The Epidemic Of Adult Obesity

You may or may not be surprised to hear that obesity in this country has multiplied at least four times over the past few decades. Now many more people are walking around with at least twenty extra pounds on them, and many much more than that. Our lifestyles have changed, becoming more sedentary every year. We sit in front of various screens instead of getting up and moving.

Diet Pills Reviews 101

DIET PILLS REVIEWS EVERYWHERE Today everywhere you look there is some new diet making claims that they are the latest and greatest thing. Many are simply making claims they know their product will never live up to but it brings in the dieters and makes sales. Old fashioned common sense applies here, if it really does sound way too good to be true, there's a very good chance that it probably is and should be avoided.

Getting a Healthy Breakfast?

Breakfast menus in cafes and restaurants in America are quite limiting nutritionally. When restaurant chains do get creative with their breakfast menus, they rev up selections with more refined sugars, sweet breads, fatty dairy and greasy, low quality meats. All of this improvement also revs up the price to that of a three-course dinner! Breakfast in America must be simple, healthy, varied, quick, and cheap.

Obesity Caused By Money Worries

A recent British study finds obesity caused by money worries, with people in first world countries with free market economies more likely to become obese. Financial stress, insecurity and increased competition in nations like the U.S. and U.K. might be the reason behind those higher obesity levels when compared with nations like Sweden. The research team set out to see why Americans and Britons are heavier than people in Scandinavian countries.

Genetics and Metabolism: How Genes Dictate Body Shape and What Can Be Done About It

For some time, researchers have been aware that genetic factors predispose individuals to certain body weights and shapes, and it is now thought that genetics may account for up to 80 percent of an individual's body mass index. So can we effectively combat the genes that prevent us from reaching our weight-loss goal or achieving a perfectly contoured body?

Put Romance Back Into Your Food

There is no romance in greed and gluttony, agreed. If you have a problem with your weight, just as I have then try and change your way of thinking of food and try and stop making your stomach your God. Let me explain the way I am determined to view food and eating. I desire to view it with romantic eyes, I want to look forward to my meals, like a lover that teases.

Get Small Minded - The Truth Behind Portion Sizes

When you are thinking about food, you have to take a look at volume. Within the United States, food is abundant and cheap. Weight Watchers have been telling members for years that the amount of food matters establishing a point program to change eating behavior. Setting aside what we consume, we (as a nation) eat too much as a percentage of what our own body converts to energy our body expels in the way of physical activity.

What Our Cravings Are Trying to Tell Us

That's right; we have a natural tendency to crave sugar and sweet food when stress enters our day because of it's comforting properties. It'll immediately calm us during this period of unrest and relax us far better than any "Poor Baby" response from a friend or family member. Its a real, chemical response, a quick fix, along with a natural high.

Obesity and Sugar Addiction

Many times people who struggle with overweight or obesity berate themselves for not having the willpower to lose weight. With some of us, it may indeed be a willpower problem. However, and this is important, many people who struggle seemingly forever with their weight have another struggle going on they are probably not even aware of... addiction to sugar!

Don't Blame Me: It's All in My Genes!

Genetics and Weight There have been great strides made in determining the genetics of obesity. To date, many genes have been attributed to the control of body weight, metabolism, appetite and body fat distribution. To date, over 500 genes have been associated with obesity with 30-40 genetic sites identified as having a very strong link. These genes influence the complex biology of body weight by controlling appetite, metabolism and body fat distribution.

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