Longevity Rehab 1000 - For Many Types of Pain Relief

Changing the keg? Pulling the kettlebell? Just getting older? Longevity Rehab 1000 is the first product in a soon to be released boutique items of goods focused on health and wellness. Athletes the world over have sought out the expertise of Scott and visited his product in Summerlin, NV. Meeting Jim Song several years ago an alliance was formed as two men in their respective industries now having the opportunity to work together in creating this product.

How to Tell If You Have a Torn Rotator Cuff

A rotator cuff is an important part of the mechanics of the human body. When a person raises up their arm straight out, up, or in, along with flexing the elbow, it is shoulder related. This is because there are a group of tendons and muscles that make this happen. When this area is torn or damaged, it will no longer work properly, or at least it won't work without pain.

Picking The Proper Shoes To Prevent Foot Pain

The small size of these complex structures, in relation to the rest of the body, and the fact that they are the supportive foundation of the entire body, places an enormous burden upon them. Every step we take and the ensuing pounding places an additional amount of weight, and throughout the day can amount to many tons of weight that the feet are subjected too.

Radiating Pain Due To Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

Thoracic outlet syndrome (TOS) generally affects woman more than it would men. It occurs most often in the 35 to 55 age group. Thoracic outlet syndrome has to be differentiated from other conditions that may simulate the symptoms found in this condition. Thoracic outlet syndrome can be attributed to two different categories, neurogenic or vascular.

3 Kidney Infection Pain Relief Techniques

If you have a kidney infection than it is very likely that you are suffering through some level pain, let me share with you what I have learned about relieving the pain. When I have had kidney problems these are some of the techniques that I have used to have the most benefit in stopping the pain. First it is important for you to determine if you have a kidney infection, kidney stones or simply a back ache.

Sore Neck? How to Get Neck Pain Relief

I have learned of an amazing discovery concerning neck pain relief. Have you ever wonder why you experience a sore neck? You might have picked up something and turned your head slightly, slept wrong, or maybe you suffered a sports injury, these are just a few things that might be cause of neck pain, but wait what this doctor has discovered. Through many studies and test our body plays tug of war virtually every day causing muscle imbalances within our body.

The Best Approach To Joint Pain

Does this sound familiar? Pain in your joints keeps you from being able to exercise how you want to, go on hikes, stand for long periods of time. This chronic pain pops up when you start a new fitness routine. Maybe you make it for a few weeks, but then the pain and injury force you to stop. Or they slow you down so much that you're not seeing the benefits you want to from working out.

How to Speed Healing After Surgery or Accident

If you have recently had or are about to have surgery or if you have been injured in an accident you can improve your chances of a quicker recovery. Although surgery is sometimes necessary to help improve your health, or save your life, recovering from it can be very stressful on many levels. There are always factors to consider. Be certain to communicate with your medical team.

Foot Drop Due to a Stroke CVA - AFOs And The WalkAide - Medical Supplies to Help With Walking

Have you, or someone you know, suffered from a stroke (CVA)? Nobody wants to be held back due to a stroke, so this article can be really helpful for these people if they suffer from a foot drop. What is Foot Drop? Foot drop can result after a stroke and cause people to drag their toes when they walk. This results in the body's loss of muscle control either due to weakness or paralysis.

Preventing Lower Back Pain From Happening and Getting In The Best Shape Of Your Life!

Lumbar pain is very common among all ages. According to, "5.4 million Ameri cans are disabled due to lower back pain per year." Shouldn't that number be lower? I think so, so today I am going to discuss some preventative measures to keep your back healthy and working! Prevention is the answer. Start right now to be certain that you are not going to be a victim to pain.

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