck and/or arm pain.

Options, Other Than Surgical, for Your Joint Pain

Unless your injury is abrupt and severe, orthopedic surgery should only be considered after all other non-surgical options have been pursued without success. Many symptoms of joint pain develop over time and are therefore less likely to receive the attention they need early enough. If you're starting to experience discomfort in your joints, I have compiled a list of the top five options you must know about before considering orthopedic surgery.

Hip Pain Relief: Now I Know Why They Strap Pillows To Their Bottoms

Has getting hip pain relief ever seemed like a daunting task to you? As if it was next to impossible to attain? I have never longed for hip pain relief as much as I have in the past couple of months after falling and landing on my hips. I took my children ice skating in the nearby community center during the winter break because it seemed like a whole-hearted and fun family activity.

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