Weight Loss Surgery - The Surgical Solution to Obesity

For those who are looking for a way out of the pot belly situation, there is a ray of hope from the medical field. There is one weight loss surgery that can be performed now and that can actually help you in reducing your food intake. In this way, your unhealthy eating habits can be immediately curtailed. What the surgeon does while you are under complete body anesthesia, is to open the stomach, snip the end off and tie it up, so that the stomach size is reduced.

Gastric Banding Surgery - Does It Work and Is It Safe?

If you want to lose weight and have tried different diets and exercise patterns without success, then the best answer to your problem may be in restrictive surgery. The most popular solution is known as Gastric Banding Surgery. In this surgical procedure the surgeon uses a variety of techniques to reduce the size of your stomach. Gastric Banding is becoming the most common surgical procedure for treating obesity in the world, especially in America.

Fight Obesity With Growth Hormone - How?

We just passed our holiday season, and holiday is often noted as period for weight gain. Eventually, weight gain can lead us to... .obesity. Today, the problem of obesity is so alarming that several millions of USD is being spent on researches on the best way people can avoid it with minimum effort. Recently, our First Lady Michelle Obama at The White House is gearing up for a campaign to end the obesity epidemic and raise the health in this country.

Weightloss Surgery Laparoscopic Method: The Overview For Everyone

Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass Surgery can diminish your calorie intake up to a big level. The rationale behind this technique involves stomach size reduction and connecting of guts to the food It will end up in quick experience of food gratification which greatly trims the calorie ingestion It has thus proven to be successful for people suffering from obesity.

The Impact of Obesity on the Mental Health Of the USA

Is America, the fattest (?) nation on earth? The US military is in a dilemma. It is extremely concerned with the health status of the youths in country as many of them are obese and unfit to join the military. There are reports that number of obese individuals in the country may cross 30% of the population. It has also been estimated that 17% of the American children are overweight.

Fight Obesity and Lose Weight - The Natural Way

When any one thinks about weight loss, he suddenly starts thinking about hard work, too much exercise, eat less and work hard and so on. This is the big mistake and I will never recommend hurrying for weight loss and obesity control. There are many tips that can help you lose your weight gradually and naturally and have control over your obesity to look smarter and live healthier.

Obesity: A Real Health Concern That We Need To Consider

How many times have you heard somebody say complacently, "you know that I cannot help being fat, because it is in the genes! " as he tucks in a huge platter full of french fries and fried chicken, washed down with beer. Well, obesity is definitely a real health concern that we need to consider right now. Obesity is an epidemic which can be controlled.

The Dangers of Adult Obesity

Are you looking for more information on the dangers of adult obesity? If so, you have come to the right place. According to statistics, in the last 40 years, obesity rates have more than quadrupled! With obesity rates continuing to rise, it is extremely important that we begin educating society about the dangers of adult obesity in hopes of changing the trend - if even one person at a time.

Obesity Is Not A Dirty Word

Obesity is not a dirty word, it's an unhealthy condition that too many people have let themselves become victims to. I talk to people everyday about diet, health and weight issues and every time the word Obese comes up it is somehow viewed as a very negative word. Now, granted the word does carry a negative view of a healthy condition but you should be aware that being obese does not mean your not healthy.

Liposuction for Obesity - Is It a Good Procedure For An Obese Person?

You may often have thought that some of your friends or colleagues are in perfect shape, unlike you. However, everyone on earth has one health condition or another, so you should not compare yourself with others. One of the most infamous health conditions is obesity. All over the world millions of people suffer from this disorder and are anxious to get rid of it.

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