Neck Braces, Rigid Collars, Cervical Orthoses - A Guide on Bracing The C-Spine - Part 6

CTO - Cervical Thoracic Orthosis - Their Function and Where To Get This Brace What is a CTO? The acronym stands for "cervical thoracic orthosis". As you will see with almost any acronym for bracing, the acronym starts with a letter that is closest to the head and distally (away from the head). You will see that this is the case for braces for the legs, arms and back.

Treatments for Neuralgia

Neuralgia, also known as neuropathy, refers to the pain that typically follows the path of a nerve, normally in the arms, hands, legs and feet. The nerve pain can be a result of a variety of factors including medications, chemical irritations, diabetes, shingles, swelling and irritation, trauma, including trauma from surgery. Neuralgia treatment is often dependent on the type and source of the irritation.

Pain and Scarring Following Surgery

With surgery comes pain - a basic medical fact. Every surgery involves an incision, a surgical cut into body tissue or an organ. The site of the incision is called a wound, whether on the surface or deep inside the body. A surgical incision is an assault on the body. Cutting tissue and nerve endings traumatizes, or shocks, them. This causes pain.

Does Spinal Decompression Hurt?

Spinal decompression is safe and likely effective non-surgical treatment cleared by the FDA for the relief of lower back and leg pain and neck and arm pain. An overwhelming majority of spinal decompression patients experience no pain. Many times my patients consider their treatment time as extra time to multitask, power nap, listen to music, or read.

Neck Braces, Rigid Collars, Cervical Orthoses - A Guide on Bracing The C-Spine - Part 7

What Are The Different Kinds of CTOs? Different kinds of CTOs exist today. Some are prefabricated and others are custom made. Typically, with a custom made brace, a cast and measurements are required. This process will take about an hour, unless an orthotist (brace specialist) can get a very good cast of the patient using fiberglass material. This will mean that the patient has to be cast in a position where the orthotist can do a circumferential wrap of the patient's head, neck and body in a sitting or standing position.

Posterior Knee Pain - What To Do When Your Injuries Catch Up With You

Posterior knee pain has changed my life. I crashed my helicopter and survived, severely injuring my leg. My daredevil days are over. The pain is excruciating. I can no longer operate the foot controls on my helicopter. I can barely walk. I can barely make love to my wife. Basketball is out of the question, so is bowling and ping pong. I am reduced to hobbling on one foot, using a walker or crutches.

Scoliosis Braces - Treatment and Surgery - How To Get A Quality Support To Help Treat This Condition

Does your son or daughter have scoliosis? Do you have scoliosis and want to do something about it? 1.) Introduction Scoliosis is a condition that involves a lateral curvature of the spine. In addition to this curvature, there is usually a rotational component that needs to be addressed as well. This condition can worsen if it is not addressed and there are some proven treatment options that can really make a difference for patients.

Neck Braces, Rigid Collars, Cervical Orthoses - A Guide on Bracing The C-Spine - Part 4

Who Uses a Rigid Collar? Someone that needs motion control in their cervical spine. In comparison to the soft collar, rigid cervical orthoses (braces) are used for more serious conditions. Yes, they are more supportive than a soft collar, but rigid collars are still not considered to be a the cervical brace that provides optimum cervical spine control.

Do All Titanium Bracelets Work For Your Pains?

Typically, when we are having discomforts or injury, they tend to hunt for relief from over-the-counter pain relievers. Or even, if the pain is critical, they're just given medications from their medical doctors. Having said that, for those who are a person who would instead not go either of those routes, there are numerous alternative pain alleviation selections.

Are You Living in Pain?

How often does your back hurt? Do you find yourself grimacing as you try to stretch in your office chair? Do you feel like doing nothing but laying down after an afternoon working in the yard? Back pain is the second leading cause of doctor visits in the United States, following upper respiratory infections. In fact, around 31 million Americans are suffering from back pain at any given time, according to a study in the New England Journal of Medicine.

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